number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,04 Sep 06,"Curious George Flies a Kite",""
2,1,2,04 Sep 06,"From Scratch",""
3,1,3,05 Sep 06,"Curious George's Home for Pigeons",""
4,1,4,05 Sep 06,"Out Of Order",""
5,1,5,06 Sep 06,"Zeroes to Donuts",""
6,1,6,06 Sep 06,"Curious George, Stain Remover",""
7,1,7,07 Sep 06,"Buoy Wonder",""
8,1,8,07 Sep 06,"Roller Monkey",""
9,1,9,14 Sep 06,"Curious George On Time",""
10,1,10,14 Sep 06,"Curious George's Bunny Hunt",""
11,1,11,15 Sep 06,"Curious George Takes A Job",""
12,1,12,15 Sep 06,"Curious George Takes Another Job",""
13,1,13,18 Sep 06,"Curious George Door Monkey",""
14,1,14,18 Sep 06,"Curious George Goes Up the River",""
15,1,15,19 Sep 06,"Curious George and the Invisible Sound",""
16,1,16,19 Sep 06,"Curious George A Peeling Monkey",""
17,1,17,26 Sep 06,"Curious George Dog Counter",""
18,1,18,26 Sep 06,"Squirrel For A Day",""
19,1,19,27 Sep 06,"Curious George Discovers the 'Poles",""
20,1,20,27 Sep 06,"Curious George Finds His Way",""
21,1,21,28 Sep 06,"Water To Ducks",""
22,1,22,28 Sep 06,"Animal Magnetism",""
23,1,23,29 Sep 06,"Doctor Monkey",""
24,1,24,29 Sep 06,"Curious George The Architect",""
25,1,25,06 Oct 06,"Zoo Night",""
26,1,26,06 Oct 06,"Charkie Escapes",""
27,1,27,09 Oct 06,"Curious George's Rocket Ride",""
28,1,28,09 Oct 06,"Curious George, Station Master",""
29,1,29,10 Oct 06,"Curious George and the Dam Builders",""
30,1,30,10 Oct 06,"Curious George's Low High Score",""
31,1,31,11 Oct 06,"Curious George Sees Stars",""
32,1,32,11 Oct 06,"Curious George Gets A Trophy",""
33,1,33,18 Oct 06,"George Makes A Stand",""
34,1,34,18 Oct 06,"Curious George Sees the Light",""
35,1,35,19 Oct 06,"Candy Counter",""
36,1,36,19 Oct 06,"Curious George Rescue Monkey",""
37,1,37,20 Oct 06,"The Truth About George Burgers",""
38,1,38,20 Oct 06,"Curious George In the Dark",""
39,1,39,23 Oct 06,"The Clean Perfect Yellow Hat",""
40,1,40,23 Oct 06,"Bee Is For Bear",""
41,1,41,15 Jan 07,"Surprise Quints",""
42,1,42,15 Jan 07,"Muddy Monkey",""
43,1,43,16 Jan 07,"Curious George Takes A Vacation",""
44,1,44,16 Jan 07,"Curious George and the One That Got Away",""
45,1,45,17 Jan 07,"Ski Monkey",""
46,1,46,17 Jan 07,"George the Grocer",""
47,1,47,18 Jan 07,"Keep Out Cows",""
48,1,48,18 Jan 07,"Curious George and the Missing Piece",""
49,1,49,19 Jan 07,"Camping With Hundley",""
50,1,50,19 Jan 07,"Curious George vs. the Turbo Python 3000",""
51,1,51,19 Feb 07,"Housebound!",""
52,1,52,19 Feb 07,"Curious George Rides a Bike",""
53,1,53,20 Feb 07,"The All Animal Recycled Band",""
54,1,54,20 Feb 07,"The Times Of Sand",""
55,1,55,21 Feb 07,"The Elephant Upstairs",""
56,1,56,21 Feb 07,"Being Hundley",""
57,1,57,22 Feb 07,"George Fixes Betsy's Wagon",""
58,1,58,22 Feb 07,"Curious George Takes a Dive",""
59,1,59,23 Feb 07,"Unbalanced",""
60,1,60,23 Feb 07,"Curious George vs. Winter",""
