number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,20 Jan 14,"White is the New Black",""
2,1,2,27 Jan 14,"Chicken Little",""
3,1,3,02 Feb 14,"First Kick at the Box",""
4,1,4,10 Feb 14,"The Puck Drops Here",""
5,1,5,17 Feb 14,"Where's the Beef?",""
6,1,6,24 Feb 14,"Edible Art",""
7,1,7,03 Mar 14,"Brains Before Beauty",""
8,1,8,10 Mar 14,"Major Steaks",""
9,1,9,17 Mar 14,"Great Canadian Bake Off",""
10,1,10,24 Mar 14,"Meals on Wheels",""
11,1,11,31 Mar 14,"Claws Out",""
12,1,12,07 Apr 14,"Line of Fire",""
13,1,13,14 Apr 14,"Family Style",""
14,1,14,21 Apr 14,"Not-Your-Average-Joe",""
15,1,15,28 Apr 14,"And Then There Were Two",""
16,2,1,01 Feb 15,"Fit to Be Tied",""
17,2,2,08 Feb 15,"Patriotic Pantry",""
18,2,3,15 Feb 15,"Constant Cravings",""
19,2,4,01 Mar 15,"Juggling Act",""
20,2,5,08 Mar 15,"Slice of Life",""
21,2,6,22 Mar 15,"One Potato, Two Potato",""
22,2,7,29 Mar 15,"No Piece of Cake",""
23,2,8,05 Apr 15,"Wedding on the Waves",""
24,2,9,12 Apr 15,"Good Things in Small Packages",""
25,2,10,19 Apr 15,"Walking on Eggshells",""
26,2,11,26 Apr 15,"Tea for Two",""
27,2,12,03 May 15,"Fine Dining Under Fire",""
28,2,13,10 May 15,"From Home, with Love",""
29,2,14,17 May 15,"The Trip Bountiful",""
30,2,15,24 May 15,"Ring of Fire",""
31,3,1,14 Feb 16,"Yes, No, Maybe So",""
32,3,2,21 Feb 16,"A Cut Above",""
33,3,3,06 Mar 16,"At Home and Abroad",""
34,3,4,13 Mar 16,"Trial by Fire",""
35,3,5,20 Mar 16,"Off the Hook",""
36,3,6,27 Mar 16,"Feast Your Eyes",""
37,3,7,10 Apr 16,"From the Heart",""
38,3,8,17 Apr 16,"Oktoberfest Feast",""
39,3,9,24 Apr 16,"Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes",""
40,3,10,01 May 16,"Out of This World",""
41,3,11,08 May 16,"Demon at the Pass",""
42,3,12,29 May 16,"Cooking with Cocktails",""
43,3,13,05 Jun 16,"Meals and Wheels",""
44,3,14,12 Jun 16,"Only the Best",""
45,3,15,19 Jun 16,"Finale",""
46,4,1,02 Mar 17,"Special Delivery",""
47,4,2,09 Mar 17,"Home on the Range",""
48,4,3,16 Mar 17,"True Patriot Love",""
49,4,4,23 Mar 17,"The Blind Leading the Blind",""
50,4,5,30 Mar 17,"Burgers for Bikers",""
51,4,6,06 Apr 17,"Jamie in the House",""
52,4,7,13 Apr 17,"Egg Showdown!",""
53,4,8,27 Apr 17,"Auberge Anniversary",""
54,4,9,04 May 17,"Take Five",""
55,4,10,11 May 17,"Harvest Family Dinner",""
56,4,11,25 May 17,"Sweet Francaise",""
57,4,12,01 Jun 17,"Finale",""
58,5,1,03 Apr 18,"Opportunity Knocks",""
59,5,2,10 Apr 18,"How Do You Take Your Mystery Box?",""
60,5,3,17 Apr 18,"Building An Appetite",""
61,5,4,24 Apr 18,"Fast and Epicure-ious",""
62,5,5,01 May 18,"Baker's Dozen",""
63,5,6,08 May 18,"Vive La Pressure Test",""
64,5,7,15 May 18,"The Magnificent Seven",""
65,5,8,22 May 18,"Cooking with Corner Gas",""
66,5,9,29 May 18,"On the Line of Fire",""
67,5,10,05 Jun 18,"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?",""
68,5,11,12 Jun 18,"Pop- Up Star",""
69,5,12,19 Jun 18,"Three Courses, One Crown",""
70,6,1,08 Apr 19,"MasterChef Canada Invitational",""
71,6,2,08 Apr 19,"Home Cooks, Your Roots Are Showing",""
72,6,3,15 Apr 19,"Top Hats and Tails",""
73,6,4,22 Apr 19,"Tastes Like Teen Spirit",""
74,6,5,29 Apr 19,"School Lunch!",""
75,6,6,06 May 19,"Risk and Reward",""
76,6,7,13 May 19,"Knife Fight!",""
77,6,8,20 May 19,"Into the Fire",""
78,6,9,27 May 19,"Wheel of Fruit",""
79,6,10,27 May 19,"Gifts From the Earth",""
80,6,11,03 Jun 19,"Fire and Ice",""
81,6,12,10 Jun 19,"Final Showdown",""
82,7,1,14 Feb 21,"The Dish That Haunts You",""
83,7,2,21 Feb 21,"Japanese Showdown",""
84,7,3,07 Mar 21,"MCC4U",""
85,7,4,14 Mar 21,"Pressure, Italian Style",""
86,7,5,21 Mar 21,"Plant-Based Paradise",""
87,7,6,28 Mar 21,"Kitchenary!",""
88,7,7,04 Apr 21,"Food of the Future",""
89,7,8,11 Apr 21,"Seafood Extravaganza",""
90,7,9,18 Apr 21,"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?",""
91,7,10,02 May 21,"The Sweet Taste of Success",""
92,7,11,09 May 21,"Ordinary to Extraordinary",""
93,7,12,16 May 21,"Back to Win Finale",""
S03,3,0,05 Dec 16,"All-Star Family Edition (120 min)",""