number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,13 Jan 19,"Tigtone and His Fellowship Of",""
2,1,2,13 Jan 19,"Tigtone and the Beautiful War",""
3,1,3,20 Jan 19,"Tigtone and the Wine Crisis",""
4,1,4,20 Jan 19,"Tigtone and Those Elemental Kings",""
5,1,5,27 Jan 19,"Tigtone and the Wizard Hunt",""
6,1,6,27 Jan 19,"Tigtone and the Freaks of Love",""
7,1,7,03 Feb 19,"Tigtone and His Manless Match",""
8,1,8,03 Feb 19,"Tigtone and the Cemetery of the Dead",""
9,1,9,10 Feb 19,"Tigtone and the Singing Blade",""
10,1,10,10 Feb 19,"Tigtone vs. Nothing",""
11,2,1,13 Sep 20,"Tigtone and the Seven-Headed Serpent of Kloom",""
12,2,2,13 Sep 20,"Tigtone and the Screaming City",""
13,2,3,20 Sep 20,"Tigtone and the Chromatic Crossage",""
14,2,4,20 Sep 20,"Tigtone and the Demon Maze",""
15,2,5,27 Sep 20,"Tigtone and the Murder Mystery at the Death Tournament",""
16,2,6,27 Sep 20,"Tigtone and Tigtone's Island",""
17,2,7,04 Oct 20,"Tigtone and the Princess Castle",""
18,2,8,04 Oct 20,"Tigtone and Lord Festus: Credible Threat",""
19,2,9,11 Oct 20,"Tigtone and the Prison of Knowledge",""
20,2,10,11 Oct 20,"Tigtone and the Stakes",""
S01,1,0,14 May 18,"Tigtone and the Pilot",""