number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,24 Jan 19,"Pilot",""
2,1,2,31 Jan 19,"Chase Goes to a Premiere",""
3,1,3,07 Feb 19,"Chase Gets a Girlfriend",""
4,1,4,14 Feb 19,"Chase Gets the Gays",""
5,1,5,21 Feb 19,"Chase Goes to a High School Dance",""
6,1,6,28 Feb 19,"Chase Shoots a Music Video",""
7,1,7,07 Mar 19,"Chase Gets a Nosebleed",""
8,1,8,14 Mar 19,"Chase Turns Fourteen",""
9,1,9,21 Mar 19,"Chase Drops His First Album",""
10,1,10,28 Mar 19,"Chase Performs at the VMAs",""
11,2,1,26 Aug 21,"Chase Goes to College",""
12,2,2,26 Aug 21,"Pat Connects with Her Fans",""
13,2,3,02 Sep 21,"Chase Guest-Edits Vogue",""
14,2,4,02 Sep 21,"Pat Hosts Just Another Regular Show",""
15,2,5,09 Sep 21,"Chase Gets Baptized",""
16,2,6,09 Sep 21,"Pat Becomes #1 In Daytime",""
17,2,7,16 Sep 21,"Chase Becomes Co-Owner of the Nets",""
18,2,8,16 Sep 21,"Pat Gets an Offer to Host "Tic Tac Toe"",""
19,2,9,23 Sep 21,"Chase and Pat Are Killing It",""
20,2,10,23 Sep 21,"Brooke and Cary Go to a Fashion Show",""