number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,09 Sep 75,"The James Caan Con",""
2,1,2,16 Sep 75,"The Late Show Murders",""
3,1,3,23 Sep 75,"The Old Diamond Game",""
4,1,4,30 Sep 75,"Stung from Beyond",""
5,1,5,07 Oct 75,"The Deadly Missiles Caper",""
6,1,6,14 Oct 75,"The Man Who Couldn't Lose",""
7,1,7,21 Oct 75,"Death Heist",""
8,1,8,04 Nov 75,"The Body at the Bottom",""
9,1,9,11 Nov 75,"The Cruise Ship Murders",""
10,1,10,25 Nov 75,"Kiss of Death",""
11,1,11,02 Dec 75,"Death By Resurrection",""
12,1,12,09 Dec 75,"The Cold War Con",""
13,1,13,16 Dec 75,"Through the Past Deadly",""
14,1,14,23 Dec 75,"Mistresses, Murder and Millions",""
15,1,15,06 Jan 76,"The Walking Bomb",""
16,1,16,13 Jan 76,"Ain't Nobody Here Named Barney",""
17,1,17,27 Jan 76,"Come Die with Me",""
18,1,18,10 Feb 76,"One of Our Zeppelins Is Missing",""
19,1,19,17 Feb 76,"Before the Holocaust",""
20,1,20,24 Feb 76,"Big Deal in Paradise",""
21,1,21,02 Mar 76,"The Case of the Purloined Case",""
22,1,22,16 Mar 76,"The Girl on the Golden Strip",""
23,1,23,23 Mar 76,"Round Up the Usual Suspects",""
24,1,24,06 Apr 76,"Death Squad",""
25,2,1,21 Sep 76,"The Pirates of Tin Pan Alley",""
26,2,2,28 Sep 76,"The Twelfth Commandment",""
27,2,3,05 Oct 76,"Fleece of Snow",""
28,2,4,12 Oct 76,"The Argonaut Special",""
29,2,5,19 Oct 76,"The Things That Belong to Mickey Costello",""
30,2,6,26 Oct 76,"Whatever Happened to Carol Harmony?",""
31,2,7,09 Nov 76,"Quicker Than the Eye",""
32,2,8,16 Nov 76,"Gaffing the Skim",""
33,2,9,23 Nov 76,"The Lady from Liechtenstein (1)",""
34,2,10,30 Nov 76,"The Lady from Liechtenstein (2)",""
35,2,11,07 Dec 76,"Switch Hitter",""
36,2,12,14 Dec 76,"Maggie's Hero",""
37,2,13,21 Dec 76,"The Hundred Thousand Ruble Rumble",""
38,2,14,04 Jan 77,"Portraits of Death",""
39,2,15,16 Jan 77,"The Snitch",""
40,2,16,23 Jan 77,"Eyewitness",""
41,2,17,30 Jan 77,"Camera Angles",""
42,2,18,06 Feb 77,"Butterfly Mourning",""
43,2,19,13 Feb 77,"The Four Horsemen",""
44,2,20,20 Feb 77,"Eden's Gate",""
45,2,21,27 Feb 77,"The Hemline Heist",""
46,2,22,13 Mar 77,"Three for the Money",""
47,2,23,27 Mar 77,"Two on the Run",""
48,2,24,03 Apr 77,"Heritage of Death",""
49,3,1,23 Sep 77,"Net Loss",""
50,3,2,30 Sep 77,"Downshift",""
51,3,3,14 Oct 77,"Fade Out",""
52,3,4,21 Oct 77,"Legend of the Macunas (1)",""
53,3,5,21 Oct 77,"Legend of the Macunas (2)",""
54,3,6,05 Dec 77,"Dancer",""
55,3,7,12 Dec 77,"Go for Broke",""
56,3,8,19 Dec 77,"Lady of the Deep",""
57,3,9,26 Dec 77,"Thirty Thousand Witnesses",""
58,3,10,02 Jan 78,"Dangerous Curves",""
59,3,11,09 Jan 78,"The Tong",""
60,3,12,16 Jan 78,"Who Killed Lila Craig?",""
61,3,13,25 Jun 78,"The Cage",""
62,3,14,02 Jul 78,"Coronado Circle",""
63,3,15,09 Jul 78,"Blue Crusaders Reunion",""
64,3,16,16 Jul 78,"Stolen Island (aka Death Island)",""
65,3,17,23 Jul 78,"Play-Off",""
66,3,18,30 Jul 78,"Mexican Standoff",""
67,3,19,06 Aug 78,"Three Blond Mice",""
68,3,20,13 Aug 78,"The Siege at the Bouziki Bar",""
69,3,21,20 Aug 78,"Formula for Murder",""