number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,04 Oct 56,"Forbidden Area",""
2,1,2,11 Oct 56,"Requiem for a Heavyweight",""
3,1,3,18 Oct 56,"Sizeman and Son",""
4,1,4,25 Oct 56,"Rendezvous in Black",""
5,1,5,01 Nov 56,"The Country Husband",""
6,1,6,08 Nov 56,"The Big Slide",""
7,1,7,15 Nov 56,"Heritage of Anger",""
8,1,8,22 Nov 56,"Eloise",""
9,1,9,29 Nov 56,"Confession",""
10,1,10,06 Dec 56,"Made in Heaven",""
11,1,11,13 Dec 56,"Sincerely, Willis Wade",""
12,1,12,20 Dec 56,"The Family Nobody Wanted",""
13,1,13,27 Dec 56,"Massacre at Sand Creek",""
14,1,14,03 Jan 57,"Snowshoes. A Comedy of People and Horses.",""
15,1,15,10 Jan 57,"The Ninth Day",""
16,1,16,17 Jan 57,"So Soon to Die",""
17,1,17,24 Jan 57,"The Star Wagon",""
18,1,18,31 Jan 57,"The Greer Case",""
19,1,19,07 Feb 57,"The Miracle Worker",""
20,1,20,14 Feb 57,"The Comedian",""
21,1,21,21 Feb 57,"One Coat of White",""
22,1,22,28 Feb 57,"The Blackwell Story",""
23,1,23,07 Mar 57,"Invitation to a Gunfighter",""
24,1,24,14 Mar 57,"The Last Tycoon",""
25,1,25,21 Mar 57,"The Hostess with the Mostest",""
26,1,26,28 Mar 57,"Charley's Aunt",""
27,1,27,04 Apr 57,"Clipper Ship",""
28,1,28,11 Apr 57,"If You Knew Elizabeth",""
29,1,29,18 Apr 57,"Three Men on a Horse",""
30,1,30,25 Apr 57,"Four Women in Black",""
31,1,31,02 May 57,"Child of Trouble",""
32,1,32,09 May 57,"Homeward Borne",""
33,1,33,16 May 57,"The Helen Morgan Story",""
34,1,34,23 May 57,"Winter Dreams",""
35,1,35,30 May 57,"Circle of the Day",""
36,1,36,06 Jun 57,"Without Incident",""
37,1,37,13 Jun 57,"Clash by Night",""
38,1,38,20 Jun 57,"Ain't No Time for Glory",""
39,1,39,27 Jun 57,"The Fabulous Irishman",""
40,2,1,12 Sep 57,"The Death of Manolete",""
41,2,2,19 Sep 57,"The Dark Side of the Earth",""
42,2,3,26 Sep 57,"Topaze",""
43,2,4,03 Oct 57,"Sound of a Different Drummer",""
44,2,5,10 Oct 57,"The Playroom",""
45,2,6,17 Oct 57,"Around the World in 90 Minutes",""
46,2,7,24 Oct 57,"The Mystery of Thirteen",""
47,2,8,31 Oct 57,"Mr. and Mrs. McAdam",""
48,2,9,07 Nov 57,"The Clouded Image",""
49,2,10,14 Nov 57,"The Jet Propelled Couch",""
50,2,11,21 Nov 57,"The Troublemakers",""
51,2,12,28 Nov 57,"Panic Button",""
52,2,13,05 Dec 57,"Galvanized Yankee",""
53,2,14,12 Dec 57,"The Thundering Wave",""
54,2,15,19 Dec 57,"For I Have Loved Strangers",""
55,2,16,26 Dec 57,"The Lone Woman",""
56,2,17,02 Jan 58,"Face of a Hero",""
57,2,18,09 Jan 58,"The Last Man",""
58,2,19,16 Jan 58,"The 80 Yard Run",""
59,2,20,23 Jan 58,"Before I Die",""
60,2,21,30 Jan 58,"The Gentleman from Seventh Avenue",""
61,2,22,06 Feb 58,"The Violent Heart",""
62,2,23,13 Feb 58,"No Time at All",""
63,2,24,20 Feb 58,"Point of No Return",""
64,2,25,27 Feb 58,"Portrait of a Murderer",""
65,2,26,06 Mar 58,"The Last Clear Chance",""
66,2,27,13 Mar 58,"The Male Animal",""
