number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,28 Jun 00,"The More Things Change",""
2,1,2,05 Jul 00,"The More Things Stay the Same",""
3,1,3,12 Jul 00,"Heart of the Matter",""
4,1,4,19 Jul 00,"What Women Want",""
5,1,5,26 Jul 00,"The Watermelon Theory",""
6,1,6,02 Aug 00,"Claiming",""
7,1,7,09 Aug 00,"Truth Be Told",""
8,1,8,16 Aug 00,"Bad Luck",""
9,1,9,23 Aug 00,"Anything You Can Do (a.k.a. Show Me the Money)",""
10,1,10,30 Aug 00,"Samurai Secrets",""
11,1,11,06 Sep 00,"Man Trouble",""
12,1,12,13 Sep 00,"The Language of Life",""
13,1,13,03 Jan 01,"Ordinary Pain",""
14,1,14,10 Jan 01,"Nice Work If You Can Get It",""
15,1,15,17 Jan 01,"Little Girl Blue",""
16,1,16,24 Jan 01,"This Crazy Life",""
17,1,17,31 Jan 01,"Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose",""
18,1,18,07 Feb 01,"Everything Is Unfolding Perfectly",""
19,1,19,14 Feb 01,"A Clear and Present Stranger",""
20,1,20,21 Feb 01,"Take Me to the Water",""
21,2,1,27 Jun 01,"The Aftermath",""
22,2,2,04 Jul 01,"Welcome Home",""
23,2,3,11 Jul 01,"Who Do You Know?",""
24,2,4,18 Jul 01,"God Bless the Child",""
25,2,5,25 Jul 01,"Sex and Money",""
26,2,6,01 Aug 01,"Come Back for the Comeback",""
27,2,7,08 Aug 01,"Games People Play",""
28,2,8,15 Aug 01,"Life Lessons",""
29,2,9,22 Aug 01,"The Root",""
30,2,10,29 Aug 01,"Never Can Say Goodbye",""
31,2,11,05 Sep 01,"I'm Afraid of Americans",""
32,2,12,12 Sep 01,"Running as Fast as I Can",""
33,2,13,19 Sep 01,"Fly Away Home",""
34,2,14,26 Sep 01,"If You Don't Know Me By Now...",""
35,2,15,09 Jan 02,"From Dreams to Nightmares",""
36,2,16,16 Jan 02,"A Taste of Justice",""
37,2,17,23 Jan 02,"Help",""
38,2,18,30 Jan 02,"Lovers and Other Strangers",""
39,2,19,06 Feb 02,"In Transition",""
40,2,20,13 Feb 02,"This Must Be Love",""
41,3,1,26 Jun 02,"Tonight at Noon",""
42,3,2,03 Jul 02,"Ultimate Power",""
43,3,3,10 Jul 02,"Past Imperfect",""
44,3,4,17 Jul 02,"Out with the Old ...",""
45,3,5,24 Jul 02,"Empty Spaces",""
46,3,6,31 Jul 02,"Stranger Than Fiction",""
47,3,7,07 Aug 02,"Child Safety",""
48,3,8,14 Aug 02,"Let's Do It Again",""
49,3,9,21 Aug 02,"Big Dreams in Small Spaces",""
50,3,10,28 Aug 02,"Emotional Collateral",""
51,4,1,09 Apr 03,"All Together Alone",""
52,4,2,16 Apr 03,"Life 101",""
53,4,3,23 Apr 03,"The New Math",""
54,4,4,30 Apr 03,"Truth's Consequences",""
55,4,5,07 May 03,"Shades of Grey",""
56,4,6,14 May 03,"My Brother's Keeper",""
57,4,7,21 May 03,"Attracting Opposites",""
58,4,8,28 May 03,"Sacrifice Fly",""
59,4,9,04 Jun 03,"Nobody's Child",""
60,4,10,11 Jun 03,"Falling from Grace",""
61,5,1,25 Feb 04,"Pagan Poetry",""
62,5,2,03 Mar 04,"Two to Tango",""
63,5,3,10 Mar 04,"The Son Also Rises",""
64,5,4,17 Mar 04,"We Plan",""
65,5,5,24 Mar 04,"Decisions and Choices",""
66,5,6,31 Mar 04,"A Rock Hard Place",""
67,5,7,07 Apr 04,"Survival Techniques",""
68,5,8,14 Apr 04,"Angelitos Negros",""
69,5,9,21 Apr 04,"Successful Failure",""
70,5,10,28 Apr 04,"Love Me or Leave Me",""
71,5,11,05 May 04,"Take It to the Limit",""
72,5,12,12 May 04,"In the Garden",""
73,5,13,19 May 04,"Fear Eats the Soul",""
74,5,14,26 May 04,"Don't Think This Hasn't Been Fabulous",""