number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,13 Jul 08,"The Burning Man",""
2,1,2,20 Jul 08,"Bomber's Moon",""
3,2,1,03 May 09,"Gently with the Innocents",""
4,2,2,10 May 09,"Gently in the Night",""
5,2,3,17 May 09,"Gently in the Blood",""
6,2,4,24 May 09,"Gently Through the Mill",""
7,3,1,26 Sep 10,"Gently Evil",""
8,3,2,03 Oct 10,"Peace and Love",""
9,4,1,04 Sep 11,"Gently Upside Down",""
10,4,2,11 Sep 11,"Goodbye China",""
11,5,1,26 Aug 12,"Gently Northern Soul",""
12,5,2,02 Sep 12,"Gently with Class",""
13,5,3,09 Sep 12,"The Lost Child",""
14,5,4,16 Sep 12,"Gently in the Cathedral",""
15,6,1,06 Feb 14,"Gently Between the Lines",""
16,6,2,13 Feb 14,"Blue for Bluebird",""
17,6,3,20 Feb 14,"Gently with Honour",""
18,6,4,27 Feb 14,"Gently Going Under",""
19,7,1,29 Apr 15,"Gently with the Women",""
20,7,2,06 May 15,"Breathe In the Air",""
21,7,3,13 May 15,"Gently Among Friends",""
22,7,4,20 May 15,"Son of a Gun",""
23,8,1,21 May 17,"Gently Liberated",""
24,8,2,30 Oct 17,"Gently and the New Age",""
S01,1,0,08 Apr 07,"George Gently",""