number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,01 Oct 18,"Pilot",""
2,1,2,08 Oct 18,"Welcome to the Repipe",""
3,1,3,15 Oct 18,"Welcome to the Spare Key",""
4,1,4,22 Oct 18,"Welcome to the Housewarming",""
5,1,5,29 Oct 18,"Welcome to Game Night",""
6,1,6,05 Nov 18,"Welcome to the Anniversary",""
7,1,7,12 Nov 18,"Welcome to the Barbershop",""
8,1,8,19 Nov 18,"Welcome to Thanksgiving",""
9,1,9,03 Dec 18,"Welcome to the Dinner Guest",""
10,1,10,10 Dec 18,"Welcome to the Stolen Sneakers",""
11,1,11,17 Dec 18,"Welcome to the Fundraiser",""
12,1,12,14 Jan 19,"Welcome to Grover's Birthday",""
13,1,13,04 Feb 19,"Welcome to Fight Night",""
14,1,14,11 Feb 19,"Welcome to the Yard Sale",""
15,1,15,18 Feb 19,"Welcome to Malcolm's Job",""
16,1,16,25 Feb 19,"Welcome to the Big Payback",""
17,1,17,11 Mar 19,"Welcome to the Climb",""
18,1,18,25 Mar 19,"Welcome to Logan #2",""
19,1,19,01 Apr 19,"Welcome to the Camping Trip",""
20,1,20,15 Apr 19,"Welcome to the Repass",""
21,1,21,22 Apr 19,"Welcome to the Conversation",""
22,2,1,23 Sep 19,"Welcome to the Re-Rack",""
23,2,2,30 Sep 19,"Welcome to the Bully",""
24,2,3,07 Oct 19,"Welcome to the Fresh Coat",""
25,2,4,14 Oct 19,"Welcome to Co-Habitation",""
26,2,5,21 Oct 19,"Welcome to Soul Food",""
27,2,6,28 Oct 19,"Welcome to the Wagon",""
28,2,7,04 Nov 19,"Welcome to the Vow Renewal",""
29,2,8,18 Nov 19,"Welcome to Bowling",""
30,2,9,25 Nov 19,"Welcome to the Dealbreaker",""
31,2,10,09 Dec 19,"Welcome to the Digital Divide",""
32,2,11,16 Dec 19,"Welcome to the Scooter",""
33,2,12,06 Jan 20,"Welcome to the Freeloader",""
34,2,13,20 Jan 20,"Welcome to the New Pastor",""
35,2,14,03 Feb 20,"Welcome to Trivia Night",""
36,2,15,10 Feb 20,"Welcome to the Bad Review",""
37,2,16,17 Feb 20,"Welcome to the Hockey Game",""
38,2,17,09 Mar 20,"Welcome to the Commercial",""
39,2,18,16 Mar 20,"Welcome to the Team",""
40,2,19,06 Apr 20,"Welcome to the Jump",""
41,2,20,13 Apr 20,"Welcome to the Standoff",""
42,2,21,04 May 20,"Welcome to the Speed Bump",""
43,2,22,04 May 20,"Welcome to the Campaign",""
44,3,1,16 Nov 20,"Welcome to the Movement (31 min)",""
45,3,2,23 Nov 20,"Welcome to the Election",""
46,3,3,30 Nov 20,"Welcome to Couples Therapy",""
47,3,4,07 Dec 20,"Welcome to the Rooster",""
48,3,5,14 Dec 20,"Welcome to the Road Trip",""
49,3,6,04 Jan 21,"Welcome to the Turnaround",""
50,3,7,18 Jan 21,"Welcome to the Motorcycle",""
51,3,8,25 Jan 21,"Welcome to the Property",""
52,3,9,08 Feb 21,"Welcome to the Shakedown",""
53,3,10,22 Feb 21,"Welcome to the Procedure",""
54,3,11,08 Mar 21,"Welcome to the Dad Band",""
55,3,12,15 Mar 21,"Welcome to the Treehouse",""
56,3,13,12 Apr 21,"Welcome to the Art Class",""
57,3,14,19 Apr 21,"Welcome to the Hero",""
58,3,15,26 Apr 21,"Welcome to the Challenge",""
59,3,16,03 May 21,"Welcome to the Test Run",""
60,3,17,10 May 21,"Welcome to the Invasion",""
61,3,18,17 May 21,"Welcome to the Surprise",""
62,4,1,20 Sep 21,"Welcome to the Family",""
63,4,2,27 Sep 21,"Welcome to the Intervention",""
64,4,3,04 Oct 21,"Welcome to the Sister from Another Mister",""
65,4,4,11 Oct 21,"Welcome to the Porch Pirate",""
66,4,5,18 Oct 21,"Welcome to Your Match",""
67,4,6,01 Nov 21,"Welcome to the Haunting",""
68,4,7,08 Nov 21,"Welcome to the Ex-Files",""
69,4,8,29 Nov 21,"Welcome to the Family Business",""
70,4,9,06 Dec 21,"Welcome to the Splurge",""
71,4,10,03 Jan 22,"Welcome to Jury Duty",""
72,4,11,17 Jan 22,"Welcome to the Knockout",""
73,4,12,24 Jan 22,"Welcome to the Big One",""
74,4,13,28 Feb 22,"Welcome to the Stakeout",""
75,4,14,07 Mar 22,"Welcome to the Big Little Leagues",""
76,4,15,14 Mar 22,"Welcome to the Remodel",""
77,4,16,21 Mar 22,"Welcome to the Man Code",""
78,4,17,28 Mar 22,"Welcome to Bro Money, Bro Problems",""
79,4,18,18 Apr 22,"Welcome to the Feud",""
80,4,19,02 May 22,"Welcome to the QuinceaƱera",""
81,4,20,09 May 22,"Welcome to the Mama Drama",""
82,4,21,16 May 22,"Welcome to the Dream Girls",""
83,4,22,23 May 22,"Welcome to the Ring",""
84,5,1,19 Sep 22,"Welcome Back to the Neighborhood",""
85,5,2,26 Sep 22,"Welcome to the Pit Stop How May I Help You",""
86,5,3,03 Oct 22,"Welcome to the Ballgame",""
87,5,4,10 Oct 22,"Welcome to the New Deal",""
88,5,5,17 Oct 22,"Welcome to the Art of Negotiation",""