number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,22 Mar 11,"Covert Aggression in Netball",""
2,1,2,29 Mar 11,"Those People in the Paper",""
3,1,3,29 Mar 11,"Reality Bites",""
4,1,4,05 Apr 11,"Worlds Collide",""
5,1,5,12 Apr 11,"Fascinator Rhythm",""
6,1,6,19 Apr 11,"Peace of the Past",""
7,1,7,03 May 11,"Like a Virgin",""
8,1,8,10 May 11,"Secrets and Lies",""
9,1,9,17 May 11,"One Door Opens",""
10,1,10,24 May 11,"Countdown",""
11,1,11,31 May 11,"Smelling the Roses",""
12,1,12,07 Jun 11,"Out of Left Field",""
13,1,13,14 Jun 11,"What Doesn't Kill You",""
14,1,14,21 Jun 11,"Two Point Oh",""
15,1,15,28 Jun 11,"Happiness is a Delusion",""
16,1,16,05 Jul 11,"Dialing Up the Crazy",""
17,1,17,12 Jul 11,"The Pink Dog",""
18,1,18,19 Jul 11,"Mum's the Word",""
19,1,19,02 Aug 11,"We Are Family",""
20,1,20,09 Aug 11,"It's Written in the Stars",""
21,1,21,16 Aug 11,"Eat, Pray, Love",""
22,1,22,23 Aug 11,"Second Chances",""
23,2,1,26 Jun 12,"The Happy Ever After Thing",""
24,2,2,03 Jul 12,"Grape Expectations",""
25,2,3,10 Jul 12,"Welcome to the Family",""
26,2,4,17 Jul 12,"Juggling's Not Just a Party Trick",""
27,2,5,24 Jul 12,"A Day in the Life",""
28,2,6,31 Jul 12,"Twists of Fete",""
29,2,7,07 Aug 12,"What Lies Beneath",""
30,2,8,14 Aug 12,"Letters and Lies",""
31,2,9,21 Aug 12,"Stalled",""
32,2,10,21 Aug 12,"Moving On",""
33,2,11,28 Aug 12,"Future Tense",""
34,2,12,04 Sep 12,"Maybe Baby",""
35,2,13,11 Sep 12,"A Problem Shared",""
36,2,14,18 Sep 12,"The Right Time",""
37,2,15,02 Oct 12,"Footprints",""
38,2,16,09 Oct 12,"A Whole New World",""
39,2,17,16 Oct 12,"Matters of the Heart",""
40,2,18,23 Oct 12,"Eyes Wide Open",""
41,2,19,30 Oct 12,"To Have and to Hold",""
42,2,20,06 Nov 12,"The Whole Truth",""
43,2,21,13 Nov 12,"Perfect Match",""
44,2,22,27 Nov 12,"This is Our Last Goodbye",""
45,3,1,09 Jul 13,"Whys & What Ifs",""
46,3,2,16 Jul 13,"Head in the Sand",""
47,3,3,23 Jul 13,"Self Defence",""
48,3,4,30 Jul 13,"When You Least Expect It",""
49,3,5,06 Aug 13,"In an Instant",""
50,3,6,13 Aug 13,"Blame It on the Moon",""
51,3,7,20 Aug 13,"I Shall Be Released",""
52,3,8,27 Aug 13,"Angle of Repose",""
53,3,9,03 Sep 13,"You Can Run",""
54,3,10,10 Sep 13,"How to Hide a Scar",""
55,3,11,17 Sep 13,"Dirty Little Secrets",""
56,3,12,24 Sep 13,"Love's Labour's Lost",""
57,3,13,26 Sep 13,"It's a Nice Day to Start Again",""
58,3,14,28 Jan 14,"The Wake Up Call",""
59,3,15,04 Feb 14,"Slip Sliding Away",""
60,3,16,11 Feb 14,"The Real Me",""
61,3,17,18 Feb 14,"Afternoon Delight",""
62,3,18,25 Feb 14,"Selective Reality",""
63,3,19,04 Mar 14,"Fallout",""
64,3,20,11 Mar 14,"Time Waits for No One",""
65,3,21,11 Mar 14,"The Right Wrong Choice",""
66,3,22,18 Mar 14,"You Choose You Lose",""
67,3,23,18 Mar 14,"The Forbidden Fruit",""
68,3,24,17 Jun 14,"Coming to Terms",""
69,3,25,17 Jun 14,"All Good Things...",""
70,3,26,24 Jun 14,"...Must Come to an End",""
71,4,1,01 Jul 14,"Two Out of Three Ain't Bad",""
72,4,2,08 Jul 14,"Shadow of a Doubt",""
73,4,3,15 Jul 14,"No Woman is an Island",""
74,4,4,22 Jul 14,"Ass of You and Me",""
75,4,5,29 Jul 14,"The Easy Way Out",""
76,4,6,05 Aug 14,"Ctrl-Alt-Delete",""
77,4,7,12 Aug 14,"The New Me",""
78,4,8,19 Aug 14,"Rock and a Hard Place",""
79,4,9,26 Aug 14,"Who Run the World",""
80,4,10,02 Sep 14,"Terms and Conditions",""
81,4,11,09 Sep 14,"So Long, Farewell",""
82,4,12,16 Sep 14,"Same, Same, But Different",""
83,4,13,23 Sep 14,"When You Least Expect It",""
84,4,14,14 Jul 15,"The Great Unknown",""
85,4,15,21 Jul 15,"This is Your Life?",""
86,4,16,28 Jul 15,"The Cold Light of Day",""
87,4,17,28 Jul 15,"What You Wish For",""
88,4,18,04 Aug 15,"Intervention",""
89,4,19,04 Aug 15,"Now the Rain is Gone",""
90,4,20,11 Aug 15,"Lean on Me",""
91,4,21,11 Aug 15,"Proof of Identity",""
92,4,22,18 Aug 15,"Through the Looking Glass",""
93,4,23,18 Aug 15,"Pride and Prejudice",""
94,4,24,25 Aug 15,"Unfinished Business",""
95,4,25,01 Sep 15,"Surface Tension Theory",""
96,4,26,08 Sep 15,"Happy Endings",""
97,5,1,05 Jul 16,"Let the Right One In",""
98,5,2,12 Jul 16,"Ready Set Go",""
99,5,3,19 Jul 16,"NBF",""
100,5,4,19 Jul 16,"When the Wheels Come Off",""
101,5,5,26 Jul 16,"Hook, Line & Sinker",""
102,5,6,26 Jul 16,"Caught in the Act",""
103,5,7,02 Aug 16,"Cold Hard Bitch",""
104,5,8,02 Aug 16,"No Going Back",""
105,5,9,23 Aug 16,"The Woman in the Mirror",""
106,5,10,30 Aug 16,"Best Laid Plans",""
107,5,11,06 Sep 16,"iBloom",""
108,5,12,12 Sep 16,"Ex Marks the Spot",""
109,5,13,12 Sep 16,"The Last Five Years",""