number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,01 Apr 99,"The Dance Recital, The Tooth",""
2,1,2,02 Apr 99,"The Snoop, A Day at the Beach",""
3,1,3,03 Apr 99,"The Scary Movie, The Book",""
4,1,4,04 Apr 99,"The Big Scare, The French Lesson",""
5,1,5,25 Apr 00,"The Mirror, The Special Gifts",""
6,1,6,02 May 99,"The Picnic, The Trickster",""
7,1,7,09 May 99,"The Trip, The Experiment",""
8,1,8,16 May 99,"The Triple Dare, The Icky Story",""
9,1,9,23 May 99,"The Garden, Split Pea Soup",""
10,1,10,30 May 99,"The Acting Class, Baby Doll",""
11,1,11,06 Jun 99,"The Comedian, The Prize",""
12,1,12,13 Jun 99,"The Misunderstanding, The Secret Club",""
13,1,13,20 Jun 99,"The Hypnotist, The Sweet Tooth",""
14,2,1,19 Feb 00,"The Cold, The Campout",""
15,2,2,20 Feb 00,"The Reader, The Decorator",""
16,2,3,26 Feb 00,"The Badminton Tournament, The Caddy",""
17,2,4,27 Feb 00,"The Roller Derby, The Spa",""
18,2,5,05 Mar 00,"The Argument, Happy Palms' Finest",""
19,2,6,12 Mar 00,"The Flying Donut, Martha's Cousin",""
20,2,7,19 Mar 00,"The Big Splash, My Stars!",""
21,2,8,01 Apr 00,"The Blabbermouth, Life and Breath",""
22,2,9,02 Apr 00,"The Best Friends Show, The Sleepwalker",""
23,2,10,08 Apr 00,"Funny Business, The Tease",""
24,2,11,06 May 00,"The Play's the Thing, The Sore Loser",""
25,2,12,07 May 00,"The Costumed Duo, Temper Temper",""
26,2,13,13 May 00,"The Fibber, The Mascot",""