number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1957,1,24 Apr 57,"Arend-Roland Comet
2,1958,10,17 Sep 58,"Life On Other Planets",""
3,1959,6,10 Jun 59,"Minor Planets",""
4,1959,11,26 Oct 59,"The Front and Back of the Moon",""
5,1959,12,16 Nov 59,"Pairs of Suns",""
6,1959,13,14 Dec 59,"What was the Star of Bethlehem",""
7,1960,1,20 Jan 60,"The Great Spiral",""
8,1960,5,11 May 60,"Uranus",""
9,1960,6,08 Jun 60,"Star Clouds of Sagittarius",""
10,1960,7,11 Jul 60,"Other Moons of Saturn and Jupiter",""
11,1960,8,08 Aug 60,"Celestial Fireworks",""
12,1960,10,27 Sep 60,"The Moon",""
13,1961,1,30 Jan 61,"Storms In The Sky",""
14,1961,3,20 Mar 61,"Life On Mars",""
15,1961,4,24 Apr 61,"Life On The Moon",""
16,1961,8,21 Aug 61,"50th Programme",""
17,1961,9,18 Sep 61,"Astronomy In Space",""
18,1961,10,30 Oct 61,"Has The Earth Three Moons?",""
19,1961,11,22 Nov 61,"Star Clusters",""
20,1961,12,20 Dec 61,"A Telescope For Christmas",""
21,1962,2,21 Feb 62,"Life In The Universe?",""
22,1962,3,14 Mar 62,"The Furthest Planet",""
23,1962,4,25 Apr 62,"Space Needles",""
24,1962,5,23 May 62,"The Space Fog",""
25,1962,6,27 Jun 62,"Astronomy And The Ancients",""
26,1962,7,16 Jul 62,"Signals From Jupiter",""
27,1962,9,10 Sep 62,"Keeping Space Clean",""
28,1962,10,17 Oct 62,"Algol, The Demon Star",""
29,1962,11,21 Nov 62,"The American Spacecraft",""
30,1962,12,19 Dec 62,"The Moving Earth",""
31,1963,1,23 Jan 63,"Space 63",""
32,1963,2,20 Feb 63,"Space Stations For Mars",""
33,1963,3,20 Mar 63,"Venus Revealed",""
34,1963,5,17 Apr 63,"Exploding Stars",""
35,1963,6,17 May 63,"Science Fact & Science Fiction",""
36,1963,7,12 Jun 63,"The Birth Of The Planets",""
37,1963,8,16 Jul 63,"The Active Moon",""
38,1963,9,21 Jul 63,"Eclipse Of The Sun",""
39,1963,10,13 Aug 63,"Sunspots (The Sun In Action)",""
40,1963,11,10 Sep 63,"Manned Bases On The Moon",""
41,1963,12,11 Oct 63,"Measuring The Universe",""
42,1963,13,06 Nov 63,"Jupiter Disturbed",""
43,1963,14,13 Dec 63,"Star Myths",""
44,1964,1,10 Jan 64,"Ghosts Of The Universe",""
45,1964,2,07 Feb 64,"Signals From Jupiter",""
46,1964,3,06 Mar 64,"The Surface Of The Moon - Rock Or Dust?",""
47,1964,4,03 Apr 64,"Space Navigation",""
48,1964,5,01 May 64,"Ancient And Modern",""
49,1964,6,05 Jun 64,"Moon Gathering",""
50,1964,7,26 Jun 64,"Midsummer Sense",""
51,1964,8,24 Jul 64,"Quasars",""
52,1964,9,21 Aug 64,"Red Gient, Yellow Planet, Blue Sun",""
53,1964,10,18 Sep 64,"Explosions In Space",""
54,1964,11,30 Oct 64,"Planet Earth",""
55,1964,12,13 Nov 64,"The Leonid Meteors",""
56,1964,13,11 Dec 64,"How Old Is The Earth",""
57,1965,1,15 Jan 65,"Unwelcome Atmospheres",""
58,1965,2,12 Mar 65,"Lava Or Dust?",""
59,1965,3,02 Apr 65,"Ancient Lore",""
60,1965,4,30 Apr 65,"Naked Eye Astronomy",""
61,1965,5,04 Jun 65,"How Long Is A Day?",""
62,1965,6,25 Jun 65,"Space Weather",""
63,1965,7,23 Jul 65,"Communicating With Other Worlds",""
64,1965,8,20 Aug 65,"Mars In Shot",""
