number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,09 Mar 14,"No Way José",""
2,1,2,09 Mar 14,"An Avi-ously Dangerous Home",""
3,1,3,16 Mar 14,"Hack of All Trades",""
4,1,4,23 Mar 14,"House of Cards",""
5,1,5,30 Mar 14,"Fooled by the Floyds",""
6,1,6,06 Apr 14,"Size Does Matter",""
7,1,7,13 Apr 14,"Lather, Rinse, Deceit",""
8,1,8,20 Apr 14,"Un'Coop'erative Contractor",""
9,1,9,20 Apr 14,"Time for Rejoisting",""
10,1,10,27 Apr 14,"Backyard No-Asis",""
11,1,11,27 Apr 14,"Going Out in a Blaze of Flooring",""
12,2,1,05 Oct 14,"Take the Money and Done",""
13,2,2,12 Oct 14,"If at First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again",""
14,2,3,19 Oct 14,"Paved with Bad Intentions",""
15,2,4,26 Oct 14,"Concrete Bungle",""
16,2,5,02 Nov 14,"Hack Attack!",""
17,2,6,09 Nov 14,"Worse Than a Warzone",""
18,2,7,16 Nov 14,"Run for the Border",""
19,2,8,23 Nov 14,"Twice Burned",""
20,2,9,07 Dec 14,"A Roofless Business",""
21,2,10,14 Dec 14,"Benedict Contractor",""
22,3,1,21 Jun 15,"Shred Bath and Be Gone",""
23,3,2,28 Jun 15,"The Wrongest Yard",""
24,3,3,05 Jul 15,"Two Many Crooks in the Kitchen",""
25,3,4,12 Jul 15,"Jack of No Trades",""
26,3,5,26 Jul 15,"Dud Brothers",""
27,3,6,02 Aug 15,"The Man with Two Names",""
28,3,7,09 Aug 15,"This Flood's for You",""
29,3,8,16 Aug 15,"Wall of Shame",""
30,3,9,23 Aug 15,"Flim Flam Swim Scam",""
31,3,10,30 Aug 15,"Kitchen Nightmare",""