number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,15 Nov 11,"Manscaping, Sexting, Bottle Service & Camping",""
2,1,2,22 Nov 11,"Dancing, Bathroom Etiquette, Exercise & One Night Stands",""
3,1,3,29 Nov 11,"Crying, Drinking like a Man, Rules of Karaoke, Hygiene",""
4,1,4,06 Dec 11,"Avoiding the Friend Zone, Social Networks, Cars, Contraception",""
5,1,5,13 Dec 11,"Bachelor Pads, Strip Clubs, Long Distance Relationships & Penis Size",""
6,1,6,20 Dec 11,"Hoiliday Parties, Gift-giving & New Year's Eve (Holiday Edition)",""
7,1,7,20 Dec 11,"Cheating, Ideal Wingman, Cookin 101, Ex-Girlfriends",""
8,1,8,27 Dec 11,"Tattoos, Girlfriends, Diets, Getting Your Girlfriend into Sports",""
9,1,9,03 Jan 12,"Drugs, Money, Ex-Girlfriends, Competitiveness",""
10,1,10,10 Jan 12,"Masturbating, Fighting, Perfect Roommate, Break-ups",""
11,1,11,17 Jan 12,"Getting Freaky, Perfect Pregame, Nicknames, Jobs",""
12,1,12,10 Apr 12,"Guy Code Spring Break Survival Guide",""
13,2,1,10 Jul 12,"Porn, being broke, jealousy and having a crush",""
14,2,2,17 Jul 12,"Farting, foreplay, lying, and bachelor parties",""
15,2,3,24 Jul 12,"One-night stands, racism and going abroad",""
16,2,4,31 Jul 12,"Paying for sex, being a player, road trips and sisters",""
17,2,5,07 Aug 12,"Pregnancy scares, the code to BBQs, astrology, and hosting a friend in town",""
18,2,6,14 Aug 12,"STDs, video games, cops and weddings",""
19,2,7,20 Aug 12,"Stress, how to work a rebound, friends and fantasy sports",""
20,2,8,21 Aug 12,"Friends with benefits, rejection, shopping and freshman year",""
21,2,9,27 Aug 12,"Body piercings, gossip and cohabitation are discussed.",""
22,2,10,03 Sep 12,"online dating, going to the doctor, and tailgating",""
23,2,11,10 Sep 12,"Hair loss and meeting a significant other's parents are discussed.",""
24,2,12,17 Sep 12,"Rules of flirting, revenge and gambling are discussed.",""
25,2,13,24 Sep 12,"Guy Code to Hooking Up",""
26,2,14,01 Oct 12,"Guy Code to the Night Out",""
27,2,15,08 Oct 12,"Guy Code to Manscaping and Everything Else",""
28,3,1,15 Jan 13,"Boners, getting engaged, being fat, house parties",""
29,3,2,22 Jan 13,"Virginity, gay, birthdays, being sick",""
30,3,3,29 Jan 13,"Cock blocking, insecurity, texting, Super Bowl parties",""
31,3,4,05 Feb 13,"Body odor, rivalry, first dates, religion. The guys compete in the Hangover Olympics",""
32,3,5,12 Feb 13,"PMS, Valentine's Day, being stoned, apologizing",""
33,3,6,19 Feb 13,"Puberty, Interviewing, Being Whipped, Sleeping",""
34,3,7,26 Feb 13,"New relationships, bar etiquette, having a kid, being a nerd",""
35,3,8,05 Mar 13,"Your boy's girlfriend, wine, kissing, maturity",""
36,3,9,12 Mar 13,"PDA, being scared, dealing with her friends, moms",""
37,3,10,19 Mar 13,"Flying, spicing things up, teachers, funerals",""
38,3,11,26 Mar 13,"Prom, taking a break, going to the game, moving back in",""
39,3,12,02 Apr 13,"Dads, falling in love, guys' night out, being embarrassed. Joe Budden shares his Good Ass Night",""
40,4,1,16 Apr 14,"Pooping, Closing, Gym, #AskGuyCode",""
41,4,2,23 Apr 14,"Turning 21; platonic girlfriends; an update on manscaping",""
42,4,3,30 Apr 14,"Intercourse; male bonding; roommates; shark fishing",""
43,4,4,07 May 14,"Heartbreak; testicles; an update on life online.",""
44,4,5,14 May 14,"Breasts; snooping; an update on dancing; the pull-out method; crying.",""
45,4,6,21 May 14,"Puking, Feeling Guilty, Bathroom, Ask Guy Code",""
46,4,7,28 May 14,"Style, Drinking, Girls With Boyfriends, Ask Guy Code",""
47,4,8,04 Jun 14,"Being Faithful, Competing, Favors, Ask Guy Code",""
48,4,9,11 Jun 14,"Hangovers, Sexting, Concerts, Ask Guy Code",""
49,4,10,18 Jun 14,"Senior Year, Fighting, Body Image, Ask Guy Code",""
50,4,11,25 Jun 14,"Peer Pressure, Ex Girlfriend, Unemployment, Ask Guy Code",""
51,4,12,02 Jul 14,"Getting Older, Morning After, Art, Ask Guy Code",""
52,5,1,14 Jan 15,"Dry Spell, Porn 2.0, Crying",""
53,5,2,21 Jan 15,"Mood, Suprise a Woman, Sleeping with 1 million Women",""
54,5,3,28 Jan 15,"Liquor, Butts, Listening",""
55,5,4,04 Feb 15,"Being Funny, Laughing, Making Fun, Tickling",""
56,5,5,11 Feb 15,"Being Offensive, Commitment, Being Crazy",""
57,5,6,11 Feb 15,"Having Gas, Breaking up 2.0, Our First Time",""
58,5,7,18 Feb 15,"Being Dumb, Being a Gentleman DTR",""
59,5,8,25 Feb 15,"Girlfriends 2.0, Getting Your License, Online Dating",""
60,5,9,04 Mar 15,"Settling; Being Busy; What a Kiss Means",""
61,5,10,11 Mar 15,"Playing the Field; Being Tough; Boobs",""
62,5,11,18 Mar 15,"Reputation, Penises 2.0, Baggage",""
63,5,12,25 Mar 15,"Hot Girls: Types, Meeting Them, Sex, Foreplay",""