number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,07 Nov 98,"Andromeda: The Warrior Princess",""
2,1,2,14 Nov 98,"Hercules and Iolas",""
3,1,3,21 Nov 98,"Ulysses and the Journey Home",""
4,1,4,28 Nov 98,"Perseus: The Search for Medusa",""
5,1,5,05 Dec 98,"Jason and the Argonauts",""
6,1,6,12 Dec 98,"Persephone and the Winter Seeds",""
7,1,7,19 Dec 99,"Daedalus and Icarus",""
8,1,8,26 Dec 99,"Ulysses and Circe",""
9,1,9,02 Jan 99,"Atalanta: The Wild Girl",""
10,1,10,09 Jan 99,"Prometheus and Pandora's Box",""
11,1,11,16 Jan 99,"Bellerophon and Pegasus",""
12,1,12,23 Jan 99,"Theseus and the Minotaur",""
13,1,13,30 Jan 99,"The Labors of Hercules",""
14,2,1,25 Sep 99,"Psyche and Eros",""
15,2,2,02 Oct 99,"Ulysses and the Trojan Horse",""
16,2,3,09 Oct 99,"Ulysses and Penelope",""
17,2,4,16 Oct 99,"Hercules and the Golden Apples",""
18,2,5,23 Oct 99,"Cadmus and Europa",""
19,2,6,30 Oct 99,"Jason and Medea",""
20,2,7,06 Nov 99,"Damon and Pythias",""
21,2,8,13 Nov 99,"Castor and Pollux",""
22,2,9,20 Nov 99,"The Hounds of Actaeon",""
23,2,10,27 Nov 99,"Phaeton: The Chariot of Fire",""
24,2,11,18 Dec 99,"Androcles and the Lion",""
25,2,12,15 Jan 00,"KIng Midas: The Golden Touch",""
26,2,13,22 Jan 00,"Hercules and the Titans: The Last Battle",""