number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,14 Jun 16,"I Can't Believe This Used to Take Days",""
2,1,2,21 Jun 16,"Last Year You Weren't 40",""
3,1,3,28 Jun 16,"We've Lost Communication",""
4,1,4,05 Jul 16,"If the Killer is Watching",""
5,1,5,12 Jul 16,"Stay for a Drink",""
6,1,6,19 Jul 16,"2CatShaPurr",""
7,2,1,27 Jun 17,"It Satisfies on a Very Basic Level",""
8,2,2,04 Jul 17,"Don't Call Me Ma'am",""
9,2,3,11 Jul 17,"I Can't Vote",""
10,2,4,18 Jul 17,"Taco and a Hair Flip",""
11,2,5,25 Jul 17,"Don't Make Me Send a Lawyer Up There",""
12,2,6,01 Aug 17,"It's a Garment of Liberty",""
13,2,7,08 Aug 17,"You've Reached the Voicemail of Tracy Herrity",""
14,3,1,18 Sep 18,"Is That You Karen?",""
15,3,2,25 Sep 18,"Tonight is Spaghetti Thursday",""
16,3,3,02 Oct 18,"Don't Even Say Goodbye Just Go",""
17,3,4,09 Oct 18,"Sex Things and Whispers",""
18,3,5,16 Oct 18,"It's Because I Care",""
19,3,6,30 Oct 18,"Buffin' Your Muffin",""
20,3,7,06 Nov 18,"Summer of '65",""
21,3,8,13 Nov 18,"Sometimes It's Good to Be the Shaman",""
22,3,9,27 Nov 18,"Start By Having Rich Parents",""
23,3,10,04 Dec 18,"Bangs Do Not Define Me",""
24,4,1,17 Sep 19,"Humanity Is In An Awkward Stage",""
25,4,2,24 Sep 19,"Something for Daddy",""
26,4,3,01 Oct 19,"It's a Peachy Abomination",""
27,4,4,08 Oct 19,"No One Wants To Be That Lady",""
28,4,5,15 Oct 19,"I Always Order Wrong",""
29,4,6,22 Oct 19,"Shangela Was Robbed",""
30,4,7,29 Oct 19,"I Might Still Be Mad in a Week",""
31,4,8,05 Nov 19,"There's a Special Place in Hell",""
32,4,9,12 Nov 19,"My Instagram Is Suffering",""
33,4,10,12 Nov 19,"Those Chickens Won't Clean Themselves",""
34,5,1,06 Oct 20,"Whatever You Do, Don't Smell His T-Shirts",""
35,5,2,13 Oct 20,"I Prefer the Term 'Bonus Parent'",""
36,5,3,20 Oct 20,"Did an Eagle Steal Your Baby?",""
37,5,4,27 Oct 20,"Ive Got a Date With a Gnome and He Is Hawt@",""
38,5,5,10 Nov 20,"All I'm Saying is Her Car Has Eyelashes",""
39,5,6,17 Nov 20,"Baby Toe Disease",""
40,5,7,24 Nov 20,"Pénis Misérable",""
41,5,8,01 Dec 20,"Don't Call Me Lady",""
42,5,9,05 Jan 21,"Mercury Is in Retrograde",""
43,5,10,12 Jan 21,"I Wrote a Play About My Ex",""
44,5,11,19 Jan 21,"TBC",""
45,5,12,26 Jan 21,"Back of the Line Old Man",""
46,5,13,02 Feb 21,"No One Steals the Kale",""