number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,17 Mar 72,"The New House",""
2,1,2,15 Sep 72,"The Dead We Leave Behind",""
3,1,3,22 Sep 72,"The Concrete Captain",""
4,1,4,29 Sep 72,"At the Cradle Foot",""
5,1,5,06 Oct 72,"Bad Connection",""
6,1,6,13 Oct 72,"The Summer House",""
7,1,7,27 Oct 72,"Alter-Ego",""
8,1,8,03 Nov 72,"Half a Death",""
9,1,9,10 Nov 72,"House of Evil",""
10,1,10,24 Nov 72,"Cry of the Cat",""
11,1,11,01 Dec 72,"Elegy for a Vampire",""
12,1,12,08 Dec 72,"Touch of Madness",""
13,1,13,15 Dec 72,"Creatures of the Canyon",""
14,1,14,22 Dec 72,"Time of Terror",""
15,1,15,05 Jan 73,"Death's Head",""
16,1,16,12 Jan 73,"Dark Vengeance",""
17,1,17,19 Jan 73,"Earth, Air, Fire and Water",""
18,1,18,26 Jan 73,"Doorway to Death",""
19,1,19,02 Feb 73,"Legion of Demons",""
20,1,20,16 Feb 73,"The Graveyard Shift",""
21,1,21,23 Feb 73,"Spare Parts",""
22,1,22,23 Mar 73,"The Ghost of Potter's Field",""
23,1,23,30 Mar 73,"The Phantom of Herald Square",""