number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,08 Sep 90,"The Visit to Aunt Ruth's",""
2,1,2,15 Sep 90,"Uncle Ted's Excellent Adventure",""
3,1,3,22 Sep 90,"Adventures in Bobby Sitting",""
4,1,4,06 Oct 90,"The Best One of the Mall",""
5,1,5,20 Oct 90,"My Dad Can Fix Anything",""
6,1,6,03 Nov 90,"Me and Roger",""
7,1,7,10 Nov 90,"The Big Sweep",""
8,1,8,24 Nov 90,"The Night of the Living Pumpkin",""
9,1,9,01 Dec 90,"Beach Blanket Bobby",""
10,1,10,15 Dec 90,"The Revenge of Dr. Noo",""
11,1,11,05 Jan 91,"In Search of the Ring Bear",""
12,1,12,12 Jan 91,"See America Last",""
13,1,13,19 Jan 91,"Bobby's Big Broadcast",""
14,2,1,07 Sep 91,"Three Kids and a Baby",""
15,2,2,14 Sep 91,"Suspects, Lies & Videotape",""
16,2,3,21 Sep 91,"Clubhouse Bobby",""
17,2,4,28 Sep 91,"Nightmare on Bobby's Street",""
18,2,5,12 Oct 91,"Caution: Bobby at Work",""
19,2,6,26 Oct 91,"Total Recess",""
20,2,7,02 Nov 91,"Chariots of Bobby",""
21,2,8,16 Nov 91,"Bobby's Birthday Bash",""
22,3,1,29 Aug 92,"Bobby's Tooth or Dare",""
23,3,2,05 Sep 92,"Bobby's Big Move",""
24,3,3,12 Sep 92,"Bad News Bobby",""
25,3,4,19 Sep 92,"Swim by Me",""
26,3,5,26 Sep 92,"The Play's the Thing",""
27,3,6,10 Oct 92,"Fish Tales",""
28,3,7,17 Oct 92,"The Music",""
29,3,8,24 Oct 92,"Misery Loves Company",""
30,3,9,07 Nov 92,"Bobby Phone Home",""
31,3,10,14 Nov 92,"Baby Brother Blues",""
32,3,11,21 Nov 92,"Bobby's Girl",""
33,3,12,28 Nov 92,"Ill Effects",""
34,3,13,08 May 93,"I Want My Mommy",""
35,4,1,18 Sep 93,"The Hero",""
36,4,2,25 Sep 93,"Uncle Ted's New Friend",""
37,4,3,02 Oct 93,"The World Accordion to Bobby",""
38,4,4,09 Oct 93,"Bobby Ties the Knot",""
39,4,5,16 Oct 93,"Jets, Choo-Choos, and Cars",""
40,4,6,23 Oct 93,"Karate Bobby",""
41,4,7,06 Nov 93,"A Day with Dad",""
42,4,8,13 Nov 93,"Psycho Bobby",""
43,4,9,20 Nov 93,"The Smell of a Tattletale",""
44,4,10,27 Nov 93,"It's My Party",""
45,4,11,05 Feb 94,"One Clump or Two",""
46,4,12,19 Feb 94,"Bobby's Big Dream",""
47,4,13,26 Feb 94,"Bobby, the Musical",""
48,5,1,12 Sep 94,"Rebel Without a Clue",""
49,5,2,13 Sep 94,"Geriatric Park",""
50,5,3,14 Sep 94,"Harry Takes a Powder",""
51,5,4,15 Sep 94,"Bobby's Big Boo-Boo",""
52,5,5,16 Sep 94,"Mom on Wheels",""
53,5,6,07 Nov 94,"Weekend at Teddie's",""
54,5,7,08 Nov 94,"Generics Under Construction",""
55,5,8,14 Nov 94,"Mrs. Noogiefire",""
56,5,9,21 Nov 94,"Bobby Slicker",""
57,5,10,28 Nov 94,"No Sale",""
58,5,11,06 Feb 95,"Who You Gonna Call...???",""
59,5,12,13 Feb 95,"Starring Bobby",""
60,5,13,20 Feb 95,"The Truth About Aunt Ruth",""
61,6,1,11 Sep 95,"Bobby On-Line",""
62,6,2,12 Sep 95,"Bobby the Genius",""
63,6,3,13 Sep 95,"Hooked on Caps",""
64,6,4,14 Sep 95,"Bobby's Last Stand",""
65,6,5,22 Dec 95,"Miracle on 34th St. & Rural Route 1",""
66,6,6,05 Feb 96,"Just Plain Sleepless",""
67,6,7,12 Feb 96,"Bobby, Lord of the Slopes",""
68,6,8,20 Oct 96,"Time After Time",""
69,6,9,27 Oct 96,"Independence Bobby",""
70,6,10,04 Nov 96,"Bobby the Candidate",""
71,7,1,06 Sep 97,"Bad Manners Bobby",""
72,7,2,13 Sep 97,"Roger's Ransom",""
73,7,3,20 Sep 97,"Cooties",""
74,7,4,27 Sep 97,"Promises, Promises",""
75,7,5,04 Oct 97,"Generics and Indians",""
76,7,6,11 Oct 97,"It's a Generic Life",""
77,7,7,18 Oct 97,"Cruisin' Bobby",""
78,7,8,15 Nov 97,"Dad's Big Day",""
79,7,9,23 Feb 98,"Blue Eggs and Bobby",""
80,7,10,23 Feb 98,"Back to the Furniture",""