number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,31 Jul 18,"Meet Your Makers",""
2,1,2,07 Aug 18,"Home Sweet Home",""
3,1,3,14 Aug 18,"Party Time!",""
4,1,4,21 Aug 18,"All of the Holidays at Once",""
5,1,5,28 Aug 18,"Inside Out",""
6,1,6,04 Sep 18,"Happily Ever Crafter",""
7,2,1,02 Dec 19,"What Are You Made Of?",""
8,2,2,03 Dec 19,"Ordinary Home to Extraordinary Home",""
9,2,3,04 Dec 19,"Best Friends",""
10,2,4,05 Dec 19,"Wreathy Street",""
11,2,5,09 Dec 19,"Work and Play",""
12,2,6,10 Dec 19,"Hopes and Dreams",""
13,2,7,11 Dec 19,"A Shed Hack Staycation",""
14,2,8,11 Dec 19,"You Made It!",""
15,3,1,24 Jun 21,"One in a Million",""
16,3,2,01 Jul 21,"Random Crafts Of Kindness",""
17,3,3,08 Jul 21,"Expand Your World",""
18,3,4,15 Jul 21,"All The Holidays At Once",""
19,3,5,22 Jul 21,"Make Yourself at Home",""
20,3,6,12 Aug 21,"Re-Making Memories",""
21,3,7,19 Aug 21,"Take It Out Back",""
22,3,8,26 Aug 21,"Shed Hack",""