number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,12 Sep 66,"The Chase of Fire Raid",""
2,1,2,19 Sep 66,"The Life Against Death Raid",""
3,1,3,26 Sep 66,"The Wildest Raid of All",""
4,1,4,03 Oct 66,"The Kill or Be Killed Raid",""
5,1,5,10 Oct 66,"The Chain of Death Raid",""
6,1,6,17 Oct 66,"The Do or Die Raid",""
7,1,7,24 Oct 66,"The Blind Man's Bluff Raid",""
8,1,8,31 Oct 66,"The Fatal Chase Raid",""
9,1,9,07 Nov 66,"The Blow Sky High Raid",""
10,1,10,14 Nov 66,"The Moment of Truce Raid",""
11,1,11,21 Nov 66,"The Deadly Double Raid",""
12,1,12,28 Nov 66,"The Gun Runner Raid",""
13,1,13,05 Dec 66,"The Lighthouse Raid",""
14,1,14,12 Dec 66,"The Daredevil Rescue Raid",""
15,1,15,19 Dec 66,"The Last Harbor Raid (1)",""
16,1,16,26 Dec 66,"The Last Harbor Raid (2)",""
17,1,17,02 Jan 67,"The Last Harbor Raid (3)",""
18,1,18,09 Jan 67,"The One That Got Away Raid",""
19,1,19,16 Jan 67,"Two for One Raid",""
20,1,20,23 Jan 67,"The Last Chance Raid",""
21,1,21,30 Jan 67,"The B Negative Raid",""
22,1,22,06 Feb 67,"The Exhibit A Raid",""
23,1,23,13 Feb 67,"The Holy War Raid",""
24,1,24,20 Feb 67,"The Two Against Time Raid",""
25,1,25,27 Feb 67,"The Wild Goose Raid",""
26,1,26,13 Mar 67,"The Bring 'Em Back Alive Raid",""
27,1,27,20 Mar 67,"Take Me to Your Leader Raid",""
28,1,28,27 Mar 67,"The Double or Nothing Raid",""
29,1,29,03 Apr 67,"The Hour Glass Raid",""
30,1,30,10 Apr 67,"Mask-a-Raid",""
31,1,31,24 Apr 67,"The Fire and Brimstone Raid",""
32,1,32,01 May 67,"The Delilah Raid",""
33,2,1,11 Sep 67,"The Truce at Aburah Raid",""
34,2,2,18 Sep 67,"The David and Goliath Raid",""
35,2,3,25 Sep 67,"The Trial by Fire Raid",""
36,2,4,02 Oct 67,"The Darers Go First Raid",""
37,2,5,09 Oct 67,"The Love Thine Enemy Raid",""
38,2,6,16 Oct 67,"The Darkest Raid",""
39,2,7,30 Oct 67,"The Death Do Us Part Raid",""
40,2,8,06 Nov 67,"The Do-Re-Mi Raid",""
41,2,9,13 Nov 67,"The Kingdom Come Raid",""
42,2,10,20 Nov 67,"The Hide-and-Go-Seek Raid",""
43,2,11,27 Nov 67,"The Violent Truce Raid",""
44,2,12,04 Dec 67,"The Life for a Life Raid",""
45,2,13,11 Dec 67,"The Fifth Wheel Raid",""
46,2,14,18 Dec 67,"The Two If by Sea Raid",""
47,2,15,25 Dec 67,"The Street Urchin Raid",""
48,2,16,01 Jan 68,"The Pipeline to Disaster Raid",""
49,2,17,08 Jan 68,"The Boomerang Raid",""
50,2,18,15 Jan 68,"The Fatal Reunion Raid",""
51,2,19,22 Jan 68,"The Decoy Raid",""
52,2,20,05 Feb 68,"The Touch-and-Go Raid",""
53,2,21,12 Feb 68,"The Field of Death Raid",""
54,2,22,19 Feb 68,"The Double Jeopardy Raid",""
55,2,23,26 Feb 68,"The Hickory, Dickory Dock Raid",""
56,2,24,04 Mar 68,"The Tug-of-War Raid",""
57,2,25,11 Mar 68,"The Never Say Die Raid",""
58,2,26,18 Mar 68,"The Kill at Koorlea Raid",""