number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,29 Oct 11,"Vet and Wild",""
2,1,2,29 Oct 11,"How Now Downed Cow?",""
3,1,3,05 Nov 11,"Up Sheep's Creek",""
4,1,4,12 Nov 11,"Got Your Goat",""
5,2,1,25 Aug 12,"Polnado Warning",""
6,2,2,01 Sep 12,"Udder Madness",""
7,2,3,08 Sep 12,"All Vets Are Off",""
8,2,4,15 Sep 12,"Down and Derby",""
9,2,5,22 Sep 12,"Holy Bat Attack!",""
10,2,6,29 Sep 12,"Whoa Mama!",""
11,2,7,05 Jan 13,"The Cow Jumped Over the Moon",""
12,2,8,12 Jan 13,"Gallop Pol",""
13,2,9,19 Jan 13,"Llama-Rama Ding-Dong",""
14,2,10,26 Jan 13,"Flu the Coop",""
15,2,11,02 Feb 13,"Ready, Vet, Go!",""
16,2,12,09 Feb 13,"A Fair to Remember",""
17,2,13,16 Feb 13,"Rock'n Pol",""
18,2,14,23 Feb 13,"Hog Days of Summer",""
19,2,15,02 Mar 13,"Red, White & Moo",""
20,2,16,09 Mar 13,"What's Up, Doc?",""
21,3,1,17 Aug 13,"Pol'r Plunge",""
22,3,2,24 Aug 13,"Charles in Charge",""
23,3,3,31 Aug 13,"Baby, It's Cold Outside",""
24,3,4,07 Sep 13,"Pigs in a Blanket",""
25,3,5,14 Sep 13,"New Dog, Pol Tricks",""
26,3,6,21 Sep 13,"Cat in the H.A.T.S",""
27,4,1,04 Jan 14,"Noah's Bark",""
28,4,2,11 Jan 14,"Spring Fever",""
29,4,3,18 Jan 14,"The Bull Pen",""
30,4,4,25 Jan 14,"How Now Smelly Cow",""
31,4,5,01 Feb 14,"Dog Dazed Afternoon",""
32,4,6,01 Mar 14,"Wonder Horse",""
33,4,7,08 Mar 14,"The Incredible Mr. Quackerson",""
34,4,8,14 Mar 14,"Pol Speed Ahead",""
35,4,9,22 Mar 14,"Goats Gone Wild",""
36,4,10,29 Mar 14,"Raging Bulls",""
37,5,1,23 Aug 14,"Piggin' Out",""
38,5,2,30 Aug 14,"The Amazing Dr. Brenda",""
39,5,3,06 Sep 14,"Puppy Love",""
40,5,4,13 Sep 14,"Apocalypse Cow",""
41,5,5,20 Sep 14,"Here's Looking at Moo",""
42,5,6,27 Sep 14,"Barking Bad",""
43,5,7,04 Oct 14,"Talk Turkey to Me",""
44,5,8,11 Oct 14,"Santa Paws",""
45,5,9,18 Oct 14,"The Upper Hoof",""
46,5,10,25 Oct 14,"Pol-tergeist",""
47,6,1,10 Jan 15,"Nerves of Steer",""
48,6,2,17 Jan 15,"Udderly Frozen",""
49,6,3,24 Jan 15,"Bugged Bunny",""
50,6,4,31 Jan 15,"Money Barks",""
51,6,5,07 Feb 15,"Slop, Drop and Pol",""
52,6,6,14 Feb 15,"It's Raining Hen",""
53,6,7,21 Feb 15,"Ruff Day at the Office",""
54,6,8,28 Feb 15,"Chubby Bunny",""
55,6,9,07 Mar 15,"Dog-a-POL-ooza",""
56,6,10,14 Mar 15,"Black and White and Pol All Over",""
57,7,1,25 Jul 15,"Squeal of Dreams",""
58,7,2,01 Aug 15,"Back to the Suture",""
59,7,3,08 Aug 15,"My Fair Piggy",""
60,7,4,15 Aug 15,"Dr. StrangeGlove",""
61,7,5,22 Aug 15,"Cowhide and Seek",""
62,7,6,29 Aug 15,"Dr. Fix-It-All",""
63,7,7,05 Sep 15,"Hook, Feline and Sinker",""
64,7,8,12 Sep 15,"Knights of the Round Stable",""
