number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,16 Sep 59,"The Talking Doll",""
2,1,2,23 Sep 59,"Checkmate",""
3,1,3,30 Sep 59,"Wheels of Fury",""
4,1,4,07 Oct 59,"A Genuine Sale of Murder",""
5,1,5,14 Oct 59,"The Stalag Story",""
6,1,6,21 Oct 59,"The Sharp Knife",""
7,1,7,28 Oct 59,"Call Me a Killer",""
8,1,8,04 Nov 59,"Everybody Loves Jerry",""
9,1,9,11 Nov 59,"The Man Who Left His Coat",""
10,1,10,18 Nov 59,"Murder with Witnesses",""
11,1,11,25 Nov 59,"Ring of Fear",""
12,1,12,02 Dec 59,"With Suicidal Intent",""
13,1,13,09 Dec 59,"No Wreath for Clive",""
14,1,14,16 Dec 59,"Black Fashion",""
15,1,15,23 Dec 59,"Stranger in the Parlour",""
16,1,16,30 Dec 59,"Who Is Gustav Varna?",""
17,1,17,06 Jan 60,"Victim of the Dark",""
18,1,18,13 Jan 60,"The Golden Clown",""
19,1,19,20 Jan 60,"A Man of Straw",""
20,1,20,27 Jan 60,"The Final Chase",""
21,2,1,05 May 60,"The Long Day",""
22,2,2,12 May 60,"The Head Case",""
23,2,3,19 May 60,"Stop Press",""
24,2,4,26 May 60,"Man's Best Friend",""
25,2,5,02 Jun 60,"Two Blind Mice",""
26,2,6,09 Jun 60,"Six Eyes on a Stranger",""
27,2,7,16 Jun 60,"The Last Flight of the Eel",""
28,2,8,23 Jun 60,"Bed of Roses",""
29,2,9,30 Jun 60,"A Straight White Line",""
30,2,10,07 Jul 60,"State Visit",""
31,2,11,14 Jul 60,"The Constant Widow",""
32,2,12,21 Jul 60,"Raising Old Harry",""
33,2,13,28 Jul 60,"The Last Deal",""
34,2,14,04 Aug 60,"Three Small Bones",""
35,2,15,11 Aug 60,"Trial and Error",""
36,2,16,18 Aug 60,"The Burning Question",""
37,2,17,25 Aug 60,"The Missing Moorhen",""
38,2,18,01 Sep 60,"Dog Eat Dog",""
39,2,19,08 Sep 60,"Double Fugue",""
40,2,20,15 Sep 60,"Two-Time Loser",""
41,2,21,23 Sep 60,"Girl in the Shadow",""
42,2,22,30 Sep 60,"The Goat's Whiskers",""
43,2,23,07 Oct 60,"A Very Respectable Man",""
44,2,24,14 Oct 60,"Point of Release",""
45,2,25,21 Oct 60,"Fair Lady",""
46,2,26,28 Oct 60,"Footsteps on the Ceiling",""
47,3,1,03 Feb 61,"The Slippery Deck",""
48,3,2,10 Feb 61,"The Long Stretch",""
49,3,3,17 Feb 61,"Man in the Dark",""
50,3,4,24 Feb 61,"A Warrant for Joe Roberts",""
51,3,5,03 Mar 61,"Never Dine with Dead Men",""
52,3,6,10 Mar 61,"The Widower",""
53,3,7,17 Mar 61,"Whistle and I'll Come",""
54,3,8,24 Mar 61,"Payment in Kind",""
55,3,9,07 Apr 61,"The Toy House",""
56,3,10,14 Apr 61,"A Girl Like Xanthe",""
57,3,11,21 Apr 61,"Nina and the Night People",""
58,3,12,28 Apr 61,"Told by a Dead Man",""
59,3,13,05 May 61,"No Tears for Tobin",""
60,3,14,12 May 61,"Fever",""
61,3,15,19 May 61,"The Missing Suit",""
62,3,16,26 May 61,"Mr. and Mrs. Smith",""
63,3,17,02 Jun 61,"Finale",""
64,3,18,09 Jun 61,"Process of Elimination",""
65,3,19,16 Jun 61,"Signals at Danger",""
66,3,20,23 Jun 61,"The Final Fling",""
67,3,21,30 Jun 61,"Explosion Underground",""
68,3,22,07 Jul 61,"With Intent to Kill",""
69,3,23,14 Jul 61,"The White Stick",""
70,3,24,21 Jul 61,"Caught and Bowled",""
71,3,25,28 Jul 61,"Silent Witnesses",""
72,3,26,04 Aug 61,"Dead Ringer",""
73,4,1,08 May 62,"A Touch of Nitrate",""
74,4,2,15 May 62,"Accessories after the Fact",""
75,4,3,22 May 62,"Little Girl Stolen",""
76,4,4,29 May 62,"A Job for Johnny",""
77,4,5,05 Jun 62,"Cover Story",""
78,4,6,12 Jun 62,"Third Party Risk",""
79,4,7,19 Jun 62,"Convict's Wife",""
80,4,8,26 Jun 62,"Car in Flames",""
