number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,21 Aug 08,"Ten Salon: Long Beach, CA",""
2,1,2,28 Aug 08,"De Cielo Salon: Burbank, CA",""
3,1,3,04 Sep 08,"Martino Cartier at Giovanni and Pileggi: Sewell, NJ",""
4,1,4,11 Sep 08,"Images Salon: Oyster Bay, NY",""
5,1,5,18 Sep 08,"Salon Tika: Rockville Centre, NY",""
6,1,6,25 Sep 08,"The Loft on Broadway Salon: Long Beach, CA",""
7,1,7,02 Oct 08,"Hairlab: Woodland Hills, CA",""
8,1,8,09 Oct 08,"Candolyn's: Downtown Los Angeles, CA",""
9,2,1,03 Nov 09,"Orbit Salon: Chicago, IL",""
10,2,2,10 Nov 09,"Allure Salon: Coconut Grove, FL",""
11,2,3,17 Nov 09,"Eclectic Salon: Los Angeles, CA",""
12,2,4,24 Nov 09,"Bang Salon: Ft. Lauderdale, FL",""
13,2,5,01 Dec 09,"Plush Salon: Chatsworth, CA",""
14,2,6,08 Dec 09,"Browns & Co: Miami, FL",""
15,2,7,15 Dec 09,"Refuge Salon: Los Angeles, CA",""
16,2,8,29 Dec 09,"Chicago Male Salon & Spa: Chicago, IL",""
17,2,9,05 Jan 10,"Tantrum Salon: Covina, CA",""
18,2,10,12 Jan 10,"Earth, Moon, Sun: Western Springs, IL",""
19,3,1,06 Dec 10,"Mia Bella: San Bruno",""
20,3,2,13 Dec 10,"Christopher Hill: Brentwood, CA",""
21,3,3,20 Dec 10,"Vendome: Houston, TX",""
22,3,4,03 Jan 11,"West End: Provincetown, MA",""
23,3,5,10 Jan 11,"Avanti: Boston, MA",""
24,3,6,24 Jan 11,"Touch of Elegance: Tewksbury, MA",""
25,3,7,31 Jan 11,"bQute: Palmdale, CA",""
26,3,8,07 Feb 11,"A Star is Born: Mission Viejo, CA",""
27,3,9,14 Feb 11,"Concerto: Valencia, CA",""
28,3,10,21 Feb 11,"Revisit Show: Where Are They Now?",""
29,4,1,10 Jan 12,"Jungle Red: Minneapolis MN",""
30,4,2,17 Jan 12,"Club Ripples: Long Beach, CA",""
31,4,3,24 Jan 12,"Beyond Salon: Cherry Hill, NJ",""
32,4,4,31 Jan 12,"Pat's Hair Shoppe: Douglasville, GA",""
33,4,5,07 Feb 12,"Chill: Ventura, CA",""
34,4,6,21 Feb 12,"Salon Bridgette: Swedesboro, NJ",""
35,4,7,28 Feb 12,"H Design: Minneapolis, MN",""
36,4,8,06 Mar 12,"Flavio Beauty College: Torrance, CA",""
37,4,9,13 Mar 12,"Barkingham Palace: West Hollywood, CA",""
38,4,10,20 Mar 12,"Sweetgrass: Atlanta, GA",""
39,4,11,27 Mar 12,"Salon Deco: Atlanta, GA",""
40,4,12,03 Apr 12,"Cinema Suites: Long Beach, CA",""
41,5,1,04 Apr 13,"Salon Mogulz",""
42,5,2,11 Apr 13,"VIP Night",""
43,5,3,18 Apr 13,"Top Cuts",""
44,5,4,25 Apr 13,"NexGen Barber Shop",""
45,5,5,02 May 13,"Summers Sports Bar",""
46,5,6,09 May 13,"Bombshells Salon and Spa",""
47,5,7,23 May 13,"House of Synergy",""
48,5,8,30 May 13,"Café Treats",""
49,5,9,06 Jun 13,"Manikir Royale",""
50,5,10,13 Jun 13,"Studio 157",""
51,5,11,20 Jun 13,"Nadia's Family Salon",""
52,5,12,27 Jun 13,"Where Are They Now?",""