number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,18 Sep 00,"Alex the Animal",""
2,1,2,25 Sep 00,"Lady Lisa",""
3,2,1,17 Apr 01,"Cellist Turns DJ",""
4,2,2,24 Apr 01,"Vicar to Second-Hand Car Salesman",""
5,2,3,01 May 01,"Painter to Artist",""
6,3,1,06 Nov 01,"Burger Flipper to Chef",""
7,3,2,13 Nov 01,"Sheep-shearer to Hairdresser",""
8,3,3,20 Nov 01,"Ballet Dancer to Wrestler",""
9,3,4,27 Nov 01,"Showgirl to Showjumper",""
10,4,1,27 Sep 02,"Faking It Changed My Life",""
11,4,2,02 Oct 02,"Faking It... as a Drag Artist",""
12,4,3,09 Oct 02,"Control Room Operator to Live TV Director",""
13,4,4,16 Oct 02,"Faking It... as a Garage MC",""
14,4,5,23 Oct 02,"Kickboxer to Ballroom Dancer",""
15,4,6,30 Oct 02,"Faking It... as a Stuntman",""
16,4,7,06 Nov 02,"Web Surfer to Wave Surfer",""
17,4,8,13 Nov 02,"Faking It... as a Fashion Photographer",""
18,4,9,04 Dec 02,"Faking It... as a Racing Driver",""
19,4,10,11 Dec 02,"Faking It... as a Yachtswoman",""
20,4,11,30 Dec 02,"Punk Singer to Maestro",""
21,5,1,01 Mar 03,"Ivy League to Big League",""
22,5,2,08 Mar 03,"Toolbox to Tolie",""
23,5,3,15 Mar 03,"Polo to Wrangler",""
24,5,4,22 Mar 03,"Six Pack to Chardonnay",""
25,5,5,29 Mar 03,"Drag Racer to Drag Queen",""
26,6,1,03 Feb 04,"Faking It Changed My Life (II)",""
27,6,2,03 Feb 04,"Cycle Courier to Polo Player",""
28,6,3,10 Feb 04,"Chorister to Rock Chick",""
29,6,4,17 Feb 04,"Management Consultant to Dog Trainer",""
30,6,5,24 Feb 04,"Newsagent to Showbiz Reporter",""
31,6,6,02 Mar 04,"Chess Champ to Football Manager",""
32,7,1,01 Apr 04,"Toppings to Top Chef",""
33,7,2,18 Apr 04,"Bibles to Bling Bling",""
34,7,3,18 Apr 04,"Lectures to Lap Dances",""
35,7,4,25 Apr 04,"Hard Work to Hard Body",""
36,7,5,09 May 04,"The Three Rs to Protecting Stars",""
37,7,6,23 May 04,"Dry Clean to Style Queen",""
38,7,7,30 May 04,"On the Range to La-La Land",""
39,7,8,06 Jun 04,"Super Shy to Superfly",""
40,7,9,13 Jun 04,"Briefcase to Body Slam",""
41,7,10,20 Jun 04,"Simple Life to Social Life",""
42,7,11,27 Jun 04,"Snow Hills to Beverly Hills",""
43,7,12,18 Jul 04,"Computer Geek to Fitness Freak",""
44,7,13,18 Jul 04,"Lifesaver to Heartbreaker",""
45,8,1,05 Sep 04,"The T4 Specials 1 Clog Dancer to RnB Dancer",""
46,8,2,12 Sep 04,"The T4 Specials 2 Art Student to Graffiti Artist",""
47,8,3,19 Sep 04,"The T4 Specials 3 Factory Worker to Fashion Designer",""
48,9,1,27 Mar 05,"Physicist to Magician",""
49,10,1,26 Dec 06,"Cleaner to Erotic Burlesque Dancer",""