65,1965,9,17 Sep 65,"Rethinking The Universe",""
66,1965,10,08 Oct 65,"Ninety Eight Inches",""
67,1965,11,21 Oct 65,"The Comet - Special Edition",""
68,1965,12,05 Nov 65,"The Unsteady Universe",""
69,1965,13,03 Dec 65,"The Extra Planet",""
70,1966,1,14 Jan 66,"The Moons Of Jupiter",""
71,1966,2,11 Feb 66,"Russian Moon Shot - Special Edition",""
72,1966,3,11 Feb 66,"The Barwell Meteorite",""
73,1966,4,11 Mar 66,"Man Of The Moon",""
74,1966,5,12 Apr 66,"Stars In Their Courses",""
75,1966,6,06 May 66,"Solar Eclipse",""
76,1966,7,03 Jun 66,"American Moon Soft Landing",""
77,1966,8,03 Jun 66,"The Royal Observatory",""
78,1966,9,08 Jul 66,"Activity On The Moon",""
79,1966,10,05 Aug 66,"Sun Time",""
80,1966,11,09 Sep 66,"The Outer Galaxies",""
81,1966,12,14 Oct 66,"The Planet With Rings",""
82,1966,13,11 Nov 66,"Fireworks From Space",""
83,1966,14,09 Dec 66,"The End Of The World",""
84,1967,1,06 Jan 67,"The Giant Planet",""
85,1967,2,03 Feb 67,"Oberving Earth Satellites",""
86,1967,3,03 Mar 67,"Gas Clouds In Space",""
87,1967,4,21 Mar 67,"Craters On The Moon",""
88,1967,5,28 Apr 67,"The Past 10 Years Of The Sky At Night",""
89,1967,6,26 May 67,"A New Look At Mars",""
90,1967,7,23 Jun 67,"Vega",""
91,1967,8,21 Jul 67,"Lord Rosse's Great Telescope",""
92,1967,9,18 Aug 67,"Exploding Stars",""
93,1967,10,15 Sep 67,"Invisible Astronomy",""
94,1967,11,13 Oct 67,"Cameras Around The Moon",""
95,1967,12,10 Nov 67,"Venus Observed",""
96,1967,13,08 Dec 67,"Lumps From Outer Space",""
97,1968,1,05 Jan 68,"Home Build Observatories",""
98,1968,2,02 Feb 68,"Calendars Of Other Worlds",""
99,1968,3,01 Mar 68,"The New Planetarium",""
100,1968,4,29 Mar 68,"Black Clouds In The Galaxy",""
101,1968,5,26 Apr 68,"Flights Of Space Fancy",""
102,1968,6,24 May 68,"A Close Pass By Icarus",""
103,1968,7,21 Jun 68,"The Unquiet Sun",""
104,1968,8,19 Jul 68,"Pulsars",""
105,1968,9,16 Aug 68,"The Structure Of The Moon",""
106,1968,10,09 Sep 68,"The Siberian Eclipse Of The Sun",""
107,1968,11,07 Oct 68,"The Total Eclipse Of The Sun",""
108,1968,12,04 Nov 68,"The Clock Of Space",""
109,1968,13,02 Dec 67,"Venus - The Hot Planet",""
110,1968,14,30 Dec 68,"The Moon And The Earth",""
111,1969,1,27 Jan 69,"The Moon - A New Era",""
112,1969,2,24 Feb 69,"How Much Can You See?",""
113,1969,3,24 Mar 69,"Jupiter - The Giant Planet",""
114,1969,4,21 Apr 69,"The Moon And The Earth",""
115,1969,5,19 May 69,"Mars: Target Two",""
116,1969,6,30 May 69,"Recent Moon Pictures",""
117,1969,7,16 Jun 69,"When Venus Crosses The Sun",""
118,1969,8,14 Jul 69,"The Needles Of Space",""
119,1969,9,03 Aug 69,"The Sky at Night Special: Mariner At Mars",""
120,1969,10,11 Aug 69,"Fly Past Mars",""
121,1969,11,18 Sep 69,"Moonquakes",""
122,1969,12,09 Jun 69,"Relativity",""
123,1969,13,07 Oct 69,"Stars That Come And Go",""
124,1969,14,04 Nov 69,"The Moons Of Saturn",""
125,1969,15,02 Dec 69,"The Grand Tour",""
126,1969,16,24 Dec 69,"1969 Year of Space",""
