number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,03 Apr 83,"Messenger from Planet Kinniku/The Man from America",""
2,1,2,10 Apr 83,"The Target is Nessie!/Save Planet Kinniku!",""
3,1,3,17 Apr 83,"Space Monster Invasion/Kinnikuman's Great Hustle",""
4,1,4,24 Apr 83,"Groovy Natsuko/Annoying Part-Time Jobs",""
5,1,5,01 May 83,"Kinkotsuman and the Battle of Flesh and Blood/Kinnikuman's Broken Heart",""
6,1,6,08 May 83,"Kinnikuman is Sexy!?/The Competition's Japanese Representative",""
7,1,7,15 May 83,"Hero Olympics/Kinkotsuman's Trap",""
8,1,8,22 May 83,"Space Marathon/Deciding Match Battle Royal",""
9,1,9,29 May 83,"Natsuko Becomes Giant/The Hidden Secret",""
10,1,10,05 Jun 83,"Gong on the Tournament Finals/Watch Out Terryman",""
11,1,11,12 Jun 83,"The Great Reversal/Ice Top Death Match",""
12,1,12,19 Jun 83,"The Deadly Camel Clutch/ It's Showing! The Spirit of the West",""
13,1,13,26 Jun 83,"Terryman's Demonic Transformation/The Killer Boston Crab",""
14,1,14,03 Jul 83,"Zangyaku Appears!/Kinnikuman Advances to the Finals",""
15,1,15,10 Jul 83,"Secret Snowy Mountain Training/Ramenman's Great Outburst",""
16,1,16,17 Jul 83,"Let's Go! Fighting Style/It's Here! The Human Rocket",""
17,1,17,24 Jul 83,"Terrifying! Robin's Killer Techniques/Course of Death",""
18,1,18,31 Jul 83,"The Electrifying Hellish Message/Can Kinnikuman Turn It Around?",""
19,1,19,07 Aug 83,"Kinnikuman Flies the World/Hawaii! The Enigmatic Kamehame",""
20,1,20,14 Aug 83,"The 7 Second Fall!/No Rope Death Match",""
21,1,21,28 Aug 83,"Kinnikuman's One-Shot Fight/Finishing Move - Fuu Rin Ka Zan",""
22,1,22,04 Sep 83,"The Choujin League Collapses!/Watch Out Suguru",""
23,1,23,11 Sep 83,"The Terrible Magician Appears/The 4 Murderous Techniques",""
24,1,24,18 Sep 83,"Tendon vs. Kinnikuman/The Secret of Skull Bozu",""
25,1,25,25 Sep 83,"Robin Mask Returns/Duel! Amazon Grand Canyon",""
26,1,26,02 Oct 83,"Skies of Hell Death Match/Robin Mask's End",""
27,1,27,09 Oct 83,"The Choujin Olympics Again/The Super Strong Rikishiman Appears",""
28,1,28,16 Oct 83,"The Trapping Choujin Sieve/The Challenging Gasoline Pool",""
29,1,29,23 Oct 83,"Kinniku-ban - Young and in Love/Shove the Bullet Train",""
30,1,30,30 Oct 83,"Final Preliminary - The Choujin Ravine Match/The Deadly Roller Game",""
31,1,31,06 Nov 83,"Deadly Struggle Before the Goal/The Choujin Pachinko Balls",""
32,1,32,13 Nov 83,"Warsman - The Iron Claw/It's Appeared! The Murderous Defense",""
33,1,33,20 Nov 83,"Blocken Jr.'s Challenge/It's Here! Kinnikuman's Finishing Move",""
34,1,34,27 Nov 83,"Concrete Death Match/Blocken Jr.'s Fierce Attack",""
35,1,35,04 Dec 83,"Secret Technique - The Great Wall of China/The American and Soviet Choujin Clash!",""
36,1,36,11 Dec 83,"Benkiman's Trap/Ramenman the Genuine Choujin",""
37,1,37,18 Dec 83,"Sumo Choujin Rikishiman/Gamble at the Edge!",""
38,1,38,25 Dec 83,"Casket Death Match/Fighting Computer Choujin",""
39,1,39,08 Jan 84,"The Deadly Bear Claws/Scrambled Soft Recovery",""
40,1,40,15 Jan 84,"Mask Removal Death Match!/Ramenman and the Promise",""
