number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,14 Nov 17,"Pilot",""
2,1,2,14 Nov 17,"Herpe: Fully Loaded",""
3,1,3,14 Nov 17,"A Riphole in Time",""
4,1,4,14 Nov 17,"A Fuel's Errand",""
5,1,5,14 Nov 17,"Justice Desserts",""
6,1,6,14 Nov 17,"A Blowjob Before Dying",""
7,1,7,14 Nov 17,"Pandora's Mailbox",""
8,1,8,14 Nov 17,"Girth, Wind & Fire",""
9,1,9,14 Nov 17,"Operation: Fatal Attraction",""
10,1,10,14 Nov 17,"Operation: Natal Attraction",""
11,1,11,14 Nov 17,"Beyond the Truffledome",""
12,1,12,14 Nov 17,"Prelude to an Apocalypse",""
13,1,13,14 Nov 17,"A Date with Destiny",""
14,2,1,11 Jan 19,"Countdown to a Prologue",""
15,2,2,11 Jan 19,"The I of the Tiger",""
16,2,3,11 Jan 19,"A Wolf in the Torque House",""
17,2,4,11 Jan 19,"Guess Who's Coming to Lunch",""
18,2,5,11 Jan 19,"J1: Judgement Day",""
19,2,6,11 Jan 19,"The Binx Ultimatum",""
20,2,7,11 Jan 19,"Homicide: Life in the Mons",""
21,2,8,11 Jan 19,"The Last Horchata",""
22,2,9,11 Jan 19,"The Ballad of PUP-E Q. Barkington",""
23,2,10,11 Jan 19,"Exes and OS",""
24,2,11,11 Jan 19,"Dia De Los Robots",""
25,2,12,11 Jan 19,"The Brain Job",""
26,2,13,11 Jan 19,"Ultra-Max",""
27,3,1,03 Apr 20,"The Precipice of Yesterday",""
28,3,2,03 Apr 20,"There Will Be Borscht",""
29,3,3,03 Apr 20,"Trapper's Delight",""
30,3,4,03 Apr 20,"The Outlaw Wild Sam Bladden",""
31,3,5,03 Apr 20,"Haven Is for Real",""
32,3,6,03 Apr 20,"The Land After Time",""
33,3,7,03 Apr 20,"Time Rogues III: Escape from Forever",""
34,3,8,03 Apr 20,"Return of the Present",""