65,7,9,19 Sep 15,"Squeal of Fortune",""
66,7,10,26 Sep 15,"One Hot Llama",""
67,8,1,09 Jan 16,"Freezin' Pol'd",""
68,8,2,16 Jan 16,"Dairy Queens",""
69,8,3,23 Jan 16,"Frostbitten in the Mitten",""
70,8,4,30 Jan 16,"The Color Purr-Pol",""
71,8,5,06 Feb 16,"Un-Bee-Lievable",""
72,8,6,13 Feb 16,"Double Trouble",""
73,8,7,20 Feb 16,"Piggin' in the Rain",""
74,8,8,27 Feb 16,"Goodnight Mooooooon",""
75,8,9,05 Mar 16,"Pup-Pup-Hooray!",""
76,8,10,12 Mar 16,"Mommy Reindeerest",""
77,9,1,16 Jul 16,"Peacock-a-doodle-do",""
78,9,2,23 Jul 16,"E-I-E-I-Pol",""
79,9,3,30 Jul 16,"Flip ‘n Stitch",""
80,9,4,27 Aug 16,"The Alpacalypse",""
81,9,5,03 Sep 16,"Mow, Mow, Mow Your Goat",""
82,9,6,10 Sep 16,"Dr. Franken-Pol",""
83,9,7,17 Sep 16,"Albert Ein-swine",""
84,9,8,24 Sep 16,"One Great Dane",""
85,10,1,07 Jan 17,"Oh, Pol-y Night",""
86,10,2,14 Jan 17,"Show Me the Bunny",""
87,10,3,21 Jan 17,"Doc Nose Best",""
88,10,4,28 Jan 17,"Twist and Snout",""
89,10,5,04 Feb 17,"Cranes, Sprains & Automobiles",""
90,10,6,11 Feb 17,"Wizard of Paws",""
91,10,7,18 Feb 17,"Sheep-a-Dee-Doo-Dah",""
92,10,8,25 Feb 17,"Foaly Moses!",""
93,10,9,04 Mar 17,"Itchin' for a Stichin'",""
94,10,10,11 Mar 17,"Beginner's Yuck",""
95,10,11,18 Mar 17,"The Return of Dr. Strangeglove",""
96,10,12,25 Mar 17,"Paw & Order",""
97,11,1,01 Jul 17,"It's All Dutch to Me",""
98,11,2,08 Jul 17,"Hooked on a Feline",""
99,11,3,15 Jul 17,"Happy Birthday to Moo!",""
100,11,4,22 Jul 17,"Pol Side of the Moon",""
101,11,5,29 Jul 17,"Show Me the Honey",""
102,11,6,05 Aug 17,"Pe-Pol's Choice",""
103,11,7,12 Aug 17,"Mamma Mia!",""
104,11,8,19 Aug 17,"K-9 to 5",""
105,11,9,26 Aug 17,"Frosty the Pol-man",""
106,11,10,02 Sep 17,"Dairy Poppins",""
107,12,1,06 Jan 18,"What's Moo with Ewe?",""
108,12,2,13 Jan 18,"Rock-a-Baa Baby",""
109,12,3,20 Jan 18,"Birth, Wind & Fire",""
110,12,4,27 Jan 18,"Pop! Goes the Beagle",""
111,12,5,03 Feb 18,"Three Vets and a Baby (43 min)",""
112,12,6,22 Feb 20,"Be My Canine",""
113,12,7,10 Mar 18,"Storm's a-Mooin'",""
114,12,8,17 Mar 18,"The Fourth of Pol-Ly!",""
115,12,9,24 Mar 18,"One Pol Over the Cuckoo's Nest",""
116,12,10,31 Mar 18,"Mooovin' On Up",""
117,13,1,07 Jul 18,"I Love Moo!",""
118,13,2,14 Jul 18,"Grub-a-Dub-Dub",""
119,13,3,21 Jul 18,"May the Horse Be With You",""
120,13,4,28 Jul 18,"Doc Got Run Over by a Reindeer",""
121,13,5,04 Aug 18,"New Cats on the Block",""
122,13,6,11 Aug 18,"Hook, Line & Lemur",""
123,13,7,18 Aug 18,"Bark 'N Stormy",""
124,13,8,25 Aug 18,"A Twitch in Time (43 min)",""