127,1970,1,12 Jan 70,"Wanderers In Space",""
128,1970,2,12 Jan 70,"Moonrock",""
129,1970,3,27 Jan 70,"Galaxy Machine",""
130,1970,4,24 Feb 70,"The Crab Nebula",""
131,1970,5,07 Mar 70,"Total Eclipse In Mexico",""
132,1970,6,23 Mar 70,"Photography Of The Moon",""
133,1970,7,28 Apr 70,"When Mercury Crosses The Sun",""
134,1970,8,26 May 70,"Back Garden Observatories",""
135,1970,9,16 Jun 70,"Steering By The Stars",""
136,1970,10,14 Jul 70,"The Moons Of Mars",""
137,1970,11,25 Aug 70,"Astronomers In The Space Age",""
138,1970,12,15 Sep 70,"Moon Quakes",""
139,1970,13,14 Oct 70,"Rockets To The Planets",""
140,1970,14,18 Nov 70,"Infrared Astronomy & Neil Armstrong",""
141,1970,15,16 Dec 70,"Planets Of Other Suns",""
142,1971,1,13 Jan 71,"The Approach Of Mars",""
143,1971,2,03 Feb 71,"Russian And American Space Achievements",""
144,1971,3,03 Mar 71,"Sirius The Dog Star",""
145,1971,4,01 Apr 71,"A Black Hole In Space",""
146,1971,5,27 Apr 71,"Jupiter - The Other Magnetic Planet",""
147,1971,6,08 Jun 71,"Orbiting Space Stations",""
148,1971,7,30 Jun 71,"Tracking The Stars",""
149,1971,8,21 Jul 71,"How Far Are The Stars?",""
150,1971,9,18 Aug 71,"Mars Comes Close",""
151,1971,10,15 Sep 71,"The Life And Death Of A Star",""
152,1971,11,13 Oct 71,"Kepler - Genius And Mystic",""
153,1971,12,17 Nov 71,"Target Mars",""
154,1971,13,07 Dec 71,"A Telescope Comes Home",""
155,1972,1,12 Jan 72,"The Great Bear",""
156,1972,2,02 Feb 72,"X-Ray Stars",""
157,1972,3,01 Mar 72,"Mars - A Dynamic World",""
158,1972,4,27 Mar 72,"What Do You Want To Know?",""
159,1972,5,12 Apr 72,"15th Anniversary Programme",""
160,1972,6,24 May 72,"The 10th Planet",""
161,1972,7,24 May 72,"Midsummer and Megaliths",""
162,1972,8,19 Jul 72,"Jupiter - The Colossal Planet",""
163,1972,9,16 Aug 72,"The Andromeda Galaxy",""
164,1972,10,18 Sep 72,"An Exploded Planet",""
165,1972,11,02 Oct 72,"Mars",""
166,1972,12,30 Oct 72,"Collapsing Stars",""
167,1972,13,04 Dec 72,"Tycho's Star",""
168,1973,1,08 Jan 73,"1973 - An Exciting Year",""
169,1973,2,07 Feb 73,"Practical Work In The Observatory",""
170,1973,3,19 Mar 73,"Sirius - The Brightest Star",""
171,1973,4,02 Apr 73,"The Eclipse Of The Century",""
172,1973,5,30 Apr 73,"How Big Are The Planets?",""
173,1973,6,04 Jun 73,"The Colours Of The Stars",""
174,1973,7,11 Jul 73,"The African Eclipse",""
175,1973,8,01 Aug 73,"Navigational Astronomy",""
176,1973,9,29 Aug 73,"Venus - A Cratered World",""
177,1973,10,18 Sep 73,"The Moon Illusion",""
178,1973,11,17 Oct 73,"The Volcanoes Of Mars",""
179,1973,12,07 Nov 73,"When Mercury Crosses The Sun",""
180,1973,13,12 Dec 73,"Jupiter",""
181,1973,14,28 Dec 73,"Kohoutek's Comet",""
182,1974,1,27 Jan 74,"Positional Astronomy",""
183,1974,2,19 Feb 74,"Saturn And Its Satellites",""
184,1974,3,30 Mar 74,"Milky Way & Mars Probes",""
185,1974,4,24 Apr 74,"Messenger To Mercury",""
186,1974,5,15 May 74,"Life In The Universe",""