41,1,41,22 Jan 84,"The Tearing Paro Special/It's Here! The Kinniku Buster",""
42,1,42,29 Jan 84,"Decisive Battle Under The Sun!/What is Barracuda's True Identity!?",""
43,1,43,05 Feb 84,"Beware the Computer Choujin!/The Battered Mask",""
44,1,44,12 Feb 84,"Critical Point - Kinniku Guard/The Greatest Pinch!",""
45,1,45,19 Feb 84,"Robin Mask's Revenge/Burning Inner Strength!",""
46,1,46,26 Feb 84,"90 Minute Struggle! The One-Shot Match/Give Up, Kinnikuman!?",""
47,1,47,04 Mar 84,"Come Like a Miracle, Flaming Spirit!!/Historic First! V2",""
48,1,48,11 Mar 84,"Arrival!! The Seven Devil Choujins/Meat Has Been Seperated",""
49,1,49,18 Mar 84,"The Devil Choujin Series Begins/The Hellish SteCase King",""
50,1,50,25 Mar 84,"Devil's Symphany/Secret Technique! Three Minute Murder",""
51,1,51,01 Apr 84,"Devil Choujin Black Hole/Terrible Fourth Dimensional Wrestling",""
52,1,52,08 Apr 84,"Shadow Hitman! The Split-Image Technique/Life or Death!? The Hole of Darkness",""
53,1,53,15 Apr 84,"Hooray!! The Yellow Hole/I am Indestructible!!",""
54,1,54,22 Apr 84,"Idol Choujins vs. Devil Choujins/The Devil Choujins Full-On Attack!!",""
55,1,55,29 Apr 84,"The Terrible Devil Tomboy/Great Underwater Tactics",""
56,1,56,06 May 84,"Beware The Mummy Package!!/Finishing Move!! The Hellish Fang",""
57,1,57,13 May 84,"The Mysterious Truth of the Choujin!?/The Valuable Trump Blade - The Bear Claw",""
58,1,58,20 May 84,"The Resurrection of the Human Spirit/Double Bear Claw",""
59,1,59,27 May 84,"Terryman Falls Into the Canyon/The Mysterious Red Spots!",""
60,1,60,03 Jun 84,"The Binding Devil Choujin Blood/The Intense St. Helens Eruption",""
61,1,61,10 Jun 84,"Meat Helps Kinnikuman/Mysterious Choujin Mongolman",""
62,1,62,17 Jun 84,"Shower of Hell/10 Million Power at Full Throttle!",""
63,1,63,24 Jun 84,"The Secret of the Long Horn/The Fiery Reversals",""
64,1,64,01 Jul 84,"The Tattered Ring/It's Here! The New Kinniku Buster",""
65,1,65,08 Jul 84,"The 1 Second Time Limit!!/The Ring of Frienship",""
66,1,66,07 Oct 84,"The Legend of the Gold Mask/Challenge of the Devil Knights",""
67,1,67,14 Oct 84,"Outrageous! The Hellish Crocodile/Changing Choujin Sneagator",""
68,1,68,21 Oct 84,"The Fiendish Frill-Necked Lizard!!/Sneagator's True Form",""
69,1,69,28 Oct 84,"Come Like a Miracle Silver Mask/The Mortal Entrance",""
70,1,70,04 Nov 84,"Planetman's Space Hell/Is the Justice Choujin Done For?!",""
71,1,71,11 Nov 84,"Geronimo's War Cry/Chased to the Bottom of Hell",""
72,1,72,18 Nov 84,"The Deadly Five-Story Ring/Junkman's Counterattack!",""
73,1,73,25 Nov 84,"It's Here! The Robin Strategy/The Ninja's Binding Spider Web",""
74,1,74,02 Dec 84,"Hooray! The Red Rain of Berlin/Hellish Technique Ashura Buster",""
75,1,75,09 Dec 84,"Both Arms Stolen/Watch Out Warsman!",""
76,1,76,16 Dec 84,"Terryman's Deadly Resolution/Geronimo's Fierce Attack!",""
77,1,77,23 Dec 84,"The Murderous Hell's Pyramid/The Immortal Choujin Spirit",""
78,1,78,30 Dec 84,"Mystery of the Gold Mask/Akuma Shogun Appears",""