125,13,9,01 Sep 18,"Meow-Y Christmas (44 min)",""
126,13,10,08 Sep 18,"Kung Fu Biting (44 min)",""
127,13,11,15 Sep 18,"You Can't Handle the Tooth",""
128,13,12,22 Sep 18,"A Plague on Both Your Horses",""
129,13,13,29 Sep 18,"She Works Hard For The Bunny (43 min)",""
130,14,1,13 Jan 19,"Swine and Dandy",""
131,14,2,19 Jan 19,"Something Pol, Something New",""
132,14,3,26 Jan 19,"The Foal Monty",""
133,14,4,02 Feb 19,"Cow I Met Your Mother",""
134,14,5,09 Feb 19,"Game of Goats",""
135,14,6,16 Feb 19,"Another One Fights the Doc",""
136,14,7,23 Feb 19,"Of Mice & Macaws",""
137,14,8,02 Mar 19,"New Chicks In The Flock (44 min)",""
138,14,9,09 Mar 19,"Good Wool Hunting",""
139,14,10,16 Mar 19,"Beauty & the Bees",""
140,14,11,23 Mar 19,"Meow & Forever",""
141,14,12,30 Mar 19,"Paws for Concern",""
142,15,1,13 Jul 19,"Boot Scootin' Boogie",""
143,15,2,20 Jul 19,"North Pol Express",""
144,15,3,27 Jul 19,"Pol-iver's Travels",""
145,15,4,03 Aug 19,"The Quest for Camel-ot",""
146,15,5,10 Aug 19,"Love at Frost Sight",""
147,15,6,17 Aug 19,"More Than a Feline",""
148,15,7,24 Aug 19,"Frankly My Deer…",""
149,15,8,31 Aug 19,"Dr. Pol's Super Bowl",""
150,15,9,07 Sep 19,"License to Chill",""
151,15,10,14 Sep 19,"Danes of Our Lives",""
152,15,11,21 Sep 19,"Little Pol Peep",""
153,16,1,11 Jan 20,"One Dane at a Time",""
154,16,2,18 Jan 20,"That's a NoNo!",""
155,16,3,25 Jan 20,"Love is a Cattlefield",""
156,16,4,01 Feb 20,"Cat Scratch Fever",""
157,16,5,08 Feb 20,"Fair-y Dogmother",""
158,16,6,15 Feb 20,"Lord of the Wings",""
159,16,7,22 Feb 20,"A Pol New World",""
160,16,8,29 Feb 20,"Moo in Town",""
161,16,9,07 Mar 20,"Daned If I Do, Daned If I Don't",""
162,16,10,14 Mar 20,"Here, There, Emu-Where",""
163,17,1,11 Jul 20,"Su-Pol Sized!",""
164,17,2,18 Jul 20,"Sprain, Sprain, Go Away",""
165,17,3,25 Jul 20,"Supe-Pol-stitious",""
166,17,4,01 Aug 20,"Homeward Hound",""
167,17,5,08 Aug 20,"A Meow-tain of Cases",""
168,17,6,15 Aug 20,"Hocus Pol-cus",""
169,17,7,22 Aug 20,"Walking in a Winter Pol-ar Land",""
170,17,8,29 Aug 20,"Pol-lapse of Judgment",""
171,17,9,05 Sep 20,"You Bruise, You Lose",""
172,17,10,12 Sep 20,"Feliz Navidog",""
173,18,1,02 Jan 21,"Love Wool Find a Way",""
174,18,2,09 Jan 21,"Shiver Me Puppers",""
175,18,3,16 Jan 21,"Feel the Born",""
176,18,4,23 Jan 21,"Marvelous Miss Maisey",""
177,18,5,30 Jan 21,"Three Little Piglets",""
178,18,6,06 Feb 21,"Lights, Camel, Action",""
179,18,7,13 Feb 21,"Sticks and Stones",""
180,18,8,20 Feb 21,"When It Rains, It Purrs",""
181,18,9,27 Feb 21,"Pig and Small",""
