number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,25 Sep 70,"What? And Get Out of Show Business?",""
2,1,2,02 Oct 70,"The Sound of Money",""
3,1,3,09 Oct 70,"Whatever Happened to the Old Songs?",""
4,1,4,16 Oct 70,"See Here, Private Partridge",""
5,1,5,23 Oct 70,"When Mother Gets Married",""
6,1,6,30 Oct 70,"Love at First Slight",""
7,1,7,06 Nov 70,"Danny and the Mob",""
8,1,8,13 Nov 70,"But the Memory Lingers On",""
9,1,9,20 Nov 70,"Did You Hear the One About Danny Partridge?",""
10,1,10,27 Nov 70,"Go Directly to Jail",""
11,1,11,04 Dec 70,"This is My Song",""
12,1,12,11 Dec 70,"My Son, the Feminist",""
13,1,13,18 Dec 70,"Star Quality",""
14,1,14,01 Jan 71,"The Red Woodloe Story",""
15,1,15,08 Jan 71,"Mom Drops Out",""
16,1,16,15 Jan 71,"Old Scrapmouth",""
17,1,17,22 Jan 71,"Why Did the Music Stop?",""
18,1,18,29 Jan 71,"Soul Club",""
19,1,19,05 Feb 71,"To Play or Not to Play?",""
20,1,20,12 Feb 71,"They Shoot Managers, Don't They?",""
21,1,21,19 Feb 71,"Partridge Up a Pair Tree",""
22,1,22,26 Feb 71,"Road Song",""
23,1,23,05 Mar 71,"Not with My Sister, You Don't",""
24,1,24,12 Mar 71,"A Partridge by Any Other Name",""
25,1,25,19 Mar 71,"A Knight in Shining Armor",""
26,2,1,17 Sep 71,"Dora, Dora, Dora",""
27,2,2,24 Sep 71,"In 25 Words or Less",""
28,2,3,01 Oct 71,"A Man Called Snake",""
29,2,4,08 Oct 71,"The Undergraduate",""
30,2,5,15 Oct 71,"Anatomy of a Tonsil",""
31,2,6,22 Oct 71,"Whatever Happened to Moby Dick?",""
32,2,7,29 Oct 71,"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Partridge",""
33,2,8,05 Nov 71,"Days of Acne and Roses",""
34,2,9,12 Nov 71,"Tale of Two Hamsters",""
35,2,10,19 Nov 71,"The Forty-Year Itch",""
36,2,11,26 Nov 71,"I Can Get It for You Retail",""
37,2,12,10 Dec 71,"Guess Who's Coming to Drive?",""
38,2,13,17 Dec 71,"Don't Bring Your Guns to Town, Santa",""
39,2,14,31 Dec 71,"Where Do Mermaids Go?",""
40,2,15,07 Jan 72,"Home is Where the Heart Was",""
41,2,16,14 Jan 72,"Fellini, Bergman, and Partridge",""
42,2,17,21 Jan 72,"Waiting for Bolero",""
43,2,18,28 Jan 72,"I Am Curious Partridge",""
44,2,19,04 Feb 72,"My Heart Belongs to a Two-Car Garage",""
45,2,20,11 Feb 72,"Hel-l-l-p",""
46,2,21,18 Feb 72,"Promise Her Anything, But Give Her a Punch",""
47,2,22,03 Mar 72,"The Partridge Papers",""
48,2,23,10 Mar 72,"All's War in Love and Fairs",""
49,2,24,17 Mar 72,"Who is Max Ledbetter and Why is He Saying All Those Horrible Things?",""
50,3,1,15 Sep 72,"This Male Chauvinist Piggy Went to Market",""
51,3,2,22 Sep 72,"M is for the Many Things",""
52,3,3,29 Sep 72,"Princess and the Partridge",""
53,3,4,06 Oct 72,"Each Dawn I Diet",""
54,3,5,13 Oct 72,"A Penny for His Thoughts",""
55,3,6,20 Oct 72,"You're Only Young Twice",""
56,3,7,27 Oct 72,"The Mod Father",""
57,3,8,03 Nov 72,"A Likely Candidate",""
58,3,9,10 Nov 72,"Swiss Family Partridge",""
59,3,10,17 Nov 72,"Ain't Love Grand",""
60,3,11,24 Nov 72,"Whatever Happened to Keith Partridge?",""
61,3,12,08 Dec 72,"Nag, Nag, Nag",""
62,3,13,29 Dec 72,"For Sale by Owner",""
63,3,14,05 Jan 73,"Aspirin at 7, Dinner at 8",""
64,3,15,12 Jan 73,"For Whom the Bell Tolls...and Tolls...and Tolls",""
65,3,16,19 Jan 73,"Trial of Partridge One",""
66,3,17,26 Jan 73,"I Left My Heart in Cincinnati",""
67,3,18,02 Feb 73,"The Eleven-Year Itch",""
68,3,19,09 Feb 73,"Bedknobs and Drumsticks",""
69,3,20,23 Feb 73,"Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex... But Couldn't Pronounce",""
70,3,21,02 Mar 73,"Forgive Us Our Debts",""
71,3,22,09 Mar 73,"The Partridge Connection",""
72,3,23,16 Mar 73,"The Selling of the Partridges",""
73,3,24,23 Mar 73,"Diary of a Mad Millionaire",""
74,3,25,30 Mar 73,"Me and My Shadow",""
75,4,1,15 Sep 73,"Hate Thy Neighbor",""
76,4,2,22 Sep 73,"None But the Onely",""
77,4,3,29 Sep 73,"Beethoven, Brahms, and Partridge",""
78,4,4,06 Oct 73,"The Strike-Out King",""
79,4,5,13 Oct 73,"Reuben Kincaid Lives",""
80,4,6,20 Oct 73,"Double Trouble",""
81,4,7,27 Oct 73,"The Last Howard",""
82,4,8,03 Nov 73,"The Diplomat",""
83,4,9,10 Nov 73,"Heartbreak Keith",""
84,4,10,17 Nov 73,"A Day of Honesty",""
85,4,11,24 Nov 73,"Al in the Family",""
86,4,12,08 Dec 73,"Maid in San Pueblo",""
87,4,13,12 Jan 74,"Art for Mom's Sake",""
88,4,14,19 Jan 74,"Two for the Show",""
89,4,15,26 Jan 74,"Danny Drops Out",""
90,4,16,02 Feb 74,"Queen for a Minute",""
91,4,17,09 Feb 74,"Danny Converts",""
92,4,18,23 Feb 74,"Miss Partridge, Teacher",""
93,4,19,02 Mar 74,"Keith and Lauriebelle",""
94,4,20,09 Mar 74,"Morning Becomes Electric",""
95,4,21,16 Mar 74,"Pin It on Danny",""
96,4,22,23 Mar 74,". . . - - -. . . (S.O.S)",""