number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,06 Oct 55,"The People's Choice",""
2,1,2,13 Oct 55,"How Sock Met Mandy",""
3,1,3,20 Oct 55,"The Unseating of Councilman Sock",""
4,1,4,27 Oct 55,"Sock Plays Cupid",""
5,1,5,03 Nov 55,"Sock vs. Crutcher",""
6,1,6,10 Nov 55,"Sock's New Secretary",""
7,1,7,17 Nov 55,"Nature Study",""
8,1,8,24 Nov 55,"Sock Hires Mandy",""
9,1,9,01 Dec 55,"The Parting of Sock and Mandy",""
10,1,10,08 Dec 55,"Sock and the Beauty Contest",""
11,1,11,15 Dec 55,"Sock's Teenage Trouble",""
12,1,12,22 Dec 55,"The Christmas Story",""
13,1,13,29 Dec 55,"An Adventure of Sock",""
14,1,14,05 Jan 56,"Aunt Gus Leaves Sock",""
15,1,15,12 Jan 56,"Sock and Augie",""
16,1,16,19 Jan 56,"Sock, the Marriage Broker",""
17,1,17,26 Jan 56,"Sock, the Dedicated Councilman",""
18,1,18,02 Feb 56,"Sock Proposes to Mandy",""
19,1,19,09 Feb 56,"Sock, the Businessman",""
20,1,20,16 Feb 56,"The Domestic Relations",""
21,1,21,23 Feb 56,"Sock, the City Father",""
22,1,22,01 Mar 56,"Sock, the Escort",""
23,1,23,08 Mar 56,"Sock Strikes It Rich",""
24,1,24,15 Mar 56,"Sock and the Mayor's Romance",""
25,1,25,22 Mar 56,"Sock and the Syrene",""
26,1,26,29 Mar 56,"Sock and the Movie Offer",""
27,1,27,05 Apr 56,"Sock vs. Stone Kenyon",""
28,1,28,12 Apr 56,"Wedding Bells",""
29,1,29,19 Apr 56,"Sock and Captain Turner",""
30,1,30,26 Apr 56,"Sock and the Proxy Marriage",""
31,1,31,03 May 56,"Sock, the Budget Balancer",""
32,1,32,10 May 56,"Sock, the Fund Raiser",""
33,1,33,17 May 56,"Sock and the Lonely Hearts Club",""
34,1,34,24 May 56,"Sock and Mandy's Career",""
35,1,35,31 May 56,"Sock and the Mayor's Election",""
36,1,36,07 Jun 56,"Sock and the Peoples' Pageant",""
37,1,37,14 Jun 56,"Sock and Pierre's Job",""
38,2,1,04 Oct 56,"Sock Loses a Bet",""
39,2,2,18 Oct 56,"The Mayor Proposes",""
40,2,3,01 Nov 56,"The Wedding Plans",""
41,2,4,08 Nov 56,"The Bachelor Party",""
42,2,5,15 Nov 56,"Sock Gives Gus Away",""
43,2,6,22 Nov 56,"Sock, the Acting Mayor",""
44,2,7,29 Nov 56,"Sock Takes a Boarder",""
45,2,8,06 Dec 56,"Sock and the Law",""
46,2,9,13 Dec 56,"Sock Takes the Plunge",""
47,2,10,20 Dec 56,"Mandy's Male Animal",""
48,2,11,27 Dec 56,"Sock, the Greek God",""
49,2,12,03 Jan 57,"Sock and the Hex",""
50,2,13,10 Jan 57,"How Sock Met Rollo",""
51,2,14,17 Jan 57,"Sock's Secret Honeymoon",""
52,2,15,24 Jan 57,"Sock's Bivouac",""
53,2,16,31 Jan 57,"Sock's Master Plan",""
54,2,17,07 Feb 57,"Sock Gets the Works",""
55,2,18,14 Feb 57,"Aunt Gus Tells All",""
56,2,19,21 Feb 57,"Sock's Tight Squeeze",""
57,2,20,28 Feb 57,"Almost a Father",""
58,2,21,07 Mar 57,"The Patsy",""
59,2,22,14 Mar 57,"The Domestics",""
60,2,23,21 Mar 57,"Sock's Out-of-Town Job",""
61,2,24,28 Mar 57,"One-Ring Circus",""
62,2,25,04 Apr 57,"Sock Goes for the Dough",""
63,2,26,11 Apr 57,"The Ink Blots",""
64,2,27,18 Apr 57,"Sock and Mandy, Paperhangers",""
65,2,28,25 Apr 57,"The Late Husband",""
66,2,29,02 May 57,"The Queen and Me",""
67,2,30,16 May 57,"Boomerang",""
68,2,31,23 May 57,"The Hot Certificate",""
69,2,32,30 May 57,"The Sophisticates",""
70,2,33,06 Jun 57,"Sock, the Matchmaker",""
71,3,1,03 Oct 57,"The Nickel Pickle",""
72,3,2,10 Oct 57,"The Giveaway",""
73,3,3,17 Oct 57,"The Caveman",""
74,3,4,24 Oct 57,"The Retiring Mayor",""
75,3,5,31 Oct 57,"The Reluctant House Guest",""
76,3,6,07 Nov 57,"The Legal Eagle",""
77,3,7,14 Nov 57,"Barkerville",""
78,3,8,21 Nov 57,"The Model House",""
79,3,9,28 Nov 57,"Movies Are Badder Than Ever",""
80,3,10,05 Dec 57,"The Runaway Dog",""
81,3,11,12 Dec 57,"The Good Provider",""
82,3,12,19 Dec 57,"The Helpmate",""
83,3,13,26 Dec 57,"Sock's Old Flame",""
84,3,14,02 Jan 58,"The Cookie Jar",""
85,3,15,09 Jan 58,"The Wrong Indians",""
86,3,16,16 Jan 58,"The Sheriff",""
87,3,17,23 Jan 58,"The Salted Cellar",""
88,3,18,30 Jan 58,"Sleeping Beauty",""
89,3,19,13 Feb 58,"Distaff Stuff",""
90,3,20,20 Feb 58,"The Male Ego",""
91,3,21,27 Feb 58,"The Family Way",""
92,3,22,06 Mar 58,"The Veteran",""
93,3,23,13 Mar 58,"Cleo, Secret Dog",""
94,3,24,20 Mar 58,"The Practical Joker",""
95,3,25,27 Mar 58,"Little White Lies",""
96,3,26,03 Apr 58,"The Tycoon",""
97,3,27,10 Apr 58,"Sock's Lifesaver",""
98,3,28,17 Apr 58,"Uncle Willie",""
99,3,29,24 Apr 58,"Ladies' Aide",""
100,3,30,01 May 58,"Rollo Makes Good",""
101,3,31,08 May 58,"The First Anniversary",""
102,3,32,15 May 58,"Rollo's Wedding",""
103,3,33,22 May 58,"Missing Moolah",""
104,3,34,29 May 58,"Daisies Won't Tell",""