182,18,10,06 Mar 21,"One Year Pol-der",""
183,19,1,10 Jul 21,"The Magic Touch",""
184,19,2,17 Jul 21,"Dramatic Paws",""
185,19,3,24 Jul 21,"Here Comes Guinea Boo Boo",""
186,19,4,31 Jul 21,"Fresh Off the Bloat",""
187,19,5,07 Aug 21,"Poodles & Company",""
188,19,6,14 Aug 21,"Cold Your Horses",""
189,19,7,21 Aug 21,"Game of Bones",""
190,19,8,28 Aug 21,"The Chester-shire Calf",""
191,19,9,04 Sep 21,"Twenty, Twenty, Twenty Four Puppies To Go!",""
192,19,10,11 Sep 21,"New Pol on the Block",""
193,20,1,01 Jan 22,"Another Day Another Collar",""
194,20,2,08 Jan 22,"Lilo and Stitches",""
195,20,3,15 Jan 22,"Toe the Swine",""
196,20,4,22 Jan 22,"Goat Get 'Em",""
197,20,5,29 Jan 22,"Cat Scratch Fleaver",""
198,20,6,05 Feb 22,"Neighs of Our Lives",""
199,20,7,12 Feb 22,"Flock Around the Clock",""
200,20,8,19 Feb 22,"The Fair Necessities",""
201,20,9,26 Feb 22,"The Bark Side",""
202,20,10,05 Mar 22,"The Beagle Has Landed",""
203,20,11,12 Mar 22,"Marco Pol-O",""
204,20,12,19 Mar 22,"On a Wing and a Mare",""
205,21,1,16 Jul 22,"Chutes and Bladders",""
206,21,2,23 Jul 22,"A Hard Day's Bite",""
207,21,3,30 Jul 22,"Faux Paws",""
208,21,4,06 Aug 22,"Pup Friction",""
209,21,5,13 Aug 22,"Pol on Patrol",""
210,21,6,20 Aug 22,"Happy Meowloween",""
211,21,7,27 Aug 22,"Glove Will Find a Way",""
212,21,8,03 Sep 22,"Brrr, It's Friesian!",""
213,21,9,10 Sep 22,"Litter-ally Puppies",""
214,21,10,17 Sep 22,"Trouble With Tater",""
S06,6,0,10 Jan 15,"Incredible! The Story of Dr. Pol",""
S02,2,0,25 Dec 12,"Jingle Pols",""
S04,4,0,05 Apr 14,"Pol-a-Palooza",""
S04,4,0,12 Apr 14,"Spring It On",""
S08,8,0,09 Jan 16,"Deja Moo!: Santa Paws",""
S08,8,0,16 Jan 16,"Deja Moo!: My Fair Piggy",""
S08,8,0,23 Jan 16,"Deja Moo!: The Amazing Dr. Brenda",""
S09,9,0,30 Jan 16,"Deja Moo!: The Color Purr-Pol",""
S08,8,0,30 Jan 16,"Deja Moo!: Cowhide and Seek",""
S08,8,0,06 Feb 16,"Deja Moo!: Dr. Fix-It-All",""
S08,8,0,13 Feb 16,"Deja Moo!: Hook, Feline and Sinker",""
S08,8,0,13 Feb 16,"Deja Moo!: Double Trouble",""
S08,8,0,20 Feb 16,"Deja Moo!: Knights of the Round Stable",""
S09,9,0,27 Feb 16,"Deja Moo!: Goodnight Mooooooon",""
S08,8,0,27 Feb 16,"Deja MOO!: Dr. Strangeglove",""
S08,8,0,05 Mar 16,"Deja MOO!: Pol-tergeist",""
S08,8,0,12 Mar 16,"Deja MOO!: Talk Turkey to Me",""
S08,8,0,19 Mar 16,"Udderly Unpredicta-Pol",""
S08,8,0,26 Mar 16,"That's Incredi-Pol!",""
S08,8,0,16 Apr 16,"Deja MOO: Pup-Pup-Hooray!",""
S09,9,0,16 Jul 16,"Deja Moo!: The Upper Hoof",""
S09,9,0,16 Jul 16,"Deja Moo!: Peacock-a-doodle-do",""
S09,9,0,23 Jul 16,"Deja MOO!: Squeal of Dreams",""