79,1,79,06 Jan 85,"The Explosive Hell's Guillotine!/Buffaloman's Revival!",""
80,1,80,13 Jan 85,"Come Like a Storm Hellish Spider Web/The Devastating Kinniku Buster!",""
81,1,81,20 Jan 85,"The Crushing Ashura Buster/Buffaloman's Rebellion!",""
82,1,82,27 Jan 85,"Harsh Training! The New Finishing Move!!/Direct Hit! The Skull Crush",""
83,1,83,03 Feb 85,"Akuma Shogun the Hollow Choujin/The Explosive Neo Kinniku Buster",""
84,1,84,10 Feb 85,"Explosive Diamond Power/The Fiery Megaton Punch",""
85,1,85,17 Feb 85,"Survivor Death Match/The Chairman's Friendship",""
86,1,86,24 Feb 85,"Kinnikuman vs. Akuma Shogun/Victory of Justice and Friendship",""
87,1,87,03 Mar 85,"The Dream Tag Tournament/Challenge of the Three Gates!",""
88,1,88,14 Apr 85,"Kinnikuman Great Appears/Great Riot! The Hellish Combo",""
89,1,89,21 Apr 85,"The Dreadful Fourth Dimensional Trap!/Watch Out Kinnikuman Great!",""
90,1,90,28 Apr 85,"The Miraculous Muscle Docking/The Terrible Perfect Choujins!",""
91,1,91,05 May 85,"The Hellish Blood-Spilling Screw/The Bosses Appear",""
92,1,92,12 May 85,"Big the Budo's True Form/Rough Technique! The Robin Special",""
93,1,93,19 May 85,"The Non-Removable Mask/Robin Mask's Counterattack!",""
94,1,94,26 May 85,"Birth of a New Terryman/Take That! The Hell's Tornado",""
95,1,95,02 Jun 85,"The Cursed Roller Strategy/The Hell's Sand Ball",""
96,1,96,09 Jun 85,"Terryman's Resurrection/The Blood Spilling Devil's Combo",""
97,1,97,16 Jun 85,"The Explosive Hellish Clothesline/Kinnikuman Great's True Identity",""
98,1,98,23 Jun 85,"The Semi-Finals Begin!/Lumber Jack Death Match",""
99,1,99,30 Jun 85,"Terryman's Anguish/Kinnikuman Great's Come-Back",""
100,1,100,07 Jul 85,"Sunshine Magnum/Essential Point! The Sleeping Technique",""
101,1,101,14 Jul 85,"The Prince of Hell/Beware of Ashura's Fireball Bullets",""
102,1,102,21 Jul 85,"The Crushing Cursed Roller/Akuma Shogun's Resurrection!?",""
103,1,103,28 Jul 85,"The Burning Devil Spirit/Ashuraman Weeps!",""
104,1,104,04 Aug 85,"The Friendship Combination/The End of Sunshine",""
105,1,105,11 Aug 85,"The Harsh Barbed-Wire Match/Watch Out Mongolman!",""
106,1,106,18 Aug 85,"Return of the Long Horn/The Mountain Ring Collapses!",""
107,1,107,06 Oct 85,"The Pyramid Ring Arrives!/Jump for the Skies of Hokkaido!",""
108,1,108,13 Oct 85,"Mystery of the Pyramid Ring/The Vicious Thunder Sabre!",""
109,1,109,20 Oct 85,"Buffaloman's Friendship/The Magnetic Cross Bomber",""
110,1,110,27 Oct 85,"Ramenman's Deadly Defeat!/Kinikuman's Theft",""
111,1,111,03 Nov 85,"Long Horn of Friendship/The Finals! Sword Death Match",""
112,1,112,10 Nov 85,"No-Limit Best-of-Three Match/The Fiery Mind Tricks",""
113,1,113,17 Nov 85,"Mask Hunt - The Last 30 Seconds/The Explosive Magnetic",""
114,1,114,24 Nov 85,"The First Defeat!/Ashuraman's Friendship",""
115,1,115,01 Dec 85,"Revival of the Machineguns!/Mask the End",""
116,1,116,08 Dec 85,"It's Here! Kinnikuman's Uncovered Face/Neptune King Makes His Appearance",""
117,1,117,15 Dec 85,"Terryman is Skewered!/Come Like a Miracle, Power of Friendship",""
