number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,25 Apr 17,"The Double Cross",""
2,1,2,12 May 17,"To Catch a Killer",""
3,1,3,23 May 17,"One of Their Own",""
4,1,4,30 May 17,"The Terrorists, the Spies, the Hackers",""
5,1,5,06 Jun 17,"Body of Evidence",""
6,1,6,13 Jun 17,"The Sting",""
7,2,1,22 May 18,"Ruthless",""
8,2,2,29 May 18,"A Sailor's Honor",""
9,2,3,05 Jun 18,"A Date with Evil",""
10,2,4,12 Jun 18,"The Marine's Wife",""
11,2,5,19 Jun 18,"Deadly Lies",""
12,2,6,26 Jun 18,"Trail of Fire",""
13,3,1,29 May 19,"Road Map to Murder",""
14,3,2,29 May 19,"Heartless",""
15,3,3,05 Jun 19,"Shattered Glass",""
16,3,4,12 Jun 19,"Unbreakable",""
17,3,5,19 Jun 19,"The Enemy Within",""
18,3,6,03 Jul 19,"Death of a Dream",""
19,3,7,03 Jul 19,"Never Forget",""