number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,09 Jan 17,"Summer House",""
2,1,2,16 Jan 17,"Codependence Day",""
3,1,3,23 Jan 17,"Flirting With Disaster",""
4,1,4,30 Jan 17,"The Wrath of Wirkus",""
5,1,5,06 Feb 17,"Wine, Whining, and Wieners",""
6,1,6,13 Feb 17,"Model Behavior",""
7,1,7,20 Feb 17,"Hoedown Showdown",""
8,1,8,27 Feb 17,"Sprained Relationships",""
9,1,9,06 Mar 17,"The No Good, Very Bad Rosé Day",""
10,1,10,13 Mar 17,"Winter Is Coming",""
11,2,1,22 Jan 18,"Passing the Torch",""
12,2,2,29 Jan 18,"Stars and Gripes",""
13,2,3,05 Feb 18,"Bonfire Insanity",""
14,2,4,12 Feb 18,"Don't Poke The Bear",""
15,2,5,19 Feb 18,"Smashelorette",""
16,2,6,26 Feb 18,"Mother Knows Best",""
17,2,7,05 Mar 18,"The Exes Are Coming",""
18,2,8,12 Mar 18,"Say It With Flowers",""
19,2,9,19 Mar 18,"Summer Should Be Fun!",""
20,2,10,26 Mar 18,"A House Divided",""
21,2,11,02 Apr 18,"Lei It to Rest",""
22,2,12,03 Apr 18,"Reunion",""
23,3,1,04 Mar 19,"Elephant in the Room",""
24,3,2,11 Mar 19,"Cloudy with a Chance of Arguments",""
25,3,3,18 Mar 19,"Firework Starter",""
26,3,4,25 Mar 19,"Pantry Passion",""
27,3,5,01 Apr 19,"The Grapes Of Wrath",""
28,3,6,08 Apr 19,"Swimming Uphill",""
29,3,7,15 Apr 19,"Epic Grand Gesture",""
30,3,8,22 Apr 19,"Ring Around the Rumor",""
31,3,9,29 Apr 19,"Rumors Gone Wild",""
32,3,10,06 May 19,"True or False",""
33,3,11,13 May 19,"Wing-mom",""
34,3,12,20 May 19,"Pumped Up",""
35,3,13,27 May 19,"The Cookie Crumbles",""
36,3,14,03 Jun 19,"Will You Bury Me?",""
37,4,1,05 Feb 20,"The Big Bang",""
38,4,2,12 Feb 20,"Mice Will Play",""
39,4,3,19 Feb 20,"Worst. Date. Ever.",""
40,4,4,26 Feb 20,"Red, White and Ewwww",""
41,4,5,04 Mar 20,"Hamptons Vice",""
42,4,6,11 Mar 20,"Caged Heat",""
43,4,7,18 Mar 20,"Love Her, Boy",""
44,4,8,25 Mar 20,"Exes and Oh-No's",""
45,4,9,01 Apr 20,"Pledge Master, Beer Lord",""
46,4,10,08 Apr 20,"Clique Bait",""
47,4,11,15 Apr 20,"A Birthday to Die For",""
48,4,12,22 Apr 20,"Offensive Rebound",""
49,4,13,29 Apr 20,"America's Roast Wanted",""
50,4,14,06 May 20,"Rave Goodbye",""
51,4,15,13 May 20,"Secrets Revealed",""
52,5,1,04 Feb 21,"Kiss and Don't Tell",""
53,5,2,11 Feb 21,"Let The Good Times Roll",""
54,5,3,18 Feb 21,"The Sandwich Between Us",""
55,5,4,25 Feb 21,"Trash Talk",""
56,5,5,04 Mar 21,"Best Frenemies",""
57,5,6,11 Mar 21,"Power-Pointless",""
58,5,7,18 Mar 21,"Medium at Large",""
59,5,8,25 Mar 21,"Crawl Me Maybe",""
60,5,9,01 Apr 21,"Should I Stay or Should I Go?",""
61,5,10,08 Apr 21,"Couples Retreat",""
62,5,11,15 Apr 21,"Derby Days",""
63,5,12,22 Apr 21,"Makeups and Breakups",""
64,5,13,29 Apr 21,"Reunion Part 1",""
65,5,14,06 May 21,"Reunion Part 2",""
66,6,1,17 Jan 22,"Where's My Lover, Boy?",""
67,6,2,24 Jan 22,"Star-Spangled Drama",""
68,6,3,31 Jan 22,"Heartbreak in the Hamptons",""
69,6,4,07 Feb 22,"Charmed, I'm Not Sure",""
70,6,5,14 Feb 22,"Birthday Hex",""
71,6,6,21 Feb 22,"Summer Should Be Kinky",""
72,6,7,28 Feb 22,"One Basket, Too Many Eggs",""
73,6,8,07 Mar 22,"A Twisted Fairytale",""
74,6,9,21 Mar 22,"Happily Ever Never",""
75,6,10,28 Mar 22,"That's Not Amore!",""
76,6,11,04 Apr 22,"Hurricane Warning",""
77,6,12,11 Apr 22,"Playing With Fire",""
78,6,13,18 Apr 22,"Pre-nope",""
79,6,14,25 Apr 22,"Keep Prom and Carry On",""
80,6,15,02 May 22,"A Happy Sending",""
81,6,16,09 May 22,"Reunion Part 1",""
82,6,17,16 May 22,"Reunion Part 2",""
S04,4,0,29 Jan 20,"I Know What You Did Last Summer(s) (30 min)",""
S05,5,0,28 Jan 21,"I Know What You Did Last Summer(s) 2021",""
S05,5,0,06 Sep 21,"Watch Party With Tom & Tom 313",""
S05,5,0,25 Oct 21,"Summer House Winter Charm 101",""
S05,5,0,10 Jan 22,"I Know What You Did Last Summer(s) 2022",""