61,2,1,03 Sep 07,"Up, Up and Away",""
62,2,2,03 Sep 07,"Skunked",""
63,2,3,04 Sep 07,"Monkey Underground",""
64,2,4,04 Sep 07,"Cat Mother",""
65,2,5,05 Sep 07,"Up A Tree",""
66,2,6,05 Sep 07,"Curious George and the Trash",""
67,2,7,06 Sep 07,"Curious George Gets All Keyed Up",""
68,2,8,06 Sep 07,"Gutter Monkey",""
69,2,9,08 Oct 07,"Grease Monkeys in Space",""
70,2,10,08 Oct 07,"PiƱata Vision",""
71,2,11,09 Oct 07,"All-New Hundley",""
72,2,12,09 Oct 07,"Signs Up",""
73,2,13,10 Oct 07,"Color Me Monkey",""
74,2,14,10 Oct 07,"Special Delivery Monkey",""
75,2,15,19 Nov 07,"Free Hundley",""
76,2,16,19 Nov 07,"Bag Monkey",""
77,2,17,20 Nov 07,"Monkey Stagehand",""
78,2,18,20 Nov 07,"The Magic Garden",""
79,2,19,21 Nov 07,"Curious George Plumber's Helper",""
80,2,20,21 Nov 07,"Curious George Takes A Hike",""
81,2,21,22 Nov 07,"The Fully Automatic Monkey Fun Hat",""
82,2,22,22 Nov 07,"Creatures Of The Night",""
83,2,23,21 Jan 08,"Scaredy Dog",""
84,2,24,21 Jan 08,"Say Goodnight, George",""
85,2,25,22 Jan 08,"A Bridge too Farm",""
86,2,26,22 Jan 08,"Monkey Fever",""
87,2,27,23 Jan 08,"Curious George, Spy Monkey",""
88,2,28,23 Jan 08,"Castle Keep",""
89,2,29,24 Jan 08,"Robot Monkey Hullabaloo",""
90,2,30,24 Jan 08,"Curious George and the Slithery Day",""
91,2,31,18 Feb 08,"Curious George, Web Master",""
92,2,32,18 Feb 08,"The Big Sleepy",""
93,2,33,19 Feb 08,"Curious George Sinks the Pirates",""
94,2,34,19 Feb 08,"This Little Piggy",""
95,2,35,20 Feb 08,"King Doggie",""
96,2,36,20 Feb 08,"The Lucky Cap",""
97,2,37,21 Apr 08,"Curious George, Sea Monkey",""
98,2,38,21 Apr 08,"Old McGeorgie Had A Farm",""
99,2,39,22 Apr 08,"Curious George Beats the Band",""
100,2,40,22 Apr 08,"Hats and a Hole",""
101,3,1,01 Sep 08,"Ice Station Monkey",""
102,3,2,01 Sep 08,"The Perfect Carrot",""
103,3,3,02 Sep 08,"Curious George Meets The Press",""
104,3,4,02 Sep 08,"Snow Use",""
105,3,5,03 Sep 08,"For the Birds",""
106,3,6,03 Sep 08,"Curious George-asaurus",""
107,3,7,04 Sep 08,"Mulch Ado About Nothing",""
108,3,8,04 Sep 08,"What Goes Up",""
109,3,9,13 Oct 08,"Amazing Maze Race",""
110,3,10,13 Oct 08,"The Color of Monkey",""
111,3,11,28 Nov 08,"Man with the Monkey Hands",""
112,3,12,28 Nov 08,"Whistlepig Wednesday",""
113,3,13,01 Dec 08,"George Digs Worms",""
114,3,14,01 Dec 08,"Everything Old is New Again",""
115,3,15,16 Feb 09,"Wheels on the Bus",""
116,3,16,16 Feb 09,"Seed Trouble",""
117,3,17,17 Feb 09,"Fun-Ball Tally",""
118,3,18,17 Feb 09,"Red Sky at Night Monkey's Delight",""
119,3,19,18 Feb 09,"Shipwrecked With Hundley",""
120,3,20,18 Feb 09,"Chasing Rainbows",""
121,3,21,22 Apr 09,"Night of the Weiner Dog",""
122,3,22,22 Apr 09,"Animal Trackers",""
123,4,1,08 Sep 09,"Curious George Personal Trainer",""
124,4,2,08 Sep 09,"Sprout Outing",""
125,4,3,09 Sep 09,"Gnocchi the Critic",""
126,4,4,09 Sep 09,"George Cleans Up",""
127,4,5,12 Oct 09,"George Meets Allie-Whoops",""