67,2,28,20 Mar 58,"The Right-Hand Man",""
68,2,29,27 Mar 58,"Turn Left at Mount Everest",""
69,2,30,10 Apr 58,"The Dungeon",""
70,2,31,17 Apr 58,"Bitter Heritage",""
71,2,32,24 Apr 58,"Verdict of Three",""
72,2,33,01 May 58,"Rumors of Evening",""
73,2,34,08 May 58,"Not the Glory",""
74,2,35,15 May 58,"Nightmare at Ground Zero",""
75,2,36,22 May 58,"Bomber's Moon",""
76,2,37,29 May 58,"Natchez",""
77,2,38,05 Jun 58,"The Innocent Sleep",""
78,2,39,19 Jun 58,"A Town Has Turned to Dust",""
79,2,40,26 Jun 58,"The Great Gatsby",""
80,3,1,25 Sep 58,"The Plot to Kill Stalin",""
81,3,2,02 Oct 58,"Days of Wine and Roses",""
82,3,3,09 Oct 58,"The Time of Your Life",""
83,3,4,16 Oct 58,"The Long March",""
84,3,5,23 Oct 58,"Shadows Tremble",""
85,3,6,30 Oct 58,"Words from a Sealed-Off Box",""
86,3,7,06 Nov 58,"Heart of Darkness",""
87,3,8,20 Nov 58,"Old Man",""
88,3,9,27 Nov 58,"The Return of Ansel Gibbs",""
89,3,10,04 Dec 58,"Free Weekend",""
90,3,11,11 Dec 58,"Seven Against the Wall",""
91,3,12,25 Dec 58,"The Nutcracker",""
92,3,13,01 Jan 59,"Face of a Hero",""
93,3,14,08 Jan 59,"The Wings of the Dove",""
94,3,15,15 Jan 59,"The Blue Men",""
95,3,16,22 Jan 59,"The Velvet Alley",""
96,3,17,29 Jan 59,"A Quiet Game of Cards",""
97,3,18,05 Feb 59,"Child of Our Time",""
98,3,19,12 Feb 59,"The Second Man",""
99,3,20,19 Feb 59,"The Raider",""
100,3,21,26 Feb 59,"The Dingaling Girl",""
101,3,22,05 Mar 59,"Made in Japan",""
102,3,23,12 Mar 59,"For Whom the Bell Tolls (Part One)",""
103,3,24,19 Mar 59,"For Whom the Bell Tolls (Part Two)",""
104,3,25,26 Mar 59,"A Trip to Paradise",""
105,3,26,02 Apr 59,"In Lonely Expectation",""
106,3,27,09 Apr 59,"The Day Before Atlanta",""
107,3,28,16 Apr 59,"Judgment at Nuremberg",""
108,3,29,23 Apr 59,"A Corner of the Garden",""
109,3,30,30 Apr 59,"Dark December",""
110,3,31,07 May 59,"Diary of a Nurse",""
111,3,32,14 May 59,"A Marriage of Strangers",""
112,3,33,21 May 59,"Out of Dust",""
113,3,34,28 May 59,"The Rank and File",""
114,3,35,04 Jun 59,"The Killers of Mussolini",""
115,3,36,11 Jun 59,"Project Immortality",""
116,3,37,18 Jun 59,"Dark as the Night",""
117,3,38,25 Jun 59,"The Second Happiest Day",""
118,4,1,01 Oct 59,"Target for Three",""
119,4,2,15 Oct 59,"The Sounds of Eden",""
120,4,3,29 Oct 59,"Misalliance",""
121,4,4,12 Nov 59,"The Hidden Image",""
122,4,5,26 Nov 59,"The Grey Nurse Said Nothing",""
123,4,6,10 Dec 59,"The Tunnel",""
124,4,7,24 Dec 59,"The Silver Whistle",""
125,4,8,21 Jan 60,"A Dream of Treason",""
126,4,9,09 Feb 60,"To the Sound of Trumpets",""
127,4,10,24 Feb 60,"The Cruel Day",""
128,4,11,07 Mar 60,"Tomorrow",""
129,4,12,22 Mar 60,"The Hiding Place",""
130,4,13,03 Apr 60,"Alas, Babylon",""
131,4,14,22 Apr 60,"Journey to the Day",""
132,4,15,02 May 60,"The Shape of the River",""
133,4,16,18 May 60,"In the Presence of Mine Enemies",""