118,1,118,22 Dec 85,"The Fiery Uneven Sides/The Mysterious Apron Window",""
119,1,119,29 Dec 85,"Trapped in the Ancient Graveyard/The Shining Trophy!",""
120,1,120,05 Jan 86,"The Prince Kinniku Capsizes/The Psycho Choujin Army Appears",""
121,1,121,12 Jan 86,"The Strategist Yama Khan Appears/Transforming Choujin Kareiyasu",""
122,1,122,19 Jan 86,"Kinnikuman Melts Away/Great Melee! Where is Mari?",""
123,1,123,26 Jan 86,"They're Here! The Psycho Jaws/The Fighting Yama Khan",""
124,1,124,02 Feb 86,"The Strongest! Psycho Warp/The Justice Choujin is Immortal!",""
125,1,125,22 Apr 86,"Kinnikuman the Doubleman/Protect the Sword of Justice!",""
126,1,126,29 Apr 86,"Pallbearer Dirty Baron/The Sparking Hellish Ring",""
127,1,127,20 May 86,"The Volcano's Great Explosion!?/The Foggy Wild Bakuto",""
128,1,128,27 May 86,"Bakuto's Heinous Trump!!/Dirty Baron's Fresh Appearance",""
129,1,129,17 Jun 86,"The Dreaded 3D Trump/Terryman is Tattered!",""
130,1,130,01 Jul 86,"The Shocking New Long Horn!/Buffaloman's Devilish Burn",""
131,1,131,15 Jul 86,"Ramenman's Determination/Finishing Move - The Great Chinese Water Wheel",""
132,1,132,22 Jul 86,"Ramenman is Skewered!/Szechwan - The Great Rising Dragon!",""
133,1,133,29 Jul 86,"Disadvantaged! The Irregular Tag Match/Great Monster Sky Devil",""
134,1,134,02 Sep 86,"Robin Mask's Desperate Situation!/The Murderous Superhuman Grind of Blue Docky",""
135,1,135,16 Sep 86,"Blocken Jr.'s Anger!/Threatening! The Seven Tools of the God of Death",""
136,1,136,23 Sep 86,"It's Here! The Biggest Battle of the Century/Burning Inner Strength",""
137,1,137,01 Oct 86,"The Long Horn's Disturbing Strike!/Whose Hand Wields the Sword of Justice!?",""
138,2,1,06 Oct 91,"Disaster at the Planet Kinniku Royal Coronation!!",""
139,2,2,13 Oct 91,"Battle Over the Castle! The Plot of the Evil Gods!!",""
140,2,3,20 Oct 91,"Bang the Gong! The 5 on 2 Decisive Battle",""
141,2,4,27 Oct 91,"The Dreadful Choujin Hawkman!",""
142,2,5,10 Nov 91,"Danger! Burning Inner Strength",""
143,2,6,17 Nov 91,"The Miracle! Escape from the Choujin Cemetary",""
144,2,7,24 Nov 91,"Meat's Great Battle! Grabbing the Victory",""
145,2,8,01 Dec 91,"Is It in Time? The Power of Friendship at Full Throttle",""
146,2,9,08 Dec 91,"The Dream Union! The Muscle Firendship League",""
147,2,10,15 Dec 91,"The Mysterious Light!? Burning Texas Spirit",""
148,2,11,22 Dec 91,"Certain Death! The Muscle Revenger",""
149,2,12,12 Jan 92,"Robin's Shield! Outburst from the Past",""
150,2,13,19 Jan 92,"The Snow White Mat is Dyed Scarlet",""
151,2,14,26 Jan 92,"Unexpected Rivals!? The Choujin Blood Brothers Arrive",""
152,2,15,02 Feb 92,"Save the Friend! Warsman is Revived",""
153,2,16,09 Feb 92,"Aa! The Stormy Scattering of Blood in the Ring",""
154,2,17,23 Feb 92,"Life or Death!? Twice the Power of Friendship",""
155,2,18,01 Mar 92,"Friend or Foe!? Bikeman the Doubleman",""
156,2,19,08 Mar 92,"Alive Again! Ramenman Lives!!",""
157,2,20,15 Mar 92,"The Huge Promise!? The 3rd Month of 1992...",""
