number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,30 Aug 99,"Grape Nuts",""
2,1,2,06 Sep 99,"Scammed Straight",""
3,1,3,13 Sep 99,"Daddy's Girl",""
4,1,4,20 Sep 99,"Taking Tae-Bo with My Beau",""
5,1,5,27 Sep 99,"The Boomerang Effect",""
6,1,6,04 Oct 99,"There's a Shag",""
7,1,7,18 Oct 99,"Kimberlale",""
8,1,8,01 Nov 99,"Quarantine",""
9,1,9,08 Nov 99,"And the Band Plays On",""
10,1,10,15 Nov 99,"Betting on Love",""
11,1,11,22 Nov 99,"It's a Family Affair",""
12,1,12,03 Jan 00,"Bad to the Bone",""
13,1,13,24 Jan 00,"Big Is Beautiful",""
14,1,14,07 Feb 00,"Love Is a Royal Pain",""
15,1,15,14 Feb 00,"Funny, Funny Valentine",""
16,1,16,21 Feb 00,"Trading Places",""
17,1,17,20 Mar 00,"A Simple Plan",""
18,1,18,10 Apr 00,"It's a Spring Bling Thing",""
19,1,19,01 May 00,"Moving on Out",""
20,1,20,08 May 00,"Unforgiven",""
21,1,21,15 May 00,"Since I Lost My Baby",""
22,1,22,22 May 00,"Get Me to the Church on Time",""
23,2,1,04 Sep 00,"Wedding Bell Blues",""
24,2,2,11 Sep 00,"Breaking Up Is Hard to Do",""
25,2,3,18 Sep 00,"The Oddest Couple",""
26,2,4,25 Sep 00,"Reunited",""
27,2,5,02 Oct 00,"J.C. Bowl",""
28,2,6,09 Oct 00,"Whassup with Heyyy?",""
29,2,7,30 Oct 00,"Scary Kim",""
30,2,8,06 Nov 00,"Election 2000",""
31,2,9,13 Nov 00,"Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow",""
32,2,10,20 Nov 00,"Turkey Day Blues",""
33,2,11,11 Dec 00,"Cheers",""
34,2,12,15 Jan 01,"Mama, I Want to Sing",""
35,2,13,05 Feb 01,"Field of Dreams",""
36,2,14,12 Feb 01,"Blind Date Mistake",""
37,2,15,19 Feb 01,"Who's Your Mamma?",""
38,2,16,26 Feb 01,"Hands Off, Grandma",""
39,2,17,05 Mar 01,"Single Black Female",""
40,2,18,12 Mar 01,"Kim Who?",""
41,2,19,19 Mar 01,"In Sickness and In Health",""
42,2,20,30 Apr 01,"Et Tu Andell?",""
43,2,21,07 May 01,"Love and Hisses",""
44,2,22,14 May 01,"Love the One You're With",""
45,3,1,10 Sep 01,"Baby Girl",""
46,3,2,17 Sep 01,"Crazy Love",""
47,3,3,24 Sep 01,"Not So Super, Supers",""
48,3,4,01 Oct 01,"Nobody's Fool",""
49,3,5,08 Oct 01,"A Knockout Times Two",""
50,3,6,15 Oct 01,"Baby, You've Got to Go",""
51,3,7,29 Oct 01,"Mummy's the Word",""
52,3,8,05 Nov 01,"Take the Cookies and Run",""
53,3,9,12 Nov 01,"The Altos",""
54,3,10,19 Nov 01,"Family Ties and Lies",""
55,3,11,17 Dec 01,"Secret Santa",""
56,3,12,21 Jan 02,"The Revolution",""
57,3,13,04 Feb 02,"My Two Dads",""
58,3,14,11 Feb 02,"To Love or Not to Love",""
59,3,15,25 Feb 02,"Don't Believe the Hype",""
60,3,16,04 Mar 02,"Make a Joyful Noise",""
61,3,17,18 Mar 02,"A Beautiful Lie",""
62,3,18,25 Mar 02,"The Crush",""
63,3,19,29 Apr 02,"The Dates from Hell",""
64,3,20,06 May 02,"Mother's Day Blues",""
65,3,21,13 May 02,"It's Showtime",""
66,3,22,20 May 02,"Teach Me Tonight",""
67,4,1,23 Sep 02,"The Mourning After",""
68,4,2,30 Sep 02,"She's Hysterical",""
69,4,3,07 Oct 02,"High Heels and Videotapes",""
70,4,4,14 Oct 02,"Meter Maids Need Love, Too",""
71,4,5,21 Oct 02,"Food Fiasco",""
72,4,6,28 Oct 02,"And the Winner Is...",""
73,4,7,04 Nov 02,"Kim's 21st Birthday",""
74,4,8,11 Nov 02,"It's Gary Coleman",""
75,4,9,18 Nov 02,"Road Trip",""
76,4,10,25 Nov 02,"Sign of the Shaq",""
77,4,11,16 Dec 02,"Lights, Camera, Action",""
78,4,12,06 Jan 03,"The Parent Trap",""
79,4,13,20 Jan 03,"Dead Clown Walking",""
80,4,14,03 Feb 03,"The Hold Up",""
81,4,15,10 Feb 03,"Love Potion No. 83",""
82,4,16,17 Feb 03,"Somebody's Watching You",""
83,4,17,24 Feb 03,"A Sterling Relationship",""
84,4,18,24 Mar 03,"That's What Friends Are For",""
85,4,19,07 Apr 03,"Amazing Grace",""
86,4,20,14 Apr 03,"Join the Club",""
87,4,21,21 Apr 03,"Internship",""
88,4,22,28 Apr 03,"She's a Bad Mamma Jamma",""
89,4,23,05 May 03,"The Good, the Bad and the Funny",""
90,4,24,12 May 03,"Jury Duty",""
91,4,25,19 May 03,"An Ivy League of Her Own",""
92,5,1,15 Sep 03,"Til Death Do Us Part---And Make It Soon",""
93,5,2,22 Sep 03,"Squatter's Rights",""
94,5,3,29 Sep 03,"A Plot with a View",""
95,5,4,06 Oct 03,"Mama, I'm Baaack!",""
96,5,5,13 Oct 03,"The Accidental Therapist",""
97,5,6,20 Oct 03,"The Mack Is Like Wo!",""
98,5,7,03 Nov 03,"Kimmie Has Two Moms",""
99,5,8,10 Nov 03,"I Never Rapped for My Father",""
100,5,9,17 Nov 03,"Foul Ball",""
101,5,10,24 Nov 03,"Cheaters Never Prosper",""
102,5,11,15 Dec 03,"Out with the Old, In with the New",""
103,5,12,12 Jan 04,"School of Hard Knocks",""
104,5,13,09 Feb 04,"Can Two Wrongs Make a Right?",""
105,5,14,16 Feb 04,"She's Positive",""
106,5,15,23 Feb 04,"Judge Not a Book...",""
107,5,16,01 Mar 04,"Practice What You Preach",""
108,5,17,26 Apr 04,"Could It Be You?",""
109,5,18,03 May 04,"A Little Change Never Hurt Anybody",""
110,5,19,10 May 04,"At Last",""