S09,9,0,30 Jul 16,"Deja MOO!: Back to the Suture",""
S09,9,0,06 Aug 16,"The Pol-ympic Games",""
S09,9,0,13 Aug 16,"Blue Ribbon Kids",""
S09,9,0,13 Aug 16,"Deja MOO!: Un-Bee-lievable",""
S09,9,0,20 Aug 16,"A Pol Lotta Pressure",""
S09,9,0,27 Aug 16,"Deja MOO!: Freezin' Pol'd",""
S09,9,0,03 Sep 16,"Deja MOO!: Dairy Queens",""
S09,9,0,10 Sep 16,"Deja MOO!: Frostbitten in the Mitten",""
S09,9,0,17 Sep 16,"Deja MOO!: Piggin' in the Rain",""
S09,9,0,24 Sep 16,"Deja MOO!: Goodnight Mooooooon",""
S10,10,0,07 Jan 17,"Deja MOO!: Squeal of Fortune",""
S10,10,0,14 Jan 17,"Deja MOO!: One Hot Llama",""
S10,10,0,21 Jan 17,"Deja MOO!: The Color Purr-Pol",""
S10,10,0,28 Jan 17,"Deja MOO!: Double Trouble",""
S10,10,0,04 Feb 17,"Deja MOO!: Mommy Reindeerest",""
S10,10,0,18 Feb 17,"Deja MOO!: E-I-E-I-Pol",""
S10,10,0,25 Feb 17,"Deja MOO!: Flip 'N Stitch",""
S10,10,0,04 Mar 17,"Deja MOO!: The Alpacalypse",""
S10,10,0,11 Mar 17,"Deja MOO!: Mow, Mow, Mow Your Goat",""
S10,10,0,18 Mar 17,"Deja MOO!: Dr. Franken-Pol",""
S10,10,0,25 Mar 17,"100th Episode Pol-tacular!",""
S10,10,0,15 Apr 17,"Deja MOO!: Wizard of Paws",""
S11,11,0,01 Jul 17,"Deja MOO!: One Great Dane",""
S11,11,0,08 Jul 17,"Deja MOO!: Doc Nose Best",""
S11,11,0,15 Jul 17,"Deja MOO!: Twist and Snout",""
S11,11,0,22 Jul 17,"Deja MOO!: Cranes, Sprains & Automobiles",""
S11,11,0,29 Jul 17,"Deja MOO!: The Return of Dr. Strangelove",""
S11,11,0,05 Aug 17,"Deja MOO!: Sheep-a-Dee-Doo-Dah",""
S11,11,0,12 Aug 17,"Deja MOO!: Foaly Moses!",""
S11,11,0,09 Sep 17,"Purr-fect Pairs",""
S11,11,0,16 Sep 17,"Sherlock Pol-mes",""
S12,12,0,06 Jan 18,"Kitten Kaboodle",""
S12,12,0,10 Feb 18,"Be My Canine",""
S12,12,0,03 Mar 18,"Don't Turkey, Be Happy!",""
S15,15,0,28 Sep 19,"Peek-A-Moo!",""
S16,16,0,12 Jan 20,"A Few Pol Men",""
S16,16,0,19 Jan 20,"One Big Hap-Pol Family",""
S16,16,0,26 Jan 20,"The Nutty Pol-fessor",""
S16,16,0,09 Feb 20,"Help Me, Help Moo",""
S16,16,0,16 Feb 20,"Hooves of Hazard",""
S12,12,0,18 Mar 20,"Calf Out Loud",""
S16,16,0,21 Mar 20,"Kids Say the Darndest Things",""
S16,16,0,28 Mar 20,"Hold Me Closer, Tiny Prancer",""
S16,16,0,29 Jun 20,"Summertime",""
S16,16,0,30 Jun 20,"Here Comes the Sun",""
S16,16,0,01 Jul 20,"Boys of Summer",""
S16,16,0,06 Jul 20,"In the Summertime",""
S16,16,0,07 Jul 20,"That Summer Feeling",""
S16,16,0,08 Jul 20,"Summer Babe",""
S17,17,0,19 Sep 20,"Weather Pol-cast",""
S17,17,0,26 Sep 20,"Paw Patrol",""
S17,17,0,27 Nov 20,"Calf and Body Works",""
S17,17,0,28 Nov 20,"8 Days a Beak",""
S17,17,0,29 Nov 20,"Pasture Bedtime",""