number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,08 May 20,"The Matter Transfer Array",""
2,1,2,08 May 20,"The Unstable Grey Hole",""
3,1,3,08 May 20,"The Quantum Ring",""
4,1,4,08 May 20,"The Booster Manifold",""
5,1,5,08 May 20,"The Lavatic Reactor",""
6,1,6,08 May 20,"The P.A.T.R.I.C.I.A. Device",""
7,1,7,08 May 20,"Terry and Korvo Steal a Bear",""
8,1,8,08 May 20,"Retrace-Your-Step-Alizer",""
9,2,1,26 Mar 21,"The Sacred Non-repeating Number",""
10,2,2,26 Mar 21,"The Earth Eraser",""
11,2,3,26 Mar 21,"The Lake House Device",""
12,2,4,26 Mar 21,"The Emergency Urbanizer",""
13,2,5,26 Mar 21,"The Rad Awesome Terrific Ray",""
14,2,6,26 Mar 21,"The Apple Pencil Pro",""
15,2,7,26 Mar 21,"The Unlikely Demise of Terry's Favorite Shot Glass",""
16,2,8,26 Mar 21,"The Solar Opposites Almost Get an Xbox",""
17,3,1,13 Jul 22,"The Extremity Triangulator",""
18,3,2,13 Jul 22,"The Edamame Duffle Bag",""
19,3,3,13 Jul 22,"The Pupas Big Day",""
20,3,4,13 Jul 22,"Hululand",""
21,3,5,13 Jul 22,"The Gargoyle Ray",""
22,3,6,13 Jul 22,"99 Ships",""
23,3,7,13 Jul 22,"The Platinum Beyblade Burst 800 Takara Tomy Edition",""
24,3,8,13 Jul 22,"The Cubic Lattice Crystallizer",""
25,3,9,13 Jul 22,"The Rays That Turn People Into Various Things",""
26,3,10,13 Jul 22,"Terry and Korvo Get in a Big Screaming Fight in the Taco Bell Parking Lot",""
27,3,11,13 Jul 22,"The Fog of Pupa",""
S02,2,0,22 Nov 21,"A Very Solar Holiday Opposites Special",""
S03,3,0,03 Oct 22,"A Sinister Halloween Scary Opposites Solar Special",""