187,1974,6,17 Jun 74,"The Daylight Star",""
188,1974,7,10 Jul 74,"The Heart Of The Scorpion",""
189,1974,8,07 Aug 74,"Shooting Stars",""
190,1974,9,04 Sep 74,"Choosing A Telescope",""
191,1974,10,02 Oct 74,"Lord Rosse's Telescope",""
192,1974,11,30 Oct 74,"The Changing Force Of Gravity",""
193,1974,12,26 Nov 74,"Eros - The Wanderer In Space",""
194,1974,13,18 Dec 74,"The Year Of The Planets",""
195,1975,1,06 Jan 75,"Orion The Hunter",""
196,1975,2,06 Feb 75,"New Northern Hemisphere Laboratory",""
197,1975,3,05 Mar 75,"Algol - The Winking Demon",""
198,1975,4,07 Apr 75,"Astronomy Of The Infrared",""
199,1975,5,30 Apr 75,"The Outer Planets",""
200,1975,6,30 May 75,"The Mysterious X-Rays",""
201,1975,7,01 Jul 75,"The Hot Clouds Of The Sun",""
202,1975,8,28 Jul 75,"The New Moon",""
203,1975,9,28 Aug 75,"The Galilean Satellites",""
204,1975,10,23 Sep 75,"The Origin Of The Universe",""
205,1975,11,22 Oct 75,"New Star In Cygnus",""
206,1975,12,12 Nov 75,"The Rocks On Venus",""
207,1975,13,10 Dec 75,"The Search For Life In The Universe",""
208,1976,1,21 Jan 76,"The Changing Face Of Mars",""
209,1976,2,18 Feb 76,"The Pole Star",""
210,1976,3,18 Mar 76,"Black Holes In Space",""
211,1976,4,21 Apr 76,"The Rings Of Saturn",""
212,1976,5,20 May 76,"The Sun And The Earth",""
213,1976,6,14 Jun 76,"Neutron Stars",""
214,1976,7,15 Jul 76,"Viking To Mars",""
215,1976,8,11 Aug 76,"Viking On Mars",""
216,1976,9,10 Sep 76,"How Far Can You See?",""
217,1976,10,28 Sep 76,"Viking - The End Of The Beginning",""
218,1976,11,28 Oct 76,"A New Look From Greenwich",""
219,1976,12,24 Nov 76,"Quasars - The Remotest Objects In The Universe",""
220,1976,13,15 Dec 76,"The Evening Star",""
221,1977,1,17 Jan 77,"Sirius - The Dog Star",""
222,1977,2,17 Feb 77,"Travel In Space And Time",""
223,1977,3,16 Mar 77,"The Mapping Of Mercury",""
224,1977,4,20 Apr 77,"20th Anniversary Programme",""
225,1977,5,18 May 77,"The Solar Cycle",""
226,1977,6,15 Jun 77,"Uranus - The Second Ringed Planet",""
227,1977,7,20 Jul 77,"The New Infrared Telescope",""
228,1977,8,10 Aug 77,"The Swan In The Sky",""
229,1977,9,10 Aug 77,"The Voyager Missions",""
230,1977,10,28 Sep 77,"Stars Of The Far South",""
231,1977,11,24 Oct 77,"The Amateur Astronomer",""
232,1977,12,23 Nov 77,"Why Do Planets Shine?",""
233,1977,13,16 Dec 77,"Sun, Spaceships and Bug-Eyed Monsters",""
234,1978,1,11 Jan 78,"Exploring The Night Sky With Binoculars",""
235,1978,2,08 Feb 78,"The Nearest Galaxies",""
236,1978,3,08 Mar 78,"The New Mars",""
237,1978,4,05 Apr 78,"The Asteroids",""
238,1978,5,17 May 78,"Birth Of A Star",""
239,1978,6,09 Jun 78,"Astronomers' View Of The Earth",""
240,1978,7,28 Jun 78,"Gamma-Ray Astronomy",""
241,1978,8,26 Jul 78,"The Edge Of The Solar System",""
242,1978,9,23 Aug 78,"Questions And Answers",""
243,1978,10,14 Sep 78,"Does Anything Ever Happen On The Moon?",""
244,1978,11,11 Oct 78,"Where Did Life Begin?",""
245,1978,12,15 Nov 78,"Exploded Star",""
