number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,10 May 97,"The Wrestler's Tomb (120 min)",""
2,1,2,17 May 97,"Jack in the Box",""
3,1,3,24 May 97,"The Reconstituted Corpse",""
4,1,4,31 May 97,"No Trace of Tracy",""
5,1,5,07 Jun 97,"The House of Monkeys",""
6,2,1,24 Jan 98,"Danse Macabre",""
7,2,2,31 Jan 98,"Time Waits for Norman",""
8,2,3,07 Feb 98,"The Scented Room",""
9,2,4,14 Feb 98,"The Problem at Gallows Gate, Part 1",""
10,2,5,21 Feb 98,"The Problem at Gallows Gate, Part 2",""
11,2,6,28 Feb 98,"Mother Redcap",""
12,3,1,27 Nov 99,"The Curious Tale of Mr. Spearfish",""
13,3,2,04 Dec 99,"The Eyes of Tiresias",""
14,3,3,11 Dec 99,"The Omega Man",""
15,3,4,18 Dec 99,"Ghost's Forge",""
16,3,5,28 Dec 99,"Miracle in Crooked Lane",""
17,3,6,02 Jan 00,"The Three Gamblers",""
18,4,1,01 Mar 03,"The Coonskin Cap",""
19,4,2,08 Mar 03,"Angel Hair",""
20,4,3,15 Mar 03,"The Tailor's Dummy",""
21,4,4,14 Feb 04,"The Seer of the Sands",""
22,4,5,21 Feb 04,"The Chequered Box",""
23,4,6,28 Feb 04,"Gorgons Wood",""
24,5,1,28 Feb 14,"The Letters of Septimus Noone",""
25,5,2,07 Mar 14,"The Sinner and the Sandman",""
26,5,3,14 Mar 14,"The Curse of the Bronze Lamp",""
S02,2,0,24 Dec 98,"Black Canary (120 min)",""
S03,3,0,26 Dec 01,"Satan's Chimney (120 min)",""
S04,4,0,01 Jan 09,"The Grinning Man (120 min)",""
S04,4,0,04 Apr 10,"The Judas Tree (100 min)",""
S04,4,0,01 Apr 13,"The Clue of the Savant's Thumb (100 min)",""
S05,5,0,28 Dec 16,"Daemons' Roost (90 min)",""