number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,30 Aug 93,"Missing Persons (pilot)",""
2,1,2,23 Sep 93,"Cabe... What Kind of Name Is That?",""
3,1,3,30 Sep 93,"People Don't Talk to Cops, People Lie to Cops",""
4,1,4,07 Oct 93,"I Can't Even Imagine",""
5,1,5,14 Oct 93,"That's My Sister, Pal",""
6,1,6,28 Oct 93,"The Man's an Emotional Termite",""
7,1,7,04 Nov 93,"Some People's Priorities",""
8,1,8,11 Nov 93,"I'm Gonna Miss Him, Too...",""
9,1,9,25 Nov 93,"Sometimes You Can't Help Getting Involved...",""
10,1,10,02 Dec 93,"Right Neighborhood... Wrong Door",""
11,1,11,16 Dec 93,"How Hard Is It Just to Get Off at the Next Exit?",""
12,1,12,06 Jan 94,"If You Could Pick Your Own Parents...",""
13,1,13,13 Jan 94,"I've Got a Siren!...",""
14,1,14,20 Jan 94,"My Beautiful Son is Okay...",""
15,1,15,03 Feb 94,"All They Had to Do Was Ask...",""
16,1,16,10 Feb 94,"Tell Me You Didn't Do It... I'll Go to the Wall for You",""
17,1,17,17 Feb 94,"What Do You Want... A Signed Confession?",""