128,4,6,12 Oct 09,"Hundley's Great Escape",""
129,4,7,23 Nov 09,"Juicy George",""
130,4,8,23 Nov 09,"The Big Picture",""
131,4,9,14 Dec 09,"The Inside Story",""
132,4,10,14 Dec 09,"Little Fish, Littler Pond",""
133,4,11,15 Feb 10,"Guest Monkey",""
134,4,12,15 Feb 10,"Charkie Goes to School",""
135,4,13,16 Feb 10,"Relax!",""
136,4,14,16 Feb 10,"The Box and the Hound",""
137,4,15,22 Apr 10,"George Measures Up",""
138,4,16,22 Apr 10,"Something New Under the Sun",""
139,4,17,14 Jun 10,"Movie House Monkey",""
140,4,18,14 Jun 10,"Cooking with Monkey",""
141,5,1,06 Sep 10,"George and Marco Sound It Out",""
142,5,2,06 Sep 10,"A Monkey's Duckling",""
143,5,3,07 Sep 10,"Trader George",""
144,5,4,07 Sep 10,"One in a Million Chameleon",""
145,5,5,08 Sep 10,"George's Super Subway Adventure",""
146,5,6,08 Sep 10,"Well Done, George",""
147,5,7,21 Feb 11,"Downhill Racer",""
148,5,8,21 Feb 11,"Book Monkey",""
149,5,9,22 Feb 11,"Monkey Size Me",""
150,5,10,22 Feb 11,"Metal Detective",""
151,5,11,23 Feb 11,"George-O-Matic",""
152,5,12,23 Feb 11,"Curious George, Sheep Herder",""
153,5,13,01 Apr 11,"George's Home Run",""
154,5,14,01 Apr 11,"Monkey On Ice",""
155,5,15,21 Apr 11,"Go West, Young Monkey",""
156,5,16,21 Apr 11,"Meet the New Neighbors",""
157,5,17,22 Apr 11,"Follow That Boat",""
158,5,18,22 Apr 11,"Windmill Monkey",""
159,5,19,06 May 11,"Mother's Day Surprise",""
160,5,20,06 May 11,"Jungle Gym",""
161,6,1,03 Sep 11,"School of Dance",""
162,6,2,03 Sep 11,"Curious George Sounds Off",""
163,6,3,04 Sep 11,"George Buys a Kite",""
164,6,4,04 Sep 11,"Train of Light",""
165,6,5,05 Sep 11,"Auctioneer George",""
166,6,6,05 Sep 11,"Sock Monkey Opera",""
167,6,7,07 Sep 11,"George and the Giant Thumb",""
168,6,8,07 Sep 11,"Shutter Monkey",""
169,6,9,06 Sep 11,"Hamster Cam",""
170,6,10,06 Sep 11,"The Great Monkey Detective",""
171,6,11,21 Feb 12,"Wind Symphony",""
172,6,12,21 Feb 12,"George and Allie's Automated Car Wash",""
173,6,13,22 Feb 12,"Feeling Antsy",""
174,6,14,22 Feb 12,"Maple Monkey Madness",""
175,6,15,16 Apr 12,"DJ George",""
176,6,16,16 Apr 12,"Curious George Paints the Desert",""
177,6,17,18 Apr 12,"No Knowing Gnocchi",""
178,6,18,18 Apr 12,"Here Comes the Tide",""
179,6,19,20 Apr 12,"Junky Monkey",""
180,6,20,20 Apr 12,"Jumpy Warms Up",""
181,7,1,03 Dec 12,"Monkey Down Under",""
182,7,2,03 Dec 12,"Bright Lights, Little Monkey",""
183,7,3,04 Dec 12,"We Otter Be Friends",""
184,7,4,04 Dec 12,"Sir George and the Dragon",""
185,7,5,05 Dec 12,"Hundley Jr.",""
186,7,6,05 Dec 12,"Curious George Gets Winded",""
187,7,7,04 Feb 13,"Where's the Firedog?",""
188,7,8,04 Feb 13,"Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye",""
189,7,9,23 Apr 13,"Honey of a Monkey",""
190,7,10,23 Apr 13,"Curious George's Egg Hunt",""
191,7,11,24 Apr 13,"George and Allie's Lawn Service",""
192,7,12,24 Apr 13,"Curious George's Scavenger Hunt",""
193,8,1,10 Feb 14,"Toy Monkey",""