246,1978,13,12 Dec 78,"The Alignment Of The Planets",""
247,1979,1,10 Jan 79,"Venus Explored",""
248,1979,2,05 Feb 79,"The Man Who Mapped The Nebulae",""
249,1979,3,08 Mar 79,"Is Life On Earth Unique?",""
250,1979,4,04 Apr 79,"The Space Between The Stars",""
251,1979,5,02 May 79,"Voyager To Jupiter",""
252,1979,6,30 May 79,"Looking At The Weather From Space",""
253,1979,7,27 Jun 79,"X-Rays From Space",""
254,1979,8,09 Jul 79,"Down To Earth - The End Of Skylab",""
255,1979,9,24 Jul 79,"Voyager 2 Reaches Jupiter",""
256,1979,10,21 Aug 79,"The Zodiac",""
257,1979,11,19 Sep 79,"Pioneer To Saturn",""
258,1979,12,18 Oct 79,"Observing The Sun",""
259,1979,13,22 Nov 79,"The Message Of Starlight",""
260,1979,14,11 Dec 79,"UFOs - Fact Or Fantasy?",""
261,1980,1,10 Jan 80,"Mapping The Sky",""
262,1980,2,07 Feb 80,"Saturn - The Disappearing Rings",""
263,1980,3,20 Mar 80,"The Man Who Discovered A Planet",""
264,1980,4,17 Apr 80,"The Multiple-Mirror Telescope",""
265,1980,5,13 May 80,"Journey To The Centre Of The Galaxy",""
266,1980,6,10 Jun 80,"Kitt Peak Observatory",""
267,1980,7,10 Jul 80,"Quasars",""
268,1980,8,06 Aug 80,"The Mapping Of Venus",""
269,1980,9,04 Sep 80,"Meteor Crater",""
270,1980,10,01 Oct 80,"The Autumn Equinox",""
271,1980,11,28 Oct 80,"The Scintars",""
272,1980,12,20 Nov 80,"Voyager 1 Reaches Saturn",""
273,1980,13,07 Dec 80,"The Quadrantids",""
274,1981,1,11 Jan 81,"The 200-Inch Telescope At Mount Palomar",""
275,1981,2,08 Feb 81,"The Sword Of Orion",""
276,1981,3,08 Mar 81,"Mr Herschel's Planet",""
277,1981,4,05 Apr 81,"The Spring Sky",""
278,1981,5,03 May 81,"In The Beginning",""
279,1981,6,31 May 81,"Neptune - The Mysterious Giant",""
280,1981,7,28 Jun 81,"Bombardment From Space",""
281,1981,8,26 Jul 81,"The Summer Sky",""
282,1981,9,23 Aug 81,"The Perseids",""
283,1981,10,20 Sep 81,"Voyager 2 - A Second Opinion Of Saturn",""
284,1981,11,18 Oct 81,"A Tribute to Sir Bernard Lovell",""
285,1981,12,15 Nov 81,"The Autumn Sky",""
286,1981,13,13 Dec 81,"The Star Of Bethlehem",""
287,1982,1,10 Jan 82,"The Winter Sky",""
288,1982,2,07 Feb 82,"The Changing Face Of Venus",""
289,1982,3,14 Mar 82,"The Largest Star?",""
290,1982,4,04 Apr 82,"When Planets Loop The Loop",""
291,1982,5,25 Apr 82,"The Unfolding Universe (25th Anniversary)",""
292,1982,6,16 May 82,"The Depths Of Space",""
293,1982,7,06 Jun 82,"La Palma - A New Observatory",""
294,1982,8,18 Jul 82,"The Hunt For The Tenth Planet",""
295,1982,9,22 Aug 82,"Siding Spring",""
296,1982,10,26 Sep 82,"The Mystery Of The Spiral Arm",""
297,1982,11,21 Oct 82,"The Return Of Halley's Comet",""
298,1982,12,31 Oct 82,"The Cosmic Serpent",""
299,1982,13,05 Dec 82,"The Last Man On The Moon",""
300,1983,1,09 Jan 83,"The Winter Sky",""
301,1983,2,06 Feb 83,"IRAS - A New Frontier",""
302,1983,3,06 Mar 83,"Mauna Kea - Half Way To Space",""
303,1983,4,10 Apr 83,"The Quickest Pulsar",""
304,1983,5,08 May 83,"Neutrino Hunting",""
