number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,14 Mar 10,"Welcome to My Nightmare",""
2,1,2,21 Mar 10,"Beyond Embarrassment",""
3,1,3,28 Mar 10,"Paralyzed by Clutter",""
4,1,4,04 Apr 10,"Life on Fire",""
5,1,5,11 Apr 10,"Family Secrets",""
6,1,6,18 Apr 10,"Filling the Void",""
7,1,7,25 Apr 10,"No One Would Choose This",""
8,1,8,02 May 10,"Everything is at Stake",""
9,1,9,09 May 10,"A Million Excuses",""
10,2,1,08 Aug 10,"Homeless Man with a House",""
11,2,2,15 Aug 10,"Robbing the Kids...",""
12,2,3,22 Aug 10,"Prison of Garbage",""
13,2,4,29 Aug 10,"Everything's Junk",""
14,2,5,05 Sep 10,"Battle with Chaos",""
15,2,6,12 Sep 10,"How Do I Get Out of This",""
16,2,7,19 Sep 10,"The Scariest Place on Earth",""
17,2,8,26 Sep 10,"The Mess I've Created",""
18,2,9,03 Oct 10,"This is Where You Sleep",""
19,2,10,02 Mar 11,"Nowhere Near Normal",""
20,2,11,09 Mar 11,"I Want to Cuss",""
21,2,12,13 Mar 11,"Oh My Gosh",""
22,2,13,16 Mar 11,"Better Get a Dumpster",""
23,2,14,23 Mar 11,"Overwhelming Pile of Junk",""
24,2,15,30 Mar 11,"My Biggest Embarrassment",""
25,2,16,06 Apr 11,"It's Out of Control",""
26,2,17,13 Apr 11,"Like a Dog in a Cage",""
27,2,18,20 Apr 11,"It's a Freaking War Zone",""
28,3,1,10 Jul 11,"Surviving on Trash",""
29,3,2,17 Jul 11,"There Are Mice Everywhere",""
30,3,3,24 Jul 11,"Not a Safe Place",""
31,3,4,31 Jul 11,"A Horrible Sight",""
32,3,5,14 Aug 11,"I Was Gonna Gag",""
33,3,6,21 Aug 11,"Is That a Goat?",""
34,3,7,28 Aug 11,"Stop Touching My Stuff",""
35,3,8,11 Sep 11,"Overtaken by Puppets",""
36,3,9,18 Sep 11,"I Can't Breathe",""
37,4,1,01 Jan 12,"Tiny Monsters",""
38,4,2,08 Jan 12,"My House Can Kill Me",""
39,4,3,15 Jan 12,"Owned by the Roaches",""
40,4,4,22 Jan 12,"I'm Dumbfounded",""
41,4,5,29 Jan 12,"It's Just Sex",""
42,4,6,12 Feb 12,"Worst I've Ever Seen",""
43,4,7,19 Feb 12,"A Bomb Went Off",""
44,4,8,04 Mar 12,"Unbelievable",""
45,4,9,11 Mar 12,"Are You Serious?",""
46,5,1,08 Jul 12,"This is Garbage Land",""
47,5,2,15 Jul 12,"As Bad as It Gets",""
48,5,3,22 Jul 12,"Sleeping in a Dumpster",""
49,5,4,29 Jul 12,"This is Unreal",""
50,5,5,05 Aug 12,"Just Tear It Down",""
51,5,6,12 Aug 12,"Twenty of Everything",""
52,5,7,19 Aug 12,"Hoo, That Reeks!",""
53,5,8,26 Aug 12,"A Humongous Secret",""
54,5,9,02 Sep 12,"It's My Junk",""
55,6,1,13 Feb 13,"You're Not Taking My Kids",""
56,6,2,20 Feb 13,"Holding Mom Hostage",""
57,6,3,27 Feb 13,"This House Killed Her",""
58,6,4,06 Mar 13,"She Wants It, She Takes It",""
59,6,5,13 Mar 13,"What a Pig",""
60,6,6,20 Mar 13,"They're Crawling",""
61,6,7,27 Mar 13,"One is Good. Two is Better",""
62,6,8,03 Apr 13,"She's Going to Jail",""
63,6,9,10 Apr 13,"I'm a Rockstar, Baby!",""
64,7,1,17 Apr 13,"Losing Half Myself",""
65,7,2,24 Apr 13,"Leading a Double Life",""
66,7,3,01 May 13,"Somewhere in My Pile",""
67,7,4,15 May 13,"Waste Not, Want Not",""
68,7,5,30 Oct 13,"The Last Clear Spot",""
69,7,6,06 Nov 13,"Full of Rats",""
70,7,7,13 Nov 13,"You're Gonna Die in Here",""
71,7,8,27 Nov 13,"My Teeth Are Lost in the Pile",""
72,7,9,04 Dec 13,"It's a Horror Story",""
73,8,1,05 Feb 14,"Running Out of Time",""
74,8,2,12 Feb 14,"A VCR for Every Day of the Week",""
75,8,3,19 Feb 14,"Three Apartments, Three Hoarders",""
76,8,4,26 Feb 14,"The Donald Trump of Hoarding",""
77,8,5,05 Mar 14,"We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat",""
78,8,6,12 Mar 14,"Worse Than a Haunted House",""
79,8,7,19 Mar 14,"A Graveyard of Junk",""
80,8,8,26 Mar 14,"The Stench is Amazing",""
81,8,9,02 Apr 14,"It's a Rat's Nest",""
S07,7,0,08 May 13,"Where Are They Now?",""