194,8,2,10 Feb 14,"George and Allie's Game Plan",""
195,8,3,11 Feb 14,"Monkey Hoedown",""
196,8,4,11 Feb 14,"Curious George Clowns Around",""
197,8,5,12 Feb 14,"George's Backwards Flight Plan",""
198,8,6,12 Feb 14,"Curious George, Hog Trainer",""
199,8,7,19 May 14,"Red Planet Monkey",""
200,8,8,19 May 14,"Tortilla Express",""
201,8,9,20 May 14,"Curious George Goes For 100",""
202,8,10,20 May 14,"Fearless George",""
203,8,11,21 May 14,"Big, Bad Hundley",""
204,8,12,21 May 14,"Simple Siphon",""
205,9,1,28 Oct 14,"Submonkey",""
206,9,2,28 Oct 14,"Double-O Monkey Tracks Trouble",""
207,9,3,29 Oct 14,"Monkey Goes Batty",""
208,9,4,29 Oct 14,"Curious George and the Balloon Hound",""
209,9,5,30 Oct 14,"George's Photo Finish",""
210,9,6,30 Oct 14,"Monkey Mystery Gift",""
211,9,7,09 Feb 15,"Happy Valentine's Day, George!",""
212,9,8,09 Feb 15,"Oh Deer",""
213,9,9,31 Mar 15,"George's Curious Dragon Dance",""
214,9,10,31 Mar 15,"Bowling for Bobolinks",""
215,9,11,01 Apr 15,"Curious George's Amazon Adventure",""
216,9,12,01 Apr 15,"Monkey Senses",""
217,10,1,03 Sep 18,"Pop!",""
218,10,2,03 Sep 18,"George & Allie's egg-cellent adventure",""
219,10,3,10 Sep 18,"George's sleepover",""
220,10,4,10 Sep 18,"Curious George goes to the dentist",""
221,10,5,17 Sep 18,"Monkey under ice",""
222,10,6,17 Sep 18,"George's new sound",""
223,10,7,24 Sep 18,"Chipmonkey",""
224,10,8,24 Sep 18,"Loch Ness monkey",""
225,10,9,01 Oct 18,"George Lights Up the Night",""
226,10,10,01 Oct 18,"George and the Jug Owl",""
227,10,11,08 Oct 18,"Four Hands, Eight Arms",""
228,10,12,08 Oct 18,"Oil Saves the Day",""
229,10,13,15 Oct 18,"George Gets Pickled",""
230,10,14,15 Oct 18,"Meteor Monkey",""
231,10,15,22 Oct 18,"Night at the Amusement Park",""
232,10,16,22 Oct 18,"Hockey Monkey",""
233,10,17,29 Oct 18,"George and the Sleepy Sheep",""
234,10,18,29 Oct 18,"Gummy Monkey",""
235,10,19,05 Nov 18,"Bill on Wheels",""
236,10,20,12 Nov 18,"A Fair to Remember",""
237,10,21,12 Nov 18,"The Great Doxie Round-Up",""
238,10,22,19 Nov 18,"Muster Monkey",""
239,10,23,19 Nov 18,"Traffic Monkey",""
240,10,24,26 Nov 18,"Curious George and the Wake-Up Machine",""
241,10,25,26 Nov 18,"Healing Hundley",""
242,10,26,03 Dec 18,"Pig-Headed George",""
243,10,27,03 Dec 18,"Nightmare on N Street",""
244,10,28,10 Dec 18,"Curious George and the Snow Festival",""
245,11,1,06 May 19,"Monkey the magnificent",""
246,11,2,06 May 19,"Curious George: Cat Sitter",""
247,11,3,13 May 19,"George's High-Tech Sleep Over",""
248,11,4,13 May 19,"The Ring's the Thing",""
249,11,5,20 May 19,"It Was a Dark and Stormy Night",""
250,11,6,20 May 19,"Curious George, Dog Groomer",""
251,11,7,27 May 19,"In Search of Space Monkeys",""
252,11,8,03 Jun 19,"Fly Paper",""
253,11,9,03 Jun 19,"Fix-it Monkey",""
254,11,10,10 Jun 19,"All Washed Up",""
255,11,11,10 Jun 19,"George's Fancy Pants",""
256,11,12,17 Jun 19,"Lights, Camera, Action!",""