305,1983,6,05 Jun 83,"Speckles Of Light",""
306,1983,7,03 Jul 83,"Pioneering The Heliosphere",""
307,1983,8,31 Jul 83,"Illuminating Quasars",""
308,1983,9,04 Sep 83,"Unlocking The Secrets Of Vega",""
309,1983,10,25 Sep 83,"The Autumn Sky",""
310,1983,11,23 Oct 83,"The Mount Wilson Observatory",""
311,1983,12,20 Nov 83,"Discoveries In Space",""
312,1983,13,11 Dec 83,"The Black Hole Weigh-In",""
313,1984,1,08 Jan 84,"The Winter Sky",""
314,1984,2,05 Feb 84,"At The Castle Gate",""
315,1984,3,11 Mar 84,"Venus Unveiled",""
316,1984,4,01 Apr 84,"The Secret Lives Of The Stars",""
317,1984,5,29 Apr 84,"New Life For Solar Max",""
318,1984,6,20 May 84,"Cooking The Elements",""
319,1984,7,10 Jun 84,"A Night With The INT",""
320,1984,8,15 Jul 84,"Missions To Comets",""
321,1984,9,19 Aug 84,"The Orange World Of Titan",""
322,1984,10,16 Sep 84,"Shells Around Stars",""
323,1984,11,14 Oct 84,"Once Upon A Time",""
324,1984,12,18 Nov 84,"Reflection Nebulae",""
325,1984,13,09 Dec 84,"Forgotten Constellations",""
326,1985,1,13 Jan 85,"Worlds Apart",""
327,1985,2,10 Feb 85,"Colours Of The Stars",""
328,1985,3,10 Mar 85,"The Year Of The Comet",""
329,1985,4,31 Mar 85,"The Infrared Sky",""
330,1985,5,05 May 85,"Moon Rills",""
331,1985,6,02 Jun 85,"Little Worlds",""
332,1985,7,30 Jun 85,"Summer Sky",""
333,1985,8,28 Jul 85,"Infrared At Siding Spring",""
334,1985,9,18 Aug 85,"Mizar",""
335,1985,10,08 Sep 85,"The Computerised Amateur",""
336,1985,11,13 Oct 85,"Red Shift - Or Red Herring?",""
337,1985,12,12 Nov 85,"The Comet Returns",""
338,1985,13,15 Dec 85,"How Wrong We Were",""
339,1986,1,05 Jan 86,"Our Nearest Star",""
340,1986,2,04 Feb 86,"Voyager To Uranus",""
341,1986,3,13 Mar 86,"Halley's Comet - The Encounter",""
342,1986,4,06 Apr 86,"The Spring Sky",""
343,1986,5,27 Apr 86,"The Story Of Saturn",""
344,1986,6,25 May 86,"Halley - The End Of The Tale?",""
345,1986,7,29 Jun 86,"The Summer Sky",""
346,1986,8,27 Jul 86,"The Death Of A Star",""
347,1986,9,17 Aug 86,"The Innermost Planet",""
348,1986,10,14 Sep 86,"The Furthest Depths Of The Universe",""
349,1986,11,12 Oct 86,"The Autumn Sky",""
350,1986,12,09 Nov 86,"The Cosmic Lawn Sprinkler",""
351,1986,13,21 Dec 86,"The Galilean Moons",""
352,1987,1,18 Jan 87,"Photographing The Sky",""
353,1987,2,08 Feb 87,"The Study Of Variable Stars",""
354,1987,3,15 Mar 87,"Stellar Catastrophe",""
355,1987,4,24 Apr 87,"A Celebration (30th Anniversary)",""
356,1987,5,17 May 87,"Air On Other Worlds",""
357,1987,6,14 Jun 87,"High Moon",""
358,1987,7,12 Jul 87,"The William Herschel Telescope",""
359,1987,8,09 Aug 87,"The Roof Of The World",""
360,1987,9,06 Sep 87,"The Hunt For Planet Ten",""
361,1987,10,27 Sep 87,"The Exploding Star",""
362,1987,11,18 Oct 87,"Jodrell - The Listening Bank",""
363,1987,12,15 Nov 87,"A Telescope For Christmas",""
364,1987,13,13 Dec 87,"Where Are The Stars",""
365,1988,1,17 Jan 88,"The Winter Sky",""
366,1988,2,21 Feb 88,"The Brilliant Planets",""
