number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,02 Feb 18,"Out of the Past",""
2,1,2,02 Feb 18,"Fallen Angel",""
3,1,3,02 Feb 18,"In a Lonely Place",""
4,1,4,02 Feb 18,"Force of Evil",""
5,1,5,02 Feb 18,"The Wrong Man",""
6,1,6,02 Feb 18,"Man with My Face",""
7,1,7,02 Feb 18,"Nora Inu",""
8,1,8,02 Feb 18,"Clash by Night",""
9,1,9,02 Feb 18,"Rage in Heaven",""
10,1,10,02 Feb 18,"The Killers",""
11,2,1,27 Feb 20,"Phantom Lady",""
12,2,2,27 Feb 20,"Payment Deferred",""
13,2,3,27 Feb 20,"Nightmare Alley",""
14,2,4,27 Feb 20,"Shadow of a Doubt",""
15,2,5,27 Feb 20,"I Wake Up Screaming",""
16,2,6,27 Feb 20,"Bury Me Dead",""
17,2,7,27 Feb 20,"Experiment Perilous",""
18,2,8,27 Feb 20,"Broken Angels",""
S02,2,0,19 Mar 20,"Altered Carbon: Resleeved",""
S01,1,0,31 Jan 18,"The History of Immortality",""