158,2,21,22 Mar 92,"The Promise Hits Home! Deadly Battle on the Road",""
159,2,22,29 Mar 92,"The Devilish Angel!? Zebra's Dual Personalities",""
160,2,23,05 Apr 92,"The Great Explosion!! The Fiery Power of Friendship",""
161,2,24,12 Apr 92,"Until the Bone Melts! The Capillaria Ray",""
162,2,25,19 Apr 92,"Farewell! Blocken Burns Out",""
163,2,26,26 Apr 92,"It's Here? This is Pure Friendship Power!!",""
164,2,27,03 May 92,"An Important Individual's Life! That Friendship!!",""
165,2,28,10 May 92,"The Burning Promise! Soldier Disappears!!",""
166,2,29,17 May 92,"Younger Brother! This is the Muscle Spark!!",""
167,2,30,24 May 92,"Deadly Training! Hurry to the Great Decisive Battle in Osaka!!",""
168,2,31,31 May 92,"Choujin Spirit! Never Give Up!!",""
169,2,32,07 Jun 92,"Wisdom and Courage! Magic Camp Death Match",""
170,2,33,14 Jun 92,"Is It Here!? The Complete Muscle Spark",""
171,2,34,21 Jun 92,"The Legendary Blood! The Plot Comes Like Death",""
172,2,35,28 Jun 92,"4,000 Chinese Years! Pyramid Power",""
173,2,36,05 Jul 92,"Choujin Hunter! The Omegaman Appears",""
174,2,37,12 Jul 92,"Searching! Proof of the False Prince!!",""
175,2,38,19 Jul 92,"Is He a Friend!? Meeting the Samurai",""
176,2,39,26 Jul 92,"Farewell! Noble Robin",""
177,2,40,09 Aug 92,"He's Here! The Hellish Transforming Choujin",""
178,2,41,16 Aug 92,"The Showdown with Master Kamehame",""
179,2,42,23 Aug 92,"Bibinba's Confession of Love!?",""
180,2,43,06 Sep 92,"Message of Love and Death!",""
181,2,44,13 Sep 92,"Final Battle! Justice or Evil",""
182,2,45,20 Sep 92,"Never Give Up!!",""
183,2,46,27 Sep 92,"Kinnikuman is Forever!!",""
184,3,1,09 Jan 02,"A Legend Reborn",""
185,3,2,16 Jan 02,"Generation-Next",""
186,3,3,23 Jan 02,"Making the Cut",""
187,3,4,30 Jan 02,"Like Father Like Son",""
188,3,5,06 Feb 02,"Dial Up Danger",""
189,3,6,13 Feb 02,"Mask of Terror",""
190,3,7,20 Feb 02,"Call Waiting",""
191,3,8,27 Feb 02,"Trouble Afoot",""
192,3,9,06 Mar 02,"Fury of the Scorned Shoe",""
193,3,10,13 Mar 02,"Unmellow Yellow",""
194,3,11,20 Mar 02,"The Hand That Bites You",""
195,3,12,27 Mar 02,"Cold War",""
196,3,13,03 Apr 02,"Checkmate!",""
197,3,14,10 Apr 02,"Feeling No Pain",""
198,3,15,17 Apr 02,"The Student Rebellion",""
199,3,16,24 Apr 02,"The Final Move",""
200,3,17,01 May 02,"Roxanne Rocks!",""
201,3,18,08 May 02,"Cutting the Slack",""
202,3,19,15 May 02,"The Muscle League vs. The Muscle League",""
203,3,20,22 May 02,"Water Damage",""
204,3,21,29 May 02,"A Bad Sign",""
205,3,22,05 Jun 02,"Road Rage",""
206,3,23,12 Jun 02,"From Bad to Worse",""
207,3,24,19 Jun 02,"Ultimate Courage",""
208,3,25,26 Jun 02,"Ink or Swim",""
209,3,26,03 Jul 02,"The Kid vs. the Squid",""
210,3,27,10 Jul 02,"Fight for the Finals",""
211,3,28,17 Jul 02,"A Generation Xed",""
212,3,29,24 Jul 02,"Eskara vs. Kid Muscle",""
213,3,30,31 Jul 02,"Kinniku-busted",""
214,3,31,07 Aug 02,"A Desperate Situation",""
215,3,32,14 Aug 02,"The Champion of Planet Earth",""
216,3,33,21 Aug 02,"The Ultimate Challenge",""
217,3,34,28 Aug 02,"Checkmate Returns",""
