number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,05 Jun 12,"Workin' It (1)",""
2,1,2,05 Jun 12,"Workin' It (2)",""
3,1,3,12 Jun 12,"Batteries Not Included",""
4,1,4,12 Jun 12,"Guess Who's Coming to Calabassas",""
5,1,5,19 Jun 12,"Kendra Takes Miami",""
6,1,6,19 Jun 12,"Kendra Goes Back to School",""
7,1,7,26 Jun 12,"A Star Is Born",""
8,1,8,03 Jul 12,"Fore Play",""
9,1,9,10 Jul 12,"New York Kendra",""
10,1,10,10 Jul 12,"The Empire Statement",""
11,1,11,17 Jul 12,"Nashville or Bust",""
12,1,12,17 Jul 12,"LoCash Kendra",""
13,1,13,24 Jul 12,"Risque Business",""
14,1,14,24 Jul 12,"Homeward Rebound",""
15,1,15,31 Jul 12,"Picture Perfect (1)",""
16,1,16,31 Jul 12,"Picture Perfect (2)",""
17,2,1,13 Sep 13,"Trick or Tweet",""
18,2,2,20 Sep 13,"Dangerous When Wet",""
19,2,3,20 Sep 13,"The Ex Files",""
20,2,4,27 Sep 13,"Crash Course",""
21,2,5,27 Sep 13,"Mum Mum's the Word",""
22,2,6,04 Oct 13,"Miami Vices",""
23,2,7,04 Oct 13,"Homeland Insecurity",""
24,2,8,11 Oct 13,"The Cold Wars",""
25,2,9,11 Oct 13,"Truce or Dare",""
26,2,10,18 Oct 13,"The Big Bare",""
27,2,11,18 Oct 13,"Cabin Fever",""
28,2,12,25 Oct 13,"The Confidence Game",""
29,2,13,25 Oct 13,"Pulling the Goalie",""
30,2,14,01 Nov 13,"High Wired",""
31,3,1,03 Oct 14,"Spilled Milk",""
32,3,2,10 Oct 14,"Cutting The Cord",""
33,3,3,10 Oct 14,"Damage Control",""
34,3,4,17 Oct 14,"No Beef Patti",""
35,3,5,17 Oct 14,"Girls' Night Bout",""
36,3,6,24 Oct 14,"Game Over",""
37,3,7,24 Oct 14,"The Moment of Truce",""
38,3,8,31 Oct 14,"Where's Poppa?",""
39,3,9,31 Oct 14,"Apartmentalized",""
40,3,10,07 Nov 14,"Make Room for Daddy",""
41,3,11,07 Nov 14,"Paradise Lost and Found",""
42,3,12,14 Nov 14,"Sons of Beaches",""
43,3,13,14 Nov 14,"The Son-in-Law Also Rises",""
44,3,14,21 Nov 14,"The Missing Peace",""
45,4,1,21 Aug 15,"A Hard Night's Day",""
46,4,2,28 Aug 15,"A London Bridge Too Far",""
47,4,3,04 Sep 15,"Homeward Boundage",""
48,4,4,11 Sep 15,"Catty Shack",""
49,4,5,11 Sep 15,"Family Matters",""
50,4,6,18 Sep 15,"Assistant Living",""
51,4,7,18 Sep 15,"Travails With My Aunt",""
52,4,8,25 Sep 15,"Thirty Is The New Kendra",""
53,4,9,25 Sep 15,"Payback is a Holly",""
54,4,10,02 Oct 15,"Close Encounters of the Hank Kind",""
55,4,11,02 Oct 15,"The Sexorcist",""
56,4,12,09 Oct 15,"Dots Amore",""
57,4,13,09 Oct 15,"Tantric and Treat",""
58,4,14,16 Oct 15,"Breast Intentions",""
59,4,15,16 Oct 15,"Midsummer's Night Mare",""
60,4,16,23 Oct 15,"Kendra's Time Out",""
61,4,17,23 Oct 15,"Hankless in Seattle",""
62,4,18,30 Oct 15,"Last Rites",""
63,5,1,01 Apr 16,"Return of the Jayde-Eye",""
64,5,2,01 Apr 16,"Snowblinded",""
65,5,3,08 Apr 16,"Where's The Beef?",""
66,5,4,08 Apr 16,"Facing The Music",""
67,5,5,15 Apr 16,"The Birthday Presence",""
68,5,6,15 Apr 16,"Out Of Tune",""
69,5,7,22 Apr 16,"Kendra Down Under",""
70,5,8,22 Apr 16,"Melbourne To Be Wild",""
71,5,9,29 Apr 16,"Close Quarters",""
72,5,10,29 Apr 16,"Reunion",""
73,5,11,06 May 16,"Meat the Parents",""
74,5,12,06 May 16,"A Bridget Too Far",""
75,5,13,13 May 16,"Girls Gone Army",""
76,5,14,13 May 16,"Parting Gifts",""
77,5,15,20 May 16,"Lust In Space",""
78,5,16,20 May 16,"Home Runs",""
79,6,1,23 Jun 17,"I Dismember Mama",""
80,6,2,30 Jun 17,"Publisher Perish",""
81,6,3,30 Jun 17,"Unhappy Birthday",""
82,6,4,07 Jul 17,"Terms of Endangerment",""
83,6,5,07 Jul 17,"Sex Tips and the City",""
84,6,6,14 Jul 17,"Patti Meltdown",""
85,6,7,14 Jul 17,"Truce or Dare",""
86,6,8,21 Jul 17,"Forgive and Regret",""
87,6,9,21 Jul 17,"The Last Temptation of Patti",""
88,6,10,28 Jul 17,"As The Page Turns",""
89,6,11,28 Jul 17,"Frenemy Mine",""
90,6,12,04 Aug 17,"Be Careful What You Wish For",""
91,6,13,04 Aug 17,"Playdates",""
92,6,14,11 Aug 17,"Papa Don't Preach",""
93,6,15,11 Aug 17,"Undressed Rehearsal",""
94,6,16,18 Aug 17,"The Parent Trapped",""
S03,3,0,05 Dec 14,"The Untold Story Part 1",""
S03,3,0,12 Dec 14,"Untold Story, Part 2",""
S04,4,0,27 Mar 15,"WATCHit With Kendra & Hank: Spilled Milk",""
S04,4,0,03 Apr 15,"WATCHit With Kendra & Hank: Cutting the Cord / Damage Control",""
S04,4,0,10 Apr 15,"WATCHit With Kendra & Hank: No Beef Patti / Girls' Night Bout",""
S04,4,0,17 Apr 15,"WATCHit With Kendra & Hank: Game Over; The Moment of Truce",""
S04,4,0,24 Apr 15,"WATCHIt With Kendra & Hank: Where's Poppa; Apartmentalized",""
S04,4,0,01 May 15,"WATCHit With Kendra & Hank: Paradise Lost and Found; Make Room for Daddy",""
S04,4,0,08 May 15,"WATCHit With Kendra & Hank: Sons of Beaches; The Son-In-Law Also Rises",""
S04,4,0,24 Jul 15,"Hank's Confession",""