number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,03 Apr 00,"Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West",""
2,1,2,04 Apr 00,"The Lost Rock",""
3,1,3,05 Apr 00,"Little Big Mouse",""
4,1,4,06 Apr 00,"Farmer Ken's Puzzle",""
5,1,5,07 Apr 00,"Shooting Stars",""
6,1,6,09 Apr 00,"The Hopping Hen",""
7,1,7,11 Apr 00,"Touching the Moon",""
8,1,8,12 Apr 00,"The Boy Who Cried Wolf",""
9,1,9,13 Apr 00,"Fuzzy Wuzzy, Wuzzy?",""
10,1,10,14 Apr 00,"Lionel's Antlers",""
11,1,11,16 Apr 00,"To the Ship! To the Ship!",""
12,1,12,18 Apr 00,"The Chap With Caps",""
13,1,13,19 Apr 00,"Pandora's Box",""
14,1,14,20 Apr 00,"Lionel's Great Escape Trick",""
15,1,15,20 Apr 00,"There's a Fly in My Soup",""
16,1,16,23 Apr 00,"The Popcorn Popper",""
17,1,17,25 Apr 00,"Something Fishy",""
18,1,18,26 Apr 00,"Hug, Hug, Hug!",""
19,1,19,27 Apr 00,"The Ram in the Pepper Patch",""
20,1,20,28 Apr 00,"A Peck of Peppers",""
21,1,21,01 May 00,"Sausage Nose",""
22,1,22,02 May 00,"Red Hat, Green Hat",""
23,1,23,03 May 00,"The Lucky Duck",""
24,1,24,04 May 00,"The Old Man",""
25,1,25,05 May 00,"A King and His Hawk",""
26,1,26,08 May 00,"The Roar That Makes Them Run",""
27,1,27,09 May 00,"Piggyback, Piggyback",""
28,1,28,10 May 00,"The Fox and the Crow",""
29,1,29,11 May 00,"Giants and Cubs",""
30,1,30,12 May 00,"Be Bop",""
31,2,1,02 Apr 01,"The Sad Dad",""
32,2,2,03 Apr 01,"Humph! Humph! Humph!",""
33,2,3,04 Apr 01,"The Good Seed",""
34,2,4,05 Apr 01,"Icarus's Wings",""
35,2,5,06 Apr 01,"Zoop! Zoop!",""
36,2,6,09 Apr 01,"Clickety-Clack, Clickety-Clack!",""
37,2,7,10 Apr 01,"Poetry Day",""
38,2,8,11 Apr 01,"Bobby the Hopping Robot",""
39,2,9,12 Apr 01,"Teacher's Pet",""
40,2,10,13 Apr 01,"The Last Cliff Hanger",""
41,2,11,16 Apr 01,"Pebble Trouble",""
42,2,12,17 Apr 01,"Oh, Yes, It Can!",""
43,2,13,18 Apr 01,"Five, Six, and Thistle Sticks",""
44,2,14,19 Apr 01,"Bug Beard",""
45,2,15,20 Apr 01,"Trains and Brains and Rainy Plains",""
46,2,16,23 Apr 01,"Quest, Quest, Quest!",""
47,2,17,24 Apr 01,"The Spider and the Lie",""
48,2,18,25 Apr 01,"Why the Baboon's Balloon Went Ka-Boom!",""
49,2,19,26 Apr 01,"But, Mama, But ...",""
50,2,20,27 Apr 01,"Dreaming Shakespeare",""
51,2,21,30 Apr 01,"Rats",""
52,2,22,01 May 01,"Tweet! Tweet!",""
53,2,23,02 May 01,"Good Night, Knight",""
54,2,24,03 May 01,"The Chess Mess",""
55,2,25,04 May 01,"Stop That Chicken!",""
56,3,1,16 Sep 02,"Hay Day",""
57,3,2,23 Sep 02,"Pigs Aplenty",""
58,3,3,30 Sep 02,"What Parakeets Need",""
59,3,4,07 Oct 02,"Too Cool",""
60,3,5,14 Oct 02,"You Can't Catch Me!",""
61,3,6,21 Oct 02,"Huff and Puff",""
62,3,7,28 Oct 02,"Out in Outer Space",""
63,3,8,04 Nov 02,"Help!",""
64,3,9,11 Nov 02,"Two Coats, One Goat, and One Boat",""
65,3,10,18 Nov 02,"Treats!",""
66,4,1,15 Sep 03,"Art Party",""
67,4,2,16 Sep 03,"Grow, Mane, Grow!",""
68,4,3,17 Sep 03,"Three Goats, No Waiting",""
69,4,4,18 Sep 03,"Step by Step",""
70,4,5,19 Sep 03,"Dance in Smarty Pants",""
71,5,1,18 Apr 05,"Pigs, Pigs, Pigs!/The Three Little Pigs",""
72,5,2,25 Apr 05,"The Carrot Seed/The Empty Pot",""
73,5,3,02 May 05,"Wings/What's in the Box?",""
74,5,4,09 May 05,"A Shower of Stars/Two Moons and One Lagoon",""
75,5,5,16 May 05,"The Golden Meaty Awards",""
76,5,6,23 May 05,"Click, Clack, Moo/The Little Red Hen",""