81,4,9,03 Jul 62,"A Surprise for Mr. Kemp",""
82,4,10,10 Jul 62,"Epitaph for Johnnie",""
83,4,11,17 Jul 62,"The Bank Job",""
84,4,12,24 Jul 62,"Inquest on an Idol",""
85,4,13,31 Jul 62,"The Skeleton Wore Boots",""
86,4,14,07 Aug 62,"The Common Murder",""
87,4,15,14 Aug 62,"The Paying Guests",""
88,4,16,21 Aug 62,"Thirty Seconds from Now",""
89,4,17,28 Aug 62,"Whatever Happened to Wally?",""
90,4,18,04 Sep 62,"A Cool Million",""
91,4,19,11 Sep 62,"Straight to the Grave",""
92,4,20,18 Sep 62,"A Talk with Yargo Simms",""
93,4,21,25 Sep 62,"The Most Beautiful Room in the World",""
94,4,22,02 Oct 62,"Top of the Ladder",""
95,4,23,09 Oct 62,"Time to Kill",""
96,4,24,23 Oct 62,"Run for the Sea",""
97,4,25,30 Oct 62,"Key to Murder",""
98,4,26,06 Nov 62,"Corpse for the Cup",""
99,4,27,13 Nov 62,"Contents Noted",""
100,4,28,20 Nov 62,"Unfinished Business",""
101,4,29,27 Nov 62,"The Girl in the Rain",""
102,4,30,04 Dec 62,"Date for Deception",""
103,4,31,11 Dec 62,"Night of the Game",""
104,4,32,18 Dec 62,"The Front Man",""
105,4,33,25 Dec 62,"100,000 Halfpennies",""
106,4,34,01 Jan 63,"Death on the Doorstep",""
107,4,35,08 Jan 63,"Who Killed Cock Robbin?",""
108,4,36,15 Jan 63,"The Image of Frank Brown",""
109,4,37,22 Jan 63,"Beware of the Weepers",""
110,4,38,29 Jan 63,"A Pocketful of Bones",""
111,4,39,05 Feb 63,"The Imagination of Taffy Lewis",""
112,4,40,12 Feb 63,"Operation Tiptoe",""
113,4,41,19 Feb 63,"Hot Ice",""
114,4,42,12 Mar 63,"Dead Certainty",""
115,4,43,19 Mar 63,"A Bird to Watch the Marbles",""
116,5,1,02 Jul 63,"Alibis Are Fixed",""
117,5,2,09 Jul 63,"Four Faces of Clare",""
118,5,3,16 Jul 63,"A Ticket for the Nudes",""
119,5,4,23 Jul 63,"All Dead and Buried",""
120,5,5,30 Jul 63,"Last Flight",""
121,5,6,06 Aug 63,"Alexander's Ragtime Girl",""
122,5,7,13 Aug 63,"Pay as You Earn",""
123,5,8,20 Aug 63,"Expert With Salt",""
124,5,9,27 Aug 63,"Peggy",""
125,5,10,03 Sep 63,"Statement to the Press",""
126,5,11,10 Sep 63,"Scaremonger",""
127,5,12,17 Sep 63,"Deadline for Dummy",""
128,5,13,24 Sep 63,"Pillar to Post",""
129,5,14,01 Oct 63,"The Smoke Boys",""
130,5,15,08 Oct 63,"As Well as Murder",""
131,5,16,15 Oct 63,"Two Dreams in a Fire",""
132,5,17,22 Oct 63,"An Eye on the Kings",""
133,5,18,04 Nov 63,"Requiem on a Typewriter",""
134,5,19,18 Nov 63,"A Hole in the Head",""
135,5,20,25 Nov 63,"The Gamblers",""
136,5,21,02 Dec 63,"No Previous Convictions",""
137,5,22,09 Dec 63,"Always a Copper",""
138,5,23,16 Dec 63,"Death of Samantha",""
139,5,24,23 Dec 63,"Solomon Dancey's Luck",""
140,5,25,30 Dec 63,"Formula for Death",""
141,5,26,06 Jan 64,"A Car Is Stolen",""
142,6,1,06 Apr 64,"Play on Letters",""
143,6,2,13 Apr 64,"Who Takes the Blame?",""
144,6,3,20 Apr 64,"The By Boys",""
145,6,4,27 Apr 64,"My Father Is My Brother",""
146,6,5,04 May 64,"Line of Fire",""
147,6,6,11 May 64,"The Write-Off",""
148,6,7,18 May 64,"An Eye for an Eye",""
149,6,8,25 May 64,"Red Roses for Emma",""
150,6,9,01 Jun 64,"Death of a Breadwinner",""
151,6,10,08 Jun 64,"Greetings from a 12-Bore",""
152,6,11,22 Jun 64,"It's Coming Down Harder",""
153,6,12,29 Jun 64,"Trained to Kill",""
154,6,13,06 Jul 64,"The Breakout",""
155,6,14,13 Jul 64,"The Rainbow Turned to Dust",""
156,6,15,20 Jul 64,"Varnish on Three Fingers",""
157,6,16,27 Jul 64,"The Carrion Bird",""
