number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,06 Sep 05,"Rescue the Red-Eyed Tree Frogs!",""
2,1,2,07 Sep 05,"Diego Saves Mommy and Baby Sloth",""
3,1,3,08 Sep 05,"Chinta the Baby Chinchilla",""
4,1,4,09 Sep 05,"Diego Saves Baby Humpback Whale",""
5,1,5,12 Sep 05,"Journey to Jaguar Mountain",""
6,1,6,13 Sep 05,"Three Little Condors",""
7,1,7,14 Sep 05,"Pepito's Penguin School",""
8,1,8,15 Sep 05,"Armadillo's Rainforest Race",""
9,1,9,16 Sep 05,"The Mommy Macaw",""
10,1,10,10 Oct 05,"Linda the Llama Saves Carnival",""
11,1,11,23 Jan 06,"A Booboo on the Pygmy Marmoset",""
12,1,12,25 Jan 06,"A Blue Morpho Butterfly is Born",""
13,1,13,26 Jan 06,"Cool Water for Ana the Anaconda",""
14,1,14,20 Mar 06,"Linda the Librarian",""
15,1,15,20 Feb 06,"Chito and Rita the Spectacled Bears",""
16,1,16,07 Mar 06,"The Great Dinosaur Adventure (1)",""
17,1,17,09 Mar 06,"The Great Dinosaur Adventure (2)",""
18,1,18,19 Mar 06,"Diego's Wolf Pup Rescue",""
19,1,19,26 Mar 06,"Baby Jaguar to the Rescue",""
20,1,20,10 Jul 06,"Save the Sea Turtles",""
21,2,1,02 Oct 06,"Diego Saves the River Dolphin",""
22,2,2,03 Oct 06,"Diego and Baby Humpback to the Rescue",""
23,2,3,30 Oct 06,"Little Kinkajou is in Beehive Trouble",""
24,2,4,31 Oct 06,"Mackey the Macaroni Penguin",""
25,2,5,19 Nov 06,"The Iguana Sing Along",""
26,2,6,03 Dec 06,"Panchita Prairie Dog Finds a New Prairie",""
27,2,7,08 Dec 06,"Diego Saves Christmas",""
28,2,8,15 Jan 07,"Baby Jaguar's Lost Growl",""
29,2,9,05 Feb 07,"Diego the Hero",""
30,2,10,14 Feb 07,"Sammy's Valentine",""
31,2,11,26 Mar 07,"The Great Roadrunner Race",""
32,2,12,06 Mar 07,"The Tapir's Trip Home",""
33,2,13,07 Mar 07,"Jorge the Little Hawk Learns to Migrate",""
34,2,14,08 Mar 07,"Giant Octopus to the Rescue",""
35,2,15,26 Jun 07,"An Underwater Mystery",""
36,2,16,08 Oct 07,"Diego's African Safari (1)",""
37,2,17,15 Oct 07,"Diego's African Safari (2)",""
38,2,18,16 Oct 07,"Diego and Alicia Save the Otters",""
39,2,19,24 Nov 07,"Alicia Saves the Crocodile",""
40,2,20,19 Dec 07,"Rhea is an Animal Rescuer",""
41,3,1,05 Feb 08,"Green Iguana Helps Abuelito Plant a New Strawberry Farm!",""
42,3,2,02 Mar 08,"Kicho's Magic Flute!",""
43,3,3,03 Mar 08,"Rainforest Rhapsody",""
44,3,4,04 Mar 08,"Gorilla Fun",""
45,3,5,18 Mar 08,"Tuga Helps the Moon",""
46,3,6,21 Mar 08,"Whistling Willie Finds a Buddy",""
47,3,7,28 Apr 08,"Super Flying Squirrel to the Rescue!",""
48,3,8,02 May 08,"Diego and Porcupine Save the Pinata!",""
49,3,9,09 May 09,"The Bobo's Mother's Day!",""
50,3,10,12 May 08,"It's a Bug's World!",""
51,3,11,31 May 08,"Diego and Dora Help Baby Monarch Get to the Festival",""
52,3,12,03 Jun 08,"Save the Giant Tortoises",""
53,3,13,06 Jun 08,"Alicia and Whitetail to the Rescue",""
54,3,14,20 Jun 08,"Manatee's Mermaid Rescue!",""
55,3,15,27 Oct 08,"Freddie the Fruit Bat Saves Halloween!",""
56,3,16,21 Nov 08,"Egyptian Camel Adventure",""
57,3,17,05 Mar 09,"A New Flamingo Mami",""
58,3,18,18 Sep 09,"The Great Polar Bear Rescue",""
59,4,1,28 Sep 09,"Diego Reunites Hippo & Oxpecker",""
60,4,2,29 Sep 09,"Diego's Orangutan Rescue",""
61,4,3,30 Sep 09,"Where is Okapi's Brother?",""
62,4,4,01 Oct 09,"Puffin Fish Adventure",""
63,4,5,19 Feb 10,"Diego's Ringed Seal Rescue",""
64,4,6,15 Mar 10,"All Aboard the Giant Panda Express!",""
65,4,7,16 Mar 10,"Bengal Tiger Makes a Wish",""
66,4,8,17 Mar 10,"Leaping Lemurs!",""
67,4,9,18 Mar 10,"Diego Saves the Beavers",""
68,4,10,22 Apr 10,"Ocean Animal Rescuer",""
69,4,11,18 Jun 10,"Welcome Home, Lion Cub",""
70,4,12,24 Sep 10,"Diego's International Rescue League",""
71,5,1,05 Nov 10,"Diego Rescues Prince Vicuna",""
72,5,2,07 Feb 11,"Koala's Birthday Hug",""
73,5,3,08 Feb 11,"To Babysit a Bobo",""
74,5,4,09 Feb 11,"Pampas Cat & Friends Help the Rescue Center",""
75,5,5,10 Feb 11,"Cotton-Top Tamarin Cave Rescue",""
76,5,6,16 Jul 11,"Fiercest Animals!",""