number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,12 Apr 90,"Pier Pressure",""
2,1,2,13 Apr 90,"It's Never Too Late to Break Your Neck",""
3,1,3,20 Apr 90,"Missed Popularity",""
4,1,4,27 Apr 90,"This Bug's for You",""
5,1,5,04 May 90,"By the Book",""
6,1,6,11 May 90,"Sometimes a Cigar's Just a Cigar or Wade",""
7,2,1,28 Feb 91,"Mail Order Tran",""
8,2,2,02 Mar 91,"This Has Been a Wade Political Announcement",""
9,2,3,09 Mar 91,"Strange Bedfellows",""
10,2,4,16 Mar 91,"Whatsamatta Drew",""
11,2,5,23 Mar 91,"I'm Cooking as Fast as I Can",""
12,2,6,30 Mar 91,"Don't Rock the Boat",""
13,2,7,06 Apr 91,"The Good Fight",""
14,2,8,13 Apr 91,"You're Not Getting Older, You're Getting Deader",""
15,2,9,20 Apr 91,"Yipes, It's Snipes",""
16,2,10,27 Apr 91,"Evian Spelled Backwards is Naive",""
17,2,11,04 May 91,"Dream Boat",""
18,2,12,11 May 91,"Get Thee Back to a Nunnery",""
19,2,13,18 May 91,"Black Widow",""