158,6,17,03 Aug 64,"The Hoarders",""
159,6,18,10 Aug 64,"Aftertaste",""
160,6,19,17 Aug 64,"The Things Money Can Buy",""
161,6,20,24 Aug 64,"One Redeeming Feature",""
162,6,21,31 Aug 64,"Hanging by a Thread",""
163,6,22,14 Sep 64,"The Point of Death",""
164,6,23,21 Sep 64,"Why Baker Died",""
165,6,24,28 Sep 64,"Real Class",""
166,6,25,05 Oct 64,"Rogue's Gallery",""
167,6,26,12 Oct 64,"Death of a Dead Man",""
168,6,27,21 Oct 64,"Deep and Crisp and Stolen",""
169,7,1,01 Feb 65,"Whoever's Right, Sweeney's Wrong",""
170,7,2,08 Feb 65,"The Link",""
171,7,3,15 Feb 65,"A Menace to the Public",""
172,7,4,22 Feb 65,"Pom-Pom",""
173,7,5,01 Mar 65,"Bear with a Sore Head",""
174,7,6,08 Mar 65,"Truth or Dare",""
175,7,7,15 Mar 65,"Blood and Water",""
176,7,8,22 Mar 65,"Found Dead",""
177,7,9,29 Mar 65,"The Grass",""
178,7,10,05 Apr 65,"The Bread Bag",""
179,7,11,12 Apr 65,"Death out of Season",""
180,7,12,19 Apr 65,"Music for Murder",""
181,7,13,26 Apr 65,"To Find a Fox",""
182,7,14,03 May 65,"Smokey",""
183,7,15,10 May 65,"A Place in the Sun",""
184,7,16,17 May 65,"The Best Years of Your Life",""
185,7,17,24 May 65,"A Fistful of Trouble",""
186,7,18,31 May 65,"Calculated Risk",""
187,7,19,07 Jun 65,"Rat in a Trap",""
188,7,20,14 Jun 65,"Chain of Guilt",""
189,7,21,21 Jun 65,"A Cry for Help",""
190,7,22,28 Jun 65,"Wolves Get Eaten, Too",""
191,7,23,05 Jul 65,"One Good Man and True?",""
192,7,24,12 Jul 65,"The Reunion",""
193,7,25,19 Jul 65,"The Hunted and the Hunters",""
194,7,26,26 Jul 65,"The Lady on the Train",""
195,8,1,03 Nov 65,"The Jelly Boy",""
196,8,2,10 Nov 65,"Hi-Jack",""
197,8,3,17 Nov 65,"Danger-Wrong Turning",""
198,8,4,24 Nov 65,"It Could Always Happen",""
199,8,5,01 Dec 65,"A Moment of Freedom",""
200,8,6,08 Dec 65,"The Street",""
201,8,7,15 Dec 65,"Run Johnny, Run",""
202,8,8,22 Dec 65,"The Ring of Truth",""
203,8,9,29 Dec 65,"What's All This Then?",""
204,8,10,05 Jan 66,"Sing Me the Old Song",""
205,8,11,12 Jan 66,"The Lifer",""
206,8,12,19 Jan 66,"A Dead Cert",""
207,8,13,26 Jan 66,"The Fit-Up",""
208,9,1,04 May 66,"A Bottle Full of Sixpences",""
209,9,2,11 May 66,"Ask Me If I Killed Her",""
210,9,3,18 May 66,"The Old Pals' Act",""
211,9,4,25 May 66,"You Never Can Tell Till You Try",""
212,9,5,01 Jun 66,"Charlie Come Lately",""
213,9,6,08 Jun 66,"It Isn't Just the Money...",""
214,9,7,15 Jun 66,"The Night Walker",""
215,9,8,22 Jun 66,"The Smoker",""
216,9,9,29 Jun 66,"The Killing",""
217,9,10,06 Jul 66,"Golden Boy",""
218,9,11,13 Jul 66,"A Hero of Our Times",""
219,9,12,20 Jul 66,"A Home Posting",""
220,9,13,27 Jul 66,"You Don't Think Twice",""
221,10,1,15 Mar 67,"It's All Happening",""
222,10,2,23 Mar 67,"The Game",""
223,10,3,30 Mar 67,"A Girl Like You",""
224,10,4,06 Apr 67,"The Price on My Head",""
225,10,5,13 Apr 67,"A Letter for Helga",""
226,10,6,20 Apr 67,"A Murder Is a Murder",""
227,10,7,27 Apr 67,"New Faces for Old",""
228,10,8,04 May 67,"Decree Absolute",""
229,10,9,11 May 67,"Gentle Persuasion",""
230,10,10,18 May 67,"A Through and Through With Powder",""
231,10,11,25 May 67,"Just Like the Old Days",""
232,10,12,01 Jun 67,"It Couldn't Be Charlie",""
233,10,13,08 Jun 67,"Who Is This Mortimer?",""
234,10,14,15 Jun 67,"Cause for Alarm",""
235,10,15,22 Jun 67,"Personal Feelings Don't Count",""