number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,13 Jan 15,"Family Past and Present",""
2,1,2,20 Jan 15,"Have Your Cake and Eat it Too",""
3,1,3,27 Jan 15,"Baby Fever",""
4,1,4,03 Feb 15,"New York's Bravest",""
5,1,5,10 Feb 15,"We Found Love",""
6,1,6,17 Feb 15,"Turkey Days",""
7,1,7,24 Feb 15,"Naughty or Nice",""
8,1,8,03 Mar 15,"What Happens In Vegas",""
9,1,9,10 Mar 15,"All Shook Up",""
10,1,10,24 Mar 15,"Doug & Jamie's Wedding Special",""
11,2,1,13 Oct 15,"Bucket List",""
12,2,2,20 Oct 15,"Greener Grass",""
13,2,3,27 Oct 15,"Not Cool Jamie",""
14,2,4,03 Nov 15,"Wrong Path In Life",""
15,2,5,10 Nov 15,"This Is Something Serious",""
16,2,6,17 Nov 15,"Hijinks",""
17,2,7,24 Nov 15,"Slap In The Face",""
18,2,8,15 Mar 16,"Second Anniversary Edition",""
19,2,9,22 Mar 16,"Meet My Ex",""
20,2,10,29 Mar 16,"You Need Therapy",""
21,2,11,05 Apr 16,"Reunited At Last",""
22,2,12,12 Apr 16,"Fighting Fire With Fire",""
23,2,13,26 Apr 16,"Ghosts In The Closet",""
24,2,14,03 May 16,"Baby Maybe?",""
S01,1,0,07 Jul 15,"A Look Ahead (10 min)",""