257,11,13,17 Jun 19,"Pen Pals",""
258,11,14,24 Jun 19,"Orange Crush",""
259,11,15,24 Jun 19,"Monkey Market",""
260,11,16,01 Jul 19,"Your Churn, George",""
261,11,17,01 Jul 19,"Going Nuts",""
262,11,18,08 Jul 19,"Flower Monkey",""
263,11,19,08 Jul 19,"George and the Golden Egg Hunt",""
264,11,20,15 Jul 19,"Curious Gorge",""
265,11,21,15 Jul 19,"A Sound Story",""
266,11,22,22 Jul 19,"Delivery Monkey",""
267,11,23,22 Jul 19,"Another Mystery Package",""
268,11,24,29 Jul 19,"Monkey Clean, Monkey Do",""
269,11,25,29 Jul 19,"A River Runs Through It",""
270,11,26,05 Aug 19,"The Lost Treasure of Bugaboo Bend",""
271,11,27,05 Aug 19,"Apple Pie of My Eye",""
272,11,28,12 Aug 19,"Buggy House",""
273,11,29,12 Aug 19,"Rubber Band-It",""
274,12,1,03 Feb 20,"For Your Ice Only",""
275,12,2,03 Feb 20,"George & the Unforgettable Father's Day",""
276,12,3,04 Feb 20,"Over The Edge",""
277,12,4,04 Feb 20,"A Rose By Any Other Name",""
278,12,5,05 Feb 20,"Leaky Faucet",""
279,12,6,05 Feb 20,"George Loves a Parade",""
280,12,7,06 Feb 20,"Antonio the Avacado",""
281,12,8,06 Feb 20,"Curious Clouds",""
282,12,9,07 Feb 20,"Cuckoo Cockatoo",""
283,12,10,07 Feb 20,"A Bunch of Balooney",""
284,12,11,10 Feb 20,"George and the Guide Dog",""
285,12,12,10 Feb 20,"Whatever Floats Your Boat",""
286,12,13,11 Feb 20,"George's Dark Day",""
287,12,14,11 Feb 20,"Leaf Raker",""
288,12,15,12 Feb 20,"Blowin' in the Wind",""
289,12,16,12 Feb 20,"George's Noisy New Neighbor",""
290,12,17,13 Feb 20,"Jurassic George",""
291,12,18,14 Feb 20,"Duck Helper George",""
292,12,19,14 Dec 20,"George's New Home",""
293,12,20,17 Feb 20,"George Gets the Hiccups",""
294,12,21,17 Feb 20,"The Trash Cam",""
295,12,22,18 Feb 20,"Lost & Found",""
296,12,23,18 Feb 20,"George in His Own Backyard",""
297,12,24,19 Feb 20,"The Great Treehouse Hoist",""
298,12,25,19 Feb 20,"Window Dressing",""
299,12,26,20 Feb 20,"Ball Trouble",""
300,12,27,20 Feb 20,"George Saves a Tree",""
301,12,28,21 Feb 20,"Bingo Monkey",""
302,12,29,21 Feb 20,"Tyrannosaurus Wrench",""
303,13,1,15 Jul 20,"Camp George",""
304,13,2,15 Jul 20,"Hoop Dupe",""
305,13,3,15 Aug 20,"A Good Yarn",""
306,13,4,15 Aug 20,"Snow Monkey",""
307,13,5,23 Aug 20,"Basic Training",""
308,13,6,23 Aug 20,"A Winder-er Wonderland",""
309,13,7,28 Aug 20,"Twain a Fence and Hard Place",""
310,13,8,28 Aug 20,"Loafing Around",""
311,13,9,07 Sep 20,"Spelunkey Monkey",""
312,13,10,07 Sep 20,"The Dive-In Movie",""
313,13,11,13 Sep 20,"Hamster",""
314,13,12,13 Sep 20,"Sleepers",""
315,13,13,19 Sep 20,"Bee Like Me",""
316,13,14,19 Sep 20,"To the Lighthouse",""
317,13,15,22 Sep 20,"George's Little Library",""
318,13,16,22 Sep 20,"Monkeys of a Feather",""
319,13,17,29 Sep 20,"Plastics",""
320,13,18,29 Sep 20,"Hide and Go Sheep",""
321,13,19,11 Oct 20,"Prints of a Monkey",""
322,13,20,11 Oct 20,"Lobby Sale",""
323,13,21,28 Oct 20,"Water Ski-Daddle",""
