number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,23 Feb 16,"The Daggett Camp",""
2,1,2,09 Jan 17,"Dilapidated Island Cabin",""
3,1,3,16 Jan 17,"City Slickers Off the Grid",""
4,1,4,23 Jan 17,"Dated Cabin Turned Retreat",""
5,1,5,30 Jan 17,"Rebuilding the Old Schoolhouse",""
6,1,6,06 Feb 17,"Not-So-Pleasant Camp on Pleasant Pond",""
7,1,7,13 Feb 17,"A Cabin for the Bride",""
8,1,8,20 Feb 17,"130-Year-Old Island Cabin",""
9,1,9,27 Feb 17,"Off-the-Grid Renovation",""
10,1,10,06 Mar 17,"A Camp on Two Ponds",""
11,1,11,13 Mar 17,"Six Weeks for Two A-Frames",""
12,2,1,27 Nov 17,"Bunganuc Creek Landmark",""
13,2,2,04 Dec 17,"Clearwater Camp",""
14,2,3,11 Dec 17,"Veterans' Retreat",""
15,2,4,18 Dec 17,"Kids Dream Lake House",""
16,2,5,08 Jan 18,"The Hiltz Camp",""
17,2,6,15 Jan 18,"Taking It to the Finish Line",""
18,2,7,22 Jan 18,"Oyster Farm Shack",""
19,2,8,29 Jan 18,"The Morrill Family Bunkhouse",""
20,2,9,05 Feb 18,"Heirloom Home on the Shore",""
21,2,10,12 Feb 18,"Desert Pond Hideaway",""
22,2,11,19 Feb 18,"Pilsbury Family Rafting Cabin",""
23,2,12,26 Feb 18,"Family's Empty Nest",""
24,2,13,05 Mar 18,"Family Fishing Cabin",""
25,2,14,12 Mar 18,"A Family Gathering Place",""
26,2,15,19 Mar 18,"A Family Cabin Fit for a King",""
27,2,16,26 Mar 18,"A Cabin for the YMCA",""
28,3,1,03 Dec 18,"Inspirations Brewing",""
29,3,2,10 Dec 18,"Paws, Present and Future",""
30,3,3,17 Dec 18,"Ho-Ho-Home!",""
31,3,4,07 Jan 19,"Ship-Shape Shack",""
32,3,5,14 Jan 19,"Cabin Overhaul",""
33,3,6,21 Jan 19,"Hook, Line and Sinker",""
34,3,7,28 Jan 19,"Stable Family Ties",""
35,3,8,04 Feb 19,"Past, Present and Future",""
36,3,9,11 Feb 19,"The Honeymoon Suite",""
37,3,10,18 Feb 19,"The Twister Camp",""
38,3,11,25 Feb 19,"A Legacy Preserved",""
39,3,12,04 Mar 19,"Golden Years Family Camp",""
40,3,13,11 Mar 19,"Diamond in the Rough",""
41,3,14,18 Mar 19,"Love Yurts",""
42,3,15,25 Mar 19,"A Dream Come True",""
43,3,16,01 Apr 19,"The Dixie Dog Den",""
44,4,1,02 Dec 19,"A Cabin in Training",""
45,4,2,20 Jan 20,"A Lobster Legacy Shack",""
46,4,3,27 Jan 20,"Call of the Loon",""
47,4,4,03 Feb 20,"Teaching an Old Cabin New Tricks",""
48,4,5,10 Feb 20,"A Multi-Family Affair",""
49,4,6,17 Feb 20,"Passport to Greenville",""
50,4,7,24 Feb 20,"It Takes a Village",""
51,4,8,02 Mar 20,"Ballard",""
52,4,9,09 Mar 20,"Retro-fit for the Whole Family",""
53,4,10,16 Mar 20,"Saulter",""
54,4,11,23 Mar 20,"An Uphill Battle",""
55,4,12,30 Mar 20,"A Home for the Cabin Masters",""
56,4,13,06 Apr 20,"Roberts",""
57,4,14,13 Apr 20,"A Dream Come True",""
58,4,15,20 Apr 20,"Cabin Masters to the Rescue",""
59,4,16,27 Apr 20,"A Cabin for the Whole Family",""
60,4,17,04 May 20,"Keeping the Dreams Alive",""
61,4,18,11 May 20,"The Shaw Camp Re-imagination",""
62,4,19,18 May 20,"A Cabin for Future Generations",""
63,4,20,25 May 20,"A Changing of the Guard's Camp",""
64,5,1,30 Nov 20,"Preserving a Passion That's "In-Tents"",""
65,5,2,01 Feb 21,"Peace, Love and a Fallen Pine Tree",""
66,5,3,08 Feb 21,"The Old Fishing Camp",""
67,5,4,15 Feb 21,"The Eyesore by the Shore",""
68,5,5,22 Feb 21,"New Wife, New Cabin Life",""
69,5,6,29 Mar 21,"A Very Scary Camp",""
70,5,7,05 Apr 21,"Buttoned-Up and Bug-Free Legacy",""
71,5,8,12 Apr 21,"It Takes a Village of People",""
72,5,9,19 Apr 21,"200-Year-Old Boathouse Revival",""
73,5,10,26 Apr 21,"2 Bathrooms, No Bedroom",""
74,6,1,29 Nov 21,"Lobster Shack Scramble",""
75,6,2,06 Dec 21,"A New Cabin Legacy",""
76,6,3,13 Dec 21,"Rivalry at the Chadwick Cabin",""
77,6,4,20 Dec 21,"A Cabin Tribute to Mimi Eva",""
78,6,5,27 Dec 21,"Family Cabin Reclaimed",""
79,6,6,03 Jan 22,"Refreshing the Cooper Cottage",""
80,6,7,10 Jan 22,"The Manchester Post Office",""
81,6,8,17 Jan 22,"A Cabin Built by Bampy",""
82,6,9,24 Jan 22,"The Foster's Re-renovation",""
83,6,10,31 Jan 22,"Updating at Lincolnville Lakeview",""
84,6,11,07 Feb 22,"A Cabin and a Stream",""
85,6,12,14 Feb 22,"Revamping the Cook's Beach Camp",""
86,6,13,21 Feb 22,"A Container Conversion",""
87,6,14,21 Feb 22,"Camp 'Contee Going Up",""
88,6,15,07 Mar 22,"A Medieval Maine Makeover",""
89,6,16,14 Mar 22,"A Blank Slate Build for Mom",""
S05,5,0,01 Jun 20,"Top 10 Waterfront Cabins",""
S05,5,0,08 Jun 20,"Most Unique Builds",""
S05,5,0,15 Jun 20,"Most Challenging Builds",""
S05,5,0,22 Jun 20,"Work Smarter, Not Harder",""
S04,4,0,29 Jun 20,"Top 10 Island Escapes",""
S05,5,0,06 Jul 20,"Trash to Treasure",""
S05,5,0,13 Jul 20,"Ask the Cabin Masters",""
S05,5,0,20 Jul 20,"Top 10 Family Retreats",""
S05,5,0,15 Mar 21,"Best Summer Camps",""
S05,5,0,03 May 21,"Ashley's Favorite Memories",""
S05,5,0,10 May 21,"Chase's Favorite Memories",""
S05,5,0,17 May 21,"Best Camps For Kids",""
S05,5,0,24 May 21,"Ryan's Favorite Moments",""
S05,5,0,31 May 21,"Ask the Cabin Masters, Part 2",""
S05,5,0,07 Jun 21,"Best Winter Camps",""
S05,5,0,14 Jun 21,"Custom Pieces You Never Saw",""