218,3,35,04 Sep 02,"Hanzo vs. Ninja Ned",""
219,3,36,11 Sep 02,"The Ninja Alliance",""
220,3,37,18 Sep 02,"Tatami or Not, Here I Come",""
221,3,38,25 Sep 02,"Bone Cold Day in Paradise",""
222,3,39,02 Oct 02,"For Meat's Sake",""
223,3,40,09 Oct 02,"The Ultimate Victor",""
224,3,41,16 Oct 02,"The Chojin Crown",""
225,3,42,23 Oct 02,"The Prince and the Pauper",""
226,3,43,30 Oct 02,"Rock, Paper, Chojin",""
227,3,44,06 Nov 02,"Three Feet Heat",""
228,3,45,13 Nov 02,"The Poison Six-Pack",""
229,3,46,20 Nov 02,"Tag! You're It!",""
230,3,47,27 Nov 02,"Cheek to Cheek",""
231,3,48,04 Dec 02,"On Poison Pond",""
232,3,49,11 Dec 02,"The Final Grudge Match",""
233,3,50,18 Dec 02,"Kid Muscle Max'd Out",""
234,3,51,25 Dec 02,"Sleep Fighter",""
235,4,1,07 Apr 04,"Resumed! Chojin World Grand Prix",""
236,4,2,14 Apr 04,"Violent Fight! Mantaro Steps Forward",""
237,4,3,21 Apr 04,"Wash Ass' Demonic Toilet Flush",""
238,4,4,28 Apr 04,"Mantaro's Counterattack! Sure-killing Galbi Bowl Marching Song?!",""
239,4,5,05 May 04,"Great Crisis! Kevin Mask vs. Chijimiman",""
240,4,6,12 May 04,"Barrierfreeman's Stormy Old Man Attacks",""
241,4,7,19 May 04,"Old Man Power Explodes! Mantaro in Danger!",""
242,4,8,26 May 04,"Settled! Mantaro vs. Barrierfreeman",""
243,4,9,02 Jun 04,"The Red Assassin! Ilioukhine Arrives",""
244,4,10,09 Jun 04,"Blocks Clone Attack",""
245,4,11,16 Jun 04,"Revival! Kevin Mask's Great Counterattack",""
246,4,12,23 Jun 04,"Death Match! Jade vs. Ricardo",""
247,4,13,30 Jun 04,"The Worst Situation! What is the Verdict?!",""
248,5,1,04 Jan 06,"A Cold Reception (Part 1 of 4)",""
249,5,2,11 Jan 06,"Electrolix (Part 2 of 4)",""
250,5,3,18 Jan 06,"The Comeback Kid (Part 3 of 4)",""
251,5,4,25 Jan 06,"The Power of Friendship (Part 4 of 4)",""
252,5,5,01 Feb 06,"Fear of Flying (Part 1 of 2)",""
253,5,6,08 Feb 06,"Maelstrom Power (Part 2 of 2)",""
254,5,7,15 Feb 06,"Hola El NiƱo",""
255,5,8,22 Feb 06,"Like Father, Like Son (again)",""
256,5,9,01 Mar 06,"The Final Match (Part 1 of 5)",""
257,5,10,08 Mar 06,"Lifting the Mask (Part 2 of 5)",""
258,5,11,15 Mar 06,"Honor Thy Family (Part 3 of 5)",""
259,5,12,22 Mar 06,"Don't Give Up (Part 4 of 5)",""
260,5,13,29 Mar 06,"And the Winner Is... (Part 5 of 5)",""
S01,1,0,14 Jul 84,"Movie 1 - Kinnikuman (1984) (50 min)",""
S01,1,0,07 Apr 84,"TV-Special - Showdown! The Seven Seigi Choujin vs. The Space Bandits",""
S01,1,0,22 Dec 84,"Movie 2 - Kinnikuman: Great Riot! Justice Superman (50 min)",""
S01,1,0,16 Mar 85,"Movie 3 - Kinnikuman: Justice Superman vs. Ancient Superman (50 min)",""
S01,1,0,13 Jul 85,"Movie 4 - Kinnikuman: Counterattack! Hidden Space Superman (50 min)",""
S01,1,0,21 Dec 85,"Movie 5 - Kinnikuman: Hour-of-Triumph! Justice Superman (50 min)",""
S01,1,0,15 Mar 86,"Movie 6 - Kinnikuman: New York Close Call! (50 min)",""
S01,1,0,26 Dec 86,"Movie 7 - Justice Supermen vs. Fighter Supermen (50 min)",""
S03,3,0,14 Jul 01,"Movie 8 - Kinnikuman II Sei (Second Generations) (50 min)",""
S03,3,0,20 Jul 02,"Movie 9 - Kinnikuman II Sei (Muscle-Man Competition!) (50 min)",""