324,13,22,28 Oct 20,"The Greenhouse Effect",""
325,13,23,01 Nov 20,"Raisins",""
326,13,24,01 Nov 20,"A Bedtime Story for Compass",""
327,13,25,07 Nov 20,"Mush",""
328,13,26,07 Nov 20,"Puppets in the Park",""
329,13,27,26 Nov 20,"Hot Dog",""
330,13,28,26 Nov 20,"George and the Beat",""
331,13,29,11 Dec 20,"Swimspiration",""
332,13,30,11 Dec 20,"Museum of George",""
333,14,1,21 Oct 21,"George Makes Pizza",""
334,14,2,21 Oct 21,"Ladybugs!",""
335,14,3,21 Oct 21,"A Pig, A Pup, and a Monkey",""
336,14,4,21 Oct 21,"Y'Orchid-ing Me?",""
337,14,5,21 Oct 21,"Monkey Hill",""
338,14,6,21 Oct 21,"Ready, Set, Flamin-go!",""
339,14,7,21 Oct 21,"George of the Desert",""
340,14,8,21 Oct 21,"The Texture Game",""
341,14,9,21 Oct 21,"The Sounds of George",""
342,14,10,21 Oct 21,"Better Butterflying",""
343,14,11,21 Oct 21,"The Tale of the Frightening Flapjacks",""
344,14,12,21 Oct 21,"Happy Yello-Ween",""
345,14,13,21 Oct 21,"Dolphin With the Yellow Hat",""
346,14,14,21 Oct 21,"Dog's Day Off",""
347,14,15,21 Oct 21,"Mule Feathers",""
348,14,16,21 Oct 21,"George Serves It Up",""
349,14,17,21 Oct 21,"Monkey Parade",""
350,14,18,21 Oct 21,"George and Allie's Pet Hotel",""
351,14,19,21 Oct 21,"George in the Doghouse",""
352,14,20,21 Oct 21,"Time Is Puzzling",""
353,14,21,21 Oct 21,"Aiming for the Stars",""
354,14,22,21 Oct 21,"George vs. the Volcano",""
355,14,23,21 Oct 21,"In Case of Emergency",""
356,14,24,21 Oct 21,"George's BFF",""
357,14,25,21 Oct 21,"George's Geode Jamboree",""
358,14,26,21 Oct 21,"The Man with the Yellow Hair",""
359,14,27,21 Oct 21,"The Great Train Birthday",""
360,14,28,21 Oct 21,"George's Flying Disc Debacle",""
361,14,29,21 Oct 21,"Hundley's Truffle Trouble",""
362,15,1,10 Mar 22,"George Gets Slimed",""
363,15,2,10 Mar 22,"Seesaw Saturday",""
364,15,3,10 Mar 22,"Curious George and the Lost Puppy",""
365,15,4,10 Mar 22,"Gnocchi's Purr-fect Day",""
366,15,5,10 Mar 22,"A Knight to Remember",""
367,15,6,10 Mar 22,"Locked Out",""
368,15,7,10 Mar 22,"Bark Suit",""
369,15,8,10 Mar 22,"Count on George to Deliver",""
370,15,9,10 Mar 22,"The Baby Elephant",""
371,15,10,10 Mar 22,"Leaf It to George",""
372,15,11,10 Mar 22,"Cutting Hedge Technology",""
373,15,12,10 Mar 22,"Bonus Day",""
374,15,13,10 Mar 22,"Understudy George",""
375,15,14,10 Mar 22,"Hawaii",""
376,15,15,10 Mar 22,"Sneaky Shadow",""
377,15,16,10 Mar 22,"Peddlers",""
378,15,17,10 Mar 22,"Chef Rides a Bike",""
379,15,18,10 Mar 22,"Face Painting",""
380,15,19,10 Mar 22,"Monkey Mechanic",""
381,15,20,10 Mar 22,"Seahorses and Wee Horses",""
382,15,21,10 Mar 22,"George Bowls a Hole in One",""
383,15,22,10 Mar 22,"Virtuoso George",""
384,15,23,10 Mar 22,"Country in the City",""
385,15,24,10 Mar 22,"Stinky Cheese",""
386,15,25,10 Mar 22,"George and the Rain",""
387,15,26,10 Mar 22,"George's Pigeon Predicament",""
388,15,27,10 Mar 22,"Sloth",""
389,15,28,10 Mar 22,"Saved by the Bells",""