number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,27 Feb 18,"Making It in Memphis",""
2,1,2,07 Mar 18,"Memphis Money",""
3,1,3,14 Mar 18,"Ready, Set, Re-Do",""
4,1,4,14 Mar 18,"Bluegrass and Cash",""
5,1,5,21 Mar 18,"Texas Takedown",""
6,1,6,28 Mar 18,"When the Dust Settles",""
7,1,7,04 Apr 18,"San Antonio Jumpstart",""
8,1,8,04 Apr 18,"Lone Star Raincheck",""
9,1,9,11 Apr 18,"Carolina Callouts",""
10,1,10,11 Apr 18,"South Carolina Two Step",""
11,1,11,18 Apr 18,"Tar Heelin' and Dealin'",""
12,1,12,18 Apr 18,"$40,000 and Dunn",""
13,1,13,25 Apr 18,"Ok, Let's Do This (120 min)",""
14,2,1,14 Jan 19,"Kick Off in Kansas",""
15,2,2,14 Jan 19,"Too Fast for Topeka",""
16,2,3,21 Jan 19,"Mo' Money Mo' Memphis",""
17,2,4,21 Jan 19,"Sweet Tunes in Memphis",""
18,2,5,28 Jan 19,"Pennsylvania Thunder",""
19,2,6,28 Jan 19,"Pouring It On in PA",""
20,2,7,04 Feb 19,"Crashing Chi-town",""
21,2,8,04 Feb 19,"Runnin' Route 66",""
22,2,9,11 Feb 19,"Mile High Mayhem",""
23,2,10,11 Feb 19,"Driving High",""
24,2,11,18 Feb 19,"Tricky Tucson Track",""
25,2,12,25 Feb 19,"Desert Dollars",""
26,2,13,25 Feb 19,"The Heart of It All",""
27,2,14,25 Feb 19,"Buckeye Battles",""
28,2,15,04 Mar 19,"Carolina On My Mind",""
29,2,16,04 Mar 19,"Coastin' in Carolina",""
30,2,17,11 Mar 19,"Finally in Texas",""
31,2,18,11 Mar 19,"Crowning the King",""
32,3,1,07 Oct 19,"Win One for the Team",""
33,3,2,14 Oct 19,"NOLA Rising",""
34,3,3,21 Oct 19,"The Crow Also Rises",""
35,3,4,28 Oct 19,"Lock It Up",""
36,3,5,04 Nov 19,"Route 66 Showdown",""
37,3,6,11 Nov 19,"Mile-High Mischief",""
38,3,7,18 Nov 19,"Texas Tumblers",""
39,3,8,25 Nov 19,"Fireball Flameout",""
40,3,9,02 Dec 19,"Don't Choke",""
41,4,1,11 Oct 21,"Welcome Back No Prep Kings",""
42,4,2,12 Oct 21,"It Ain't Easy Being Greasy",""
43,4,3,18 Oct 21,"Not So Peachy State",""
44,4,4,19 Oct 21,"Battle for the Crown",""
45,4,5,25 Oct 21,"Slow Burn",""
46,4,6,01 Nov 21,"Hot Mess",""
47,4,7,08 Nov 21,"Breaking Point",""
48,4,8,15 Nov 21,"A Little Help From My Friends",""
49,4,9,22 Nov 21,"Two-for-One Special",""
50,4,10,29 Nov 21,"Rule Breakers",""
51,4,11,06 Dec 21,"And the Fire Raged On",""
52,4,12,13 Dec 21,"X Gonna Give It To Ya",""
53,4,13,20 Dec 21,"Texas Tussle",""
54,4,14,27 Dec 21,"Family Fists (120 min)",""
55,4,15,03 Jan 22,"Don't Let Up (120 min)",""
S01,1,0,21 Feb 18,"Rules and Regulations",""
S02,2,0,01 Jan 19,"Bristol: Road to $200k",""
S02,2,0,01 Jan 19,"Bristol: Race to $200K (120 min)",""
S02,2,0,07 Jan 19,"On Your Mark, Get Set...",""
S02,2,0,18 Feb 19,"Tucson Tuning",""
S02,2,0,11 Mar 19,"More Than A Race",""
S03,3,0,01 Oct 19,"United We Stand",""
S03,3,0,17 Aug 20,"Grudge Night Maryland",""
S03,3,0,24 Aug 20,"Grudge Night New Hampshire",""
S03,3,0,31 Aug 20,"Grudge Night Illinois",""
S03,3,0,07 Sep 20,"Grudge Night Idaho",""
S03,3,0,14 Sep 20,"Illinois Route 66",""
S03,3,0,21 Sep 20,"Grudge Night Colorado",""
S03,3,0,28 Sep 20,"Grudge Night Ohio",""
S03,3,0,28 Sep 20,"Grudge Night Florida",""
S03,3,0,05 Oct 20,"Grudge Night Texas",""
S03,3,0,05 Oct 20,"Grudge Night Tuned Up",""