number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,05 Jun 06,"The Experiment Begins",""
2,1,2,12 Jun 06,"Bed of Nails",""
3,1,3,19 Jun 06,"To Eat or Not to Eat",""
4,1,4,26 Jun 06,"Brainwashing",""
5,1,5,03 Jul 06,"Head Spin / Tailspin",""
6,1,6,10 Jul 06,"Val Turns Up the Heat",""
7,1,7,17 Jul 06,"Everyone Goes Mad",""
8,1,8,24 Jul 06,"The Final Expirement",""
9,1,9,31 Jul 06,"Solitary Reunion Special",""
10,2,1,11 Aug 07,"Welcome to Solitary... Now Go Home",""
11,2,2,18 Aug 07,"Say Hello to Your Little Friend",""
12,2,3,25 Aug 07,"From Dusk 'til Dominoes",""
13,2,4,01 Sep 07,"Don't Let This Happen to You",""
14,2,5,08 Sep 07,"Open Wide and Say "Ouch"",""
15,2,6,15 Sep 07,"Handcuffs Across America",""
16,2,7,22 Sep 07,"All Locked Up and Nowhere to Go",""
17,2,8,29 Sep 07,"Hell Night - Morning - Afternoon",""
18,2,9,06 Oct 07,"Solitary Reunion Special",""
19,3,1,17 Jan 09,"Battle of the Pods",""
20,3,2,24 Jan 09,"Pinch Me, I must be Nightmaring",""
21,3,3,30 Jan 09,"Rats",""
22,3,4,07 Feb 09,"I am a Complete Idiot",""
23,3,5,14 Feb 09,"Sweeney Pod",""
24,3,6,21 Feb 09,"Hello, My Name is Chubby",""
25,3,7,28 Feb 09,"Rest in Pieces",""
26,3,8,07 Mar 09,"The W of S 3.0 Equals",""
27,4,1,30 Jan 10,"Unchained Malady",""
28,4,2,06 Feb 10,"Fight Club",""
29,4,3,13 Feb 10,"A Pain In the Neck",""
30,4,4,20 Feb 10,"Going Ape",""
31,4,5,27 Feb 10,"Escape From Alcatraz",""
32,4,6,06 Mar 10,"The Real Deal",""
33,4,7,13 Mar 10,"Drunk If Your'e Ornery",""
34,4,8,20 Mar 10,"The Wheel Of Misfortune",""
S01,1,0,29 May 06,"The Road to Solitary",""
S02,2,0,04 Aug 07,"The Road to Solitary 2.0",""