number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,31 Jul 17,"Romeo and Juliette",""
2,1,2,07 Aug 17,"We Need to Talk About Chloe",""
3,1,3,14 Aug 17,"Kelsey's New Crew",""
4,1,4,21 Aug 17,"Alex's Kingdom",""
5,1,5,28 Aug 17,"Madisson's Avenues",""
6,1,6,04 Sep 17,"Juliette's Bahama Drama",""
7,1,7,11 Sep 17,"Messy Messy Kelsey",""
8,1,8,18 Sep 17,"Garrett Gets a Girl",""
9,1,9,25 Sep 17,"Chloe at a Crossroads",""
10,1,10,02 Oct 17,"Juliette's Midsummer Dream",""
11,1,11,15 Jan 18,"Much Ado About Juliette",""
12,1,12,22 Jan 18,"Chloe's Birthday Battle Royale",""
13,1,13,29 Jan 18,"Juliette, Interrupted",""
14,1,14,05 Feb 18,"Kelsey's Reality Bites",""
15,1,15,12 Feb 18,"Nightmare on Bradisson Street",""
16,1,16,19 Feb 18,"Take a Paige From Canvas",""
17,1,17,26 Feb 18,"Alex Won't Kompomise",""
18,1,18,05 Mar 18,"Juliette's Great Expectations",""
19,2,1,22 Jan 19,"Born a King",""
20,2,2,22 Jan 19,"Your Own Hairdresser!",""
21,2,3,29 Jan 19,"Sorry! I Don't Owe You Anything",""
22,2,4,05 Feb 19,"Don't Come to MY Trip!",""
23,2,5,12 Feb 19,"How Am I a Lot to Handle?!",""
24,2,6,19 Feb 19,"A Second Tier Friend",""
25,2,7,26 Feb 19,"It's Been a Day",""
26,2,8,05 Mar 19,"Deflect, Deflect, Deflect",""
27,2,9,12 Mar 19,"Cheers to Sunday Funday",""
28,2,10,19 Mar 19,"I Had High Hopes for You",""
29,2,11,26 Mar 19,"I Want Him (Without the Cheating)",""
30,2,12,02 Apr 19,"Cheers to the End of Summer!",""
31,3,1,07 Jan 20,"What Are Your Real Intentions With Juliette?",""
32,3,2,14 Jan 20,"New Man, Who Dis?",""
33,3,3,21 Jan 20,"Where's My Apology?",""
34,3,4,28 Jan 20,"Are You Offended? Because You Should Be!",""
35,3,5,04 Feb 20,"Why Are You With Somebody Who Doesn't Deserve You?",""
36,3,6,11 Feb 20,"Are You Happy With Her?",""
37,3,7,18 Feb 20,"What's Really Going on With You and Alex?",""
38,3,8,25 Feb 20,"So You're the Ex Wife?",""
39,3,9,03 Mar 20,"Why Don't You Just Mind Your Own Damn Business?",""
40,3,10,03 Mar 20,"Are You Stalking Me?",""
41,3,11,10 Mar 20,"What If It Goes Completely South?",""
42,3,12,10 Mar 20,"Where Did You Sleep Last Night?",""
43,3,13,16 Jun 20,"I'm Not Letting Him Get Away With It",""
44,3,14,23 Jun 20,"I'm Not Asking for Any Judgment",""
45,3,15,30 Jun 20,"I'm Ready for a Good Guy",""
46,3,16,07 Jul 20,"I'm Gonna Be Drunk for the Next Week",""
47,3,17,14 Jul 20,"I Just Didn't Think It Was Going to Happen So Fast",""
48,3,18,21 Jul 20,"I'm Thankful",""
49,3,19,28 Jul 20,"I Want Him to Have a Girl",""
50,3,20,04 Aug 20,"Can I Talk to You for a Second?",""
51,3,21,11 Aug 20,"I Didn't Even Know That You Were That Into Bathing Suits",""
52,3,22,18 Aug 20,"I'm Falling for Sam",""
53,3,23,25 Aug 20,"I'm Actually Like Happy",""
54,3,24,25 Aug 20,"Reunion",""
55,4,1,12 May 21,"Let's Be Healthy and Get Drunk",""
56,4,2,19 May 21,"It's a Nasty, Low Vibrational Thing to Say",""
57,4,3,26 May 21,"Here's the Thing With the Prenup…",""
58,4,4,02 Jun 21,"I Can't Help If Someone Is Attracted to Me",""
59,4,5,16 Jun 21,"Happy to See Me, Right?",""
60,4,6,23 Jun 21,"You Don't Seem Like the Caring Type",""
61,4,7,30 Jun 21,"Things Will Never Be the Same",""
62,4,8,07 Jul 21,"That Girl Is Lost",""
63,4,9,14 Jul 21,"Compassion and Kindness Is the Way to Go",""
64,4,10,21 Jul 21,"I'm Truly, Truly, Very, Very Sorry",""
65,4,11,28 Jul 21,"We Can All Use A Little Empathy",""
66,4,12,04 Aug 21,"I Just Want to Move On/We Just Stay Separate",""
67,4,13,10 Mar 22,"24 and Still a Mess",""
68,4,14,17 Mar 22,"You ARE the Rich Husband!",""
69,4,15,24 Mar 22,"Do You Even Want to Try?",""
70,4,16,31 Mar 22,"He Doesn't See a Future",""
71,4,17,07 Apr 22,"Deux Chardonnay",""
72,4,18,14 Apr 22,"Stop Texting Me, Stop Calling Me",""
73,4,19,21 Apr 22,"Stop Videotaping",""
74,4,20,28 Apr 22,"I Was Living a Lie with Him",""
75,4,21,05 May 22,"Someone Sent a Video",""
76,4,22,12 May 22,"Where's the Popcorn?",""
77,4,23,19 May 22,"You're Moving?",""
78,4,24,26 May 22,"Tiny",""
S04,4,0,04 Aug 21,"Reunion",""