77,5,7,30 May 05,"Sylvester and the Magic Pebble/I Miss You, Stinky Face",""
78,5,8,06 Jun 05,"A Tasty Piece of Cheese/The Lion and the Mouse",""
79,5,9,13 Jun 05,"Earl's Too Cool/When I Was 5",""
80,6,1,17 Apr 06,"Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash - Knuffle Bunny",""
81,6,2,24 Apr 06,"Sheep on a Ship - Mississippi Skip and His Pirate Ship",""
82,6,3,01 May 06,"Yo! Yes? - Very Loud, Very Big, Very Metal",""
83,6,4,08 May 06,"I'll Fix Anthony - Jamaica Louise James",""
84,6,5,15 May 06,"Pete's a Pizza - Pygmalion",""
85,6,6,22 May 06,"Here Come The Aliens-Abiyoyo",""
86,6,7,29 May 06,"King Midas - The Dirty Smelly King",""
87,6,8,05 Jun 06,"Cheesybreadville & Stolen Smells",""
88,6,9,12 Jun 06,"The Coyote and the Rabbit & The Gingerbread Man",""
89,6,10,19 Jun 06,"The Goat in the Coat",""
90,7,1,17 Sep 07,"The Problem with Chickens & An Egg Is Quiet",""
91,7,2,24 Sep 07,"Spicy Hot Colors & Yesterday I Had The Blues",""
92,7,3,01 Oct 07,"Bear Snores On & Night in the Country",""
93,7,4,08 Oct 07,"How to Be a Good Dog & Not Afraid of Dogs",""
94,7,5,15 Oct 07,"Dear Mr. Blueberry & I Wanna Iguana",""
95,7,6,22 Oct 07,"Violet's Music & What Instrument Does Alvin Play?",""
96,7,7,29 Oct 07,"Moon Rope & Welcome to the Moon",""
97,7,8,05 Nov 07,"The Three-Legged Pot & When Jabo Jammed",""
98,7,9,12 Nov 07,"Charlie's Dinosaur & Here Come the Aliens",""
99,7,10,19 Nov 07,"Making Bread & Cheesybreadville",""
100,8,1,15 Sep 08,"Ruby Sings the Blues; The Camel Dances",""
101,8,2,22 Sep 08,"Mole and the Baby Bird; Owen and Mzee",""
102,8,3,29 Sep 08,"Stop That Pickle; Chicks and Salsa",""
103,8,4,06 Oct 08,"Are You a Snail?; Wonderful Worms",""
104,8,5,13 Oct 08,"Stone Soup; Bee-bim Bop!",""
105,8,6,20 Oct 08,"Bein' With You This Way; How to Be",""
106,8,7,27 Oct 08,"No One Told the Aardvark; Sea Horse",""
107,8,8,03 Nov 08,"Elephants Can Paint Too!; Jamaica Louise James",""
108,8,9,10 Nov 08,"Trosclair and the Alligator; The Coyote and the Rabbit",""
109,8,10,17 Nov 08,"I Don't Want a Birthday Party; Knuffle Bunny",""
110,9,1,21 Sep 09,"Night Shift; Under Construction",""
111,9,2,28 Sep 09,"Bugs; Beetle Bop",""
112,9,3,05 Oct 09,"Cliff Hanger, the Pheasant, and the Phone; Terrific",""
113,9,4,12 Oct 09,"River Story; Salmon in Alaska",""
114,9,5,19 Oct 09,"Pigs in Hiding; Stop That Pickle!",""
115,9,6,26 Oct 09,"Priceless Gifts; King Midas",""
116,9,7,02 Nov 09,"The Popcorn Popper; Oh, Yes, It Can!",""
117,9,8,09 Nov 09,"The Emperor's New Clothes; The Hungry Coat",""
118,9,9,16 Nov 09,"Like a Windy Day; Winter Is the Warmest Season",""
119,9,10,23 Nov 09,"Angelina's Island; Chinese New Year",""
120,10,1,20 Sep 10,"Three More Little Pigs;The Ants And The Grasshopper",""
121,10,2,27 Sep 10,"A Birthday For Cow!;Rabbit's Gift",""
122,10,3,04 Oct 10,"City Mouse And Country Mouse;The Happy Hocky Family Moves To The Country!",""
123,10,4,11 Oct 10,"Pablo The Artist;Dream Carver",""
124,10,5,18 Oct 10,"Roller Coaster;What Do Wheels Do All Day?",""
125,10,6,25 Oct 10,"Not Norman;Me And My Cat?",""
126,10,7,01 Nov 10,"My Dog Is As Smelly As Dirty Socks; Just What Mama Needs",""
127,10,8,08 Nov 10,"Castles, Caves, and Honeycombs; My House",""
128,10,9,15 Nov 10,"Deep in the Swamp & Trosclair and the Alligator",""
129,10,10,22 Nov 10,"Red Parka Mary & Not Afraid of Dogs",""