number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,07 Mar 12,"The Shark, the Smooth-Talker, and the New Kid",""
2,1,2,14 Mar 12,"Parlez-Vous, Francais?",""
3,1,3,21 Mar 12,"Hard Hats and Hard Heads",""
4,1,4,28 Mar 12,"Construction, Conniptions, and a Kangaroo",""
5,1,5,04 Apr 12,"The Casting Couch",""
6,1,6,11 Apr 12,"Bailing on the Bully",""
7,1,7,18 Apr 12,"Don't Throw Stones in Glass Buildings",""
8,1,8,25 Apr 12,"Sweden and the Shark",""
9,1,9,02 May 12,"Look Me in the Eye",""
10,2,1,08 May 13,"Surprise Bitch, I'm in the Pool",""
11,2,2,15 May 13,"Two Hotheads and a Hurricane",""
12,2,3,22 May 13,"Bow Rooms and Broome Sticks",""
13,2,4,29 May 13,"Video Killed the Real Estate Star",""
14,2,5,05 Jun 13,"All the World's a-Staging",""
15,2,6,12 Jun 13,"The Days of Licking Bricks Are Over",""
16,2,7,19 Jun 13,"Will Haze for Listening",""
17,2,8,26 Jun 13,"Lord Have Mercer!",""
18,2,9,10 Jul 13,"Don't Forget the Hands! Dinosaur Hands!",""
19,2,10,17 Jul 13,"Harlem Shake",""
20,2,11,24 Jul 13,"Do You Fredrik, Take This Building?",""
21,2,12,31 Jul 13,"A Shark is Born",""
22,3,1,02 Apr 14,"This City Will Eat You Alive",""
23,3,2,09 Apr 14,"It's Time to Eat the Fish!",""
24,3,3,16 Apr 14,"There's No Crying in Real Estate",""
25,3,4,23 Apr 14,"Reach High",""
26,3,5,30 Apr 14,"I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts",""
27,3,6,07 May 14,"Bidding War Bitches",""
28,3,7,14 May 14,"East Coast vs. West Coast",""
29,3,8,21 May 14,"Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads",""
30,3,9,28 May 14,"I Dream of Jeanne",""
31,3,10,04 Jun 14,"From Pocket Squares to Pocket Listings",""
32,3,11,11 Jun 14,"The Wolves of Wall St.",""
33,3,12,18 Jun 14,"Reunion Part 1",""
34,3,13,25 Jun 14,"Reunion Part 2",""
35,3,14,02 Jul 14,"Uncensored",""
36,4,1,15 Apr 15,"New Wheels, New Deals",""
37,4,2,22 Apr 15,"Bids & Brawls",""
38,4,3,29 Apr 15,"Three Brokers and a Baby",""
39,4,4,06 May 15,"Frenemies Unite",""
40,4,5,13 May 15,"Walking on Eggshells",""
41,4,6,20 May 15,"Unfinished Business",""
42,4,7,27 May 15,"I Love You, Puffer Munkin",""
43,4,8,03 Jun 15,"Don't Count Your Eggs...",""
44,4,9,10 Jun 15,"Dude, Where's My Broker?",""
45,4,10,17 Jun 15,"Luis 2.0",""
46,4,11,24 Jun 15,"The Final Shakedown",""
47,4,12,01 Jul 15,"Don't Touch Me, Bro",""
48,5,1,21 Apr 16,"50 Shades of Greystone (90 min)",""
49,5,2,28 Apr 16,"Bleecker and Bleaker",""
50,5,3,05 May 16,"Planet of the Capes",""
51,5,4,12 May 16,"No Sleep Till Brooklyn Sells",""
52,5,5,19 May 16,"Murray Up and Wait",""
53,5,6,26 May 16,"Tug of Warhol",""
54,5,7,02 Jun 16,"A More Modern Family",""
55,5,8,09 Jun 16,"No Moore Mr. Nice Guy",""
56,5,9,16 Jun 16,"Take a Walker",""
57,5,10,23 Jun 16,"Windows to Your Sale",""
58,5,11,30 Jun 16,"Real Men Wear Pink...Tutus (75 min)",""
59,5,12,07 Jul 16,"Seaportlandia (90 min)",""
60,6,1,25 May 17,"Good as Gold (75 min)",""
61,6,2,01 Jun 17,"The Kids Aren't Alright",""
62,6,3,08 Jun 17,"Frankel-y Speaking",""
63,6,4,15 Jun 17,"Hashtag, You're It",""
64,6,5,22 Jun 17,"Under the Influencers",""
65,6,6,29 Jun 17,"Ice, Ice, Ryan",""
66,6,7,06 Jul 17,"Co-List or No-List",""
67,6,8,13 Jul 17,"It Takes a (East) Village",""
68,6,9,20 Jul 17,"You Can Call Me Al...berto",""
69,6,10,27 Jul 17,"Wake. Sell. Repeat.",""
70,6,11,03 Aug 17,"Pushing the Envelopes",""
71,6,12,10 Aug 17,"The French Connection (75 min)",""
72,7,1,11 Jun 18,"Rebel Without a House",""
73,7,2,18 Jun 18,"Peanut Butter & Jealous",""
74,7,3,25 Jun 18,"50 Cent & 6 Percent",""
75,7,4,02 Jul 18,"Chinese Take-Out",""
76,7,5,17 Jul 18,"Ready, Set, Baby!",""
77,7,6,24 Jul 18,"Circa Circus",""
78,7,7,31 Jul 18,"Pool Party",""
79,7,8,07 Aug 18,"Town Goes Down",""
80,7,9,14 Aug 18,"Trouble in Paradise",""
81,7,10,21 Aug 18,"Billion Dollar Listing",""
82,7,11,28 Aug 18,"Yippee Ki Yay!",""
83,7,12,04 Sep 18,"Whale of a Sale",""
84,8,1,01 Aug 19,"Drumming Up Buyers (90 min)",""
85,8,2,08 Aug 19,"A New York Upstate of Mind",""
86,8,3,15 Aug 19,"Tech-nical Difficulties",""
87,8,4,22 Aug 19,"Jess We Can!",""
88,8,5,29 Aug 19,"Construction Criticism",""
89,8,6,05 Sep 19,"The Weight is Over",""
90,8,7,12 Sep 19,"Polar Opposites",""
91,8,8,19 Sep 19,"Better Laight than Never",""
92,8,9,26 Sep 19,"The Snowball Effect",""
93,8,10,03 Oct 19,"Coast Stories",""
94,8,11,10 Oct 19,"Loss Angeles",""
95,8,12,17 Oct 19,"Ruffled Heathers",""
96,8,13,24 Oct 19,"Co-List or No-List",""
97,8,14,31 Oct 19,"Four Men and a Baby (75 min)",""
98,9,1,06 May 21,"New Girl On The Block",""
99,9,2,13 May 21,"Freddy's Back!",""
100,9,3,20 May 21,"House of Style",""
101,9,4,27 May 21,"Townhouse in the Sky",""
102,9,5,03 Jun 21,"Walkups and Meltdowns",""
103,9,6,10 Jun 21,"Escape from New York",""
104,9,7,17 Jun 21,"Virtually Freddy",""
105,9,8,24 Jun 21,"Downward Dog, Upward Mobility",""
106,9,9,08 Jul 21,"Broker in the Rye",""
107,9,10,15 Jul 21,"New York Upstate of Mind",""
108,9,11,22 Jul 21,"Virtual Insanity",""
109,9,12,29 Jul 21,"A Home for Hope",""
110,9,13,05 Aug 21,"Power Playdate",""
111,9,14,12 Aug 21,"Wined, Dined, Deal?",""
112,9,15,19 Aug 21,"Meltdown in Midtown",""
113,9,16,26 Aug 21,"New York is Back!",""
S05,5,0,22 Sep 16,"Ryan's Wedding Ep 1: It's All Greek to Me",""
S05,5,0,29 Sep 16,"Ryan's Wedding Ep 2: Million Dollar...Wedding",""
S05,5,0,06 Oct 16,"Ryan's Wedding Ep 3: Poseidon Serhant",""
S05,5,0,13 Oct 16,"Ryan's Wedding Ep 4: Here Comes the Bride...Zilla",""