367,1988,3,20 Mar 88,"Yerkes Observatory",""
368,1988,4,10 Apr 88,"The Awakening Sun",""
369,1988,5,08 May 88,"Quasars, Redshifts And Controversy",""
370,1988,6,05 Jun 88,"Planets Revisited",""
371,1988,7,10 Jul 88,"The Summer Sky",""
372,1988,8,31 Jul 88,"Cosmic Fireworks",""
373,1988,9,21 Aug 88,"Watch This Space",""
374,1988,10,11 Sep 88,"Mars In Close-Up",""
375,1988,11,16 Oct 88,"Observing The Autumn Sky",""
376,1988,12,13 Nov 88,"Radio Stars",""
377,1988,13,11 Dec 88,"Close Encounters",""
378,1989,1,15 Jan 89,"Mysteries of the Winter Sky",""
379,1989,2,12 Feb 89,"Icebergs and Crouching Giants",""
380,1989,3,12 Mar 89,"Cosmic Lighthouse",""
381,1989,4,09 Apr 89,"Observing from La Silla",""
382,1989,5,07 May 89,"Exploring the Ultraviolet Sky",""
383,1989,6,04 Jun 89,"Telescopes for the 90s",""
384,1989,7,02 Jul 89,"The Curious Little World Of Pluto",""
385,1989,8,30 Jul 89,"Eclipse Of The Moon",""
386,1989,9,20 Aug 89,"Observing from the Atacama",""
387,1989,10,10 Sep 89,"Neptune: Voyager's Last Planet",""
388,1989,11,15 Oct 89,"The Making Of An Astronomer",""
389,1989,12,12 Nov 89,"The Bull in the Sky",""
390,1989,13,10 Dec 89,"Voyager's Grand Tour",""
391,1990,1,21 Jan 90,"Tales Of The Unexpected",""
392,1990,2,18 Feb 90,"Window On The Universe",""
393,1990,3,11 Mar 90,"Visitor From Space",""
394,1990,4,08 Apr 90,"The Lion And The Crab",""
395,1990,5,06 May 90,"When Is A Star Not A Star?",""
396,1990,6,03 Jun 90,"Looking Back In Time",""
397,1990,7,01 Jul 90,"Our Daylight Star",""
398,1990,8,29 Jul 90,"Mission To Titan",""
399,1990,9,26 Aug 90,"The Unveiling Of Venus",""
400,1990,10,23 Sep 90,"Europe In Space",""
401,1990,11,21 Oct 90,"Armagh's 'Flare' For Astronomy",""
402,1990,12,18 Nov 90,"New Maps Of The Universe",""
403,1990,13,09 Dec 90,"ROSAT Space Telescope",""
404,1991,1,20 Jan 91,"Mars - The Red Planet",""
405,1991,2,17 Feb 91,"The Fastest Clocks In The Universe",""
406,1991,3,10 Mar 91,"Jupiter And Family",""
407,1991,4,31 Mar 91,"Bombardment From Space",""
408,1991,5,28 Apr 91,"Wanderers In Space",""
409,1991,6,26 May 91,"Guarding Their Secrets",""
410,1991,7,30 Jun 91,"Saturn - The Ringed Planet",""
411,1991,8,28 Jul 91,"Soviet Space Astronomy",""
412,1991,9,25 Aug 91,"The Pole Star",""
413,1991,10,22 Sep 91,"A Galaxy In Creation?",""
414,1991,11,20 Oct 91,"Hubble - A New View Of The Universe?",""
415,1991,12,17 Nov 91,"Nothing But Blue Skies?",""
416,1991,13,08 Dec 91,"The Strangest Planet",""
417,1992,1,12 Jan 92,"Outposts Of The Universe",""
418,1992,2,23 Feb 92,"Sky-Watcher",""
419,1992,3,15 Mar 92,"Vermin Of The Skies?",""
420,1992,4,05 Apr 92,"Shooting The Stars",""
421,1992,5,26 Apr 92,"Space For Astronomy - 35Th Anniversary Programme",""
422,1992,6,31 May 92,"Background Of The Universe",""
423,1992,7,28 Jun 92,"Our Outer Giants",""
424,1992,8,19 Jul 92,"Comets - A Second View",""
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