number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,16 Jan 13,"San Diego Diet",""
2,1,2,23 Jan 13,"Soaked in Success",""
3,1,3,30 Jan 13,"Secret Room",""
4,1,4,06 Feb 13,"Too Much Tuna",""
5,1,5,13 Feb 13,"Can I Finish?",""
6,1,6,20 Feb 13,"Dine & Dash",""
7,1,7,27 Feb 13,"Ice Dating",""
8,1,8,06 Mar 13,"Please God",""
9,2,1,14 Jan 14,"Cake Train",""
10,2,2,21 Jan 14,"#canadiansafesex",""
11,2,3,28 Jan 14,"Oh Armond",""
12,2,4,04 Feb 14,"Sponsored by Stamps",""
13,2,5,11 Feb 14,"Krolling Around With Nick Clown",""
14,2,6,18 Feb 14,"Mother Daughter Sister Wife",""
15,2,7,25 Feb 14,"Finger Magnets",""
16,2,8,04 Mar 14,"Mercury Poisoning",""
17,2,9,11 Mar 14,"Bounce",""
18,2,10,18 Mar 14,"Banff Is On Fire",""
19,2,11,25 Mar 14,"Blisteritos Presents Dad Academy Graduation Congraduritos Red Carpet Viewing Party",""
20,3,1,13 Jan 15,"Gigolo H-O-R-S-E",""
21,3,2,20 Jan 15,"Pleep Ploop",""
22,3,3,27 Jan 15,"Bangs",""
23,3,4,03 Feb 15,"Karaoke Bullies",""
24,3,5,10 Feb 15,"The In Addition Tos",""
25,3,6,17 Feb 15,"Lizards vs. Penguins",""
26,3,7,24 Feb 15,"Twins",""
27,3,8,03 Mar 15,"The Commonwealth Games",""
28,3,9,10 Mar 15,"Body Bouncers",""
29,3,10,17 Mar 15,"The Time of My Life",""
30,3,11,24 Mar 15,"This Has Been Such An Amazing Experience",""
S01,1,0,10 Dec 13,"The Greatest Hits of It",""