number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,09 Jan 05,"The Weigh In",""
2,1,2,16 Jan 05,"The Pool Challenge",""
3,1,3,23 Jan 05,"The Boxing Workout",""
4,1,4,30 Jan 05,"The Weakest Link",""
5,1,5,13 Feb 05,"Celeb. Sleepover",""
6,1,6,20 Feb 05,"Elementary Olympics",""
7,1,7,06 Mar 05,"Cells Phones, Spas and a Tug of War",""
8,1,8,13 Mar 05,"The Final Weigh In (90 min)",""
9,2,1,10 Jul 05,"Welcome to Fit Club",""
10,2,2,17 Jul 05,"The Boxing Match",""
11,2,3,24 Jul 05,"Rickshaw Races",""
12,2,4,31 Jul 05,"The Zorb Challenge",""
13,2,5,14 Aug 05,"Here Come the Marines",""
14,2,6,21 Aug 05,"Flying Trapezes",""
15,2,7,28 Aug 05,"Fit Camp Shoot Off",""
16,2,8,04 Sep 05,"The Biggest Loser (90 min)",""
17,3,1,01 Jan 06,"Introduction",""
18,3,2,08 Jan 06,"The Meltdown",""
19,3,3,15 Jan 06,"Three Strikes You're Out",""
20,3,4,22 Jan 06,"Why Countess is Crying",""
21,3,5,29 Jan 06,"Chastity's Workout Ambush",""
22,3,6,12 Feb 06,"The Team Vote Off",""
23,3,7,19 Feb 06,"Tears at 20 Feet",""
24,3,8,26 Feb 06,"The Finale (90 min)",""
25,4,1,06 Aug 06,"What the Hell Did I Get Into?",""
26,4,2,13 Aug 06,"Nick Blows Up!",""
27,4,3,20 Aug 06,"Burn Baby Burn!",""
28,4,4,27 Aug 06,"The Cast Melts Down",""
29,4,5,10 Sep 06,"You Just Got Injected with Victory Juice!",""
30,4,6,17 Sep 06,"Put Up or Shut Up",""
31,4,7,24 Sep 06,"Carnie vs. The Lie Detector",""
32,4,8,01 Oct 06,"Tears at the Grand Finale (90 min)",""
33,5,1,22 Apr 07,"Fireworks at the Series Premiere",""
34,5,2,29 Apr 07,"Porn Tales",""
35,5,3,06 May 07,"I'll Serve 10 Whip His Ass",""
36,5,4,13 May 07,"Fit Camp Hits the Slopes",""
37,5,5,20 May 07,"The Last Man Standing",""
38,5,6,27 May 07,"Will the Dust Settle?",""
39,5,7,10 Jun 07,"A Star is Scorned",""
40,5,8,17 Jun 07,"Fit Club Season Ends with a Bang! (90 min)",""
41,6,1,13 Mar 08,"Welcome to Harvey's World",""
42,6,2,20 Mar 08,"Toccara vs. Dr. Ian, Round Two",""
43,6,3,27 Mar 08,"Dunkleman, Out!",""
44,6,4,30 Mar 08,"When Toccaras Attack",""
45,6,5,06 Apr 08,"Dustin's Back in the Fight",""
46,6,6,13 Apr 08,"Erin's Monologue",""
47,6,7,20 Apr 08,"Clash of the Fit Clubbers",""
48,6,8,27 Apr 08,"Season Finale (90 min)",""
49,7,1,08 Feb 10,"The Wake-Up Call (90 min)",""
50,7,2,15 Feb 10,"The Warrior Within",""
51,7,3,22 Feb 10,"Fight or Flight",""
52,7,4,01 Mar 10,"Teamwork",""
53,7,5,08 Mar 10,"The Art of War",""
54,7,6,15 Mar 10,"Play to Your Strengths",""
55,7,7,22 Mar 10,"Mind Over Matter",""
56,7,8,29 Mar 10,"The Crucible",""
57,7,9,05 Apr 10,"Graduation (90 min)",""