number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,05 Aug 09,"Home Sweet Home",""
2,1,2,12 Aug 09,"Suburbs or the City",""
3,1,3,19 Aug 09,"An Italian Homecoming",""
4,1,4,26 Aug 09,"Jet Set Jitters",""
5,1,5,31 Aug 09,"Giuliana's Night Out",""
6,1,6,09 Sep 09,"California Dreamin'",""
7,1,7,16 Sep 09,"Cooking Up Trouble",""
8,1,8,23 Sep 09,"Getting Better with Age",""
9,1,9,30 Sep 09,"Royal Flush",""
10,1,10,07 Oct 09,"I Do, Take Two",""
11,2,1,03 Jan 10,"Knocked Up?",""
12,2,2,10 Jan 10,"Operation Ovulation",""
13,2,3,17 Jan 10,"Family Matters",""
14,2,4,24 Jan 10,"Child's Play",""
15,2,5,14 Feb 10,"Couple's Retreat",""
16,2,6,21 Feb 10,"Made in Hong Kong",""
17,2,7,28 Feb 10,"Make Room for Giuliana",""
18,2,8,14 Mar 10,"Maybe... Baby?",""
19,3,1,11 Oct 10,"Baby Steps",""
20,3,2,18 Oct 10,"Honey, Where's Home?",""
21,3,3,25 Oct 10,"A Heartbreaking Loss",""
22,3,4,01 Nov 10,"Picking Up the Pieces",""
23,3,5,08 Nov 10,"Roadtrip",""
24,3,6,22 Nov 10,"Viva La Mancation",""
25,3,7,29 Nov 10,"The Model Aunt",""
26,3,8,06 Dec 10,"Mamma Mia!",""
27,3,9,13 Dec 10,"Party Under Pressure",""
28,3,10,20 Dec 10,"Last Chance",""
29,4,1,18 Jul 11,"The Year of Fun Premiere Version",""
30,4,2,25 Jul 11,"Rancics Go Royal",""
31,4,3,01 Aug 11,"The DePandi Moving Company",""
32,4,4,08 Aug 11,"Food Fight",""
33,4,5,15 Aug 11,"Where to Next, Bill?",""
34,4,6,22 Aug 11,"The Big 4-0",""
35,4,7,29 Aug 11,"It's Bill's Party and He'll Cry If He Wants To",""
36,4,8,12 Sep 11,"All in the Familia",""
37,4,9,19 Sep 11,"It's Complicated",""
38,4,10,26 Sep 11,"A New Addition to the Family",""
39,5,1,03 Apr 12,"The Battle Begins",""
40,5,2,10 Apr 12,"The Booby Trap",""
41,5,3,17 Apr 12,"Baby Mama?",""
42,5,4,24 Apr 12,"Surgery Day",""
43,5,5,01 May 12,"Back with a Bounce",""
44,5,6,08 May 12,"New House Hunters",""
45,5,7,15 May 12,"48 Hour Hustle",""
46,5,8,22 May 12,"Mama Depandi's Big Night",""
47,5,9,29 May 12,"What Happens in Cabo...",""
48,5,10,05 Jun 12,"Boy or Girl?",""
49,5,11,02 Oct 12,"The Countdown Begins",""
50,5,12,09 Oct 12,"We're Having A...",""
51,5,13,16 Oct 12,"Babies Hate Me!",""
52,5,14,23 Oct 12,"How to Be a Sexy Mom",""
53,5,15,30 Oct 12,"Who's Your Nanny?",""
54,5,16,13 Nov 12,"She's Having a Baby",""
55,5,17,20 Nov 12,"Meet the Duke",""
56,5,18,27 Nov 12,"Duke of Hazzard",""
57,5,19,04 Dec 12,"Daddy Duty",""
58,5,20,11 Dec 12,"Holy Baby!",""
59,6,1,16 Jul 13,"Baby Hogs",""
60,6,2,23 Jul 13,"Duke's Nanny and Pedi",""
61,6,3,30 Jul 13,"G-String Surprise",""
62,6,4,06 Aug 13,"Duking It Out",""
63,6,5,13 Aug 13,"Baby on the Loose",""
64,6,6,20 Aug 13,"Is Nonna Getting Botox?",""
65,6,7,27 Aug 13,"G's First Mother's Day",""
66,6,8,03 Sep 13,"One Tough Tot",""
67,6,9,10 Sep 13,"Rancic Family Vacation",""
68,6,10,17 Sep 13,"Time for Baby #2",""
69,7,1,01 Apr 14,"Home Alone",""
70,7,2,08 Apr 14,"Day of the Duke",""
71,7,3,15 Apr 14,"Fifty Shades of G and B",""
72,7,4,22 Apr 14,"Up in the Air",""
73,7,5,29 Apr 14,"The Italian Job",""
74,7,6,06 May 14,"Rancic and Relaxation",""
75,7,7,13 May 14,"Saving Face",""
76,7,8,21 May 14,"Marathon Not a Sprint",""
77,7,9,28 May 14,"Couples Retreat",""
78,7,10,03 Jun 14,"A Sibling for Duke?",""