number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,25 Sep 79,"Dean Martin and the Moonshiners",""
2,1,2,09 Oct 79,"The Big Game (aka The Panhandle Pussycats Come to Orly)",""
3,1,3,16 Oct 79,"Disco Fever Comes to Orly",""
4,1,4,23 Oct 79,"The Mob Comes to Orly",""
5,1,5,06 Nov 79,"Run for the Money: Part 2 [began on B.J. and the Bear]",""
6,1,6,13 Nov 79,"Run for the Money: Part 3",""
7,1,7,27 Nov 79,"Buttercup, Birdie, and Buried Bucks",""
8,1,8,04 Dec 79,"The Senator Votes Absentee",""
9,1,9,11 Dec 79,"The Boom Boom Lady",""
10,1,10,08 Jan 80,"First to Finish, Last to Show",""
11,1,11,15 Jan 80,"Hail! Hail! the Gang's All Here",""
12,1,12,22 Jan 80,"The Luck of the Irish",""
13,1,13,29 Jan 80,"Double Take, Double Take",""
14,1,14,05 Feb 80,"Police Escort",""
15,1,15,19 Feb 80,"Who's the Sexiest Girl in the World?",""
16,1,16,26 Feb 80,"The Martians Are Coming, the Martians Are Coming",""
17,1,17,05 Mar 80,"The Treasure of Nature Beach",""
18,1,18,10 Mar 80,"Perkins Bombs Out",""
19,1,19,11 Mar 80,"Birdie's Hot Wheels",""
20,1,20,18 Mar 80,"The Haunting of Orly Manor",""
21,1,21,25 Mar 80,"Mystery on the Orly Express",""
22,1,22,06 May 80,"Orly's Hot Skates",""
23,2,1,30 Dec 80,"The Dirtiest Girls in Town",""
24,2,2,06 Jan 81,"The Girls with the Stolen Bodies",""
25,2,3,20 Jan 81,"The Fastest Women Around",""
26,2,4,20 Jan 81,"Macho Man",""
27,2,5,03 Feb 81,"Airsick--1981",""
28,2,6,10 Feb 81,"Coeds with Sticky Fingers",""
29,2,7,17 Feb 81,"Sex and the Single Cop",""
30,2,8,24 Feb 81,"Another Day, Another Bomb",""
31,2,9,03 Mar 81,"The French Follies Caper",""
32,2,10,24 Mar 81,"Bang Bang, You're Dead",""
33,2,11,31 Mar 81,"The Cowboy Connection",""
34,2,12,07 Apr 81,"What're Girls Like You Doing in a Bank Like This?",""
35,2,13,21 Apr 81,"Lobo and the Pirates",""
36,2,14,28 Apr 81,"The Roller Disco Karate Kaper",""
37,2,15,05 May 81,"Keep on Buckin'",""
S01,1,0,18 Sep 79,"